Bigger tires last longer

Are bigger tires an advantage?

Bigger tires for a better look

Many vehicle owners choose to buy larger or wide tires because they want to improve the look of their vehicle. This is possible with an attractive rim. Whether larger tires have other advantages depends on the road conditions and the time of year. Before you decide to buy larger tires, you should first check whether you are allowed to mount them on your vehicle. The size of the tires and rims is given in inches. In addition, tires have different widths. The cross-section also differs between the different models.

  • The sizes of the permitted rims and tire widths are entered in your vehicle registration document and in the vehicle registration document. You can mount the registered tires without restrictions.
  • If you decide on other rim sizes or are planning to switch to wide tires, you should pay attention to an ABE. With this general operating permit, you must drive to the TÜV and have the tire entered in the papers. Otherwise you will have problems with a traffic control.
  • Not every tire size may be fitted to every vehicle. Find out more from the TÜV or your vehicle manufacturer before buying tires that are not listed on your papers. If the approval and thus the operating permit for your vehicle is missing, you will not get a TÜV. In the worst case, you have to leave the vehicle at a traffic control.

There is no uniform definition for wide tires. As a rule, one speaks of tires with a sidewall height below 55.

Advantages and disadvantages of bigger and wider wheels

Many vehicle drivers do not even know that larger tires bring one or the other advantage while driving.

  • The traction and thus the grip of the vehicle increases with wider and larger tires. The braking distance on dry roads is reduced.
  • The vehicle gets better cornering behavior. This means that you can corner safely at a slightly higher speed.
  • If the rims have a larger diameter, you have the option of installing larger brake calipers and brake discs. As a result, the braking behavior of the vehicle is improved by the larger tires.
  • There are disadvantages if you choose very wide tires. In winter it is easier for the vehicle to slide. The risk of aquaplaning also increases with wide tires. In addition, wide tires have greater rolling resistance and increase fuel consumption.

You should keep this in mind with large tires

Larger tires change the speed measurement by the speedometer. If you have decided on models that were not intended for your car, this can lead to a speedometer deviation.

Weigh up the pros and cons before you decide to buy bigger tires. Above all, make sure that the target tire size is allowed on your vehicle.