How was Quora before it got famous

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Quora is an American digital knowledge platform founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, formerly Facebook, Charlie Chiever and others. The platform has been accessible worldwide free of charge since June 2010. A German-language version appeared in July 2017 after the Spanish, Italian and French versions had already gone online. The term Quora is an artificial word that is derived from the English term "Quorum" for vote or survey. Right from the start, the founders aimed at an intellectually upscale group of users by recruiting internationally known and renowned figures from the digital world such as Steve Case, Dustin Moskovitz, Nate Smith and many others for answering questions. A high-quality knowledge database is to be set up, which makes it unnecessary to do research on Wikipedia or Google.

Quora is based on the principle of a question-and-answer platform

The growth of Quora generates itself, as it were, through its growing number of users who can subscribe to topics that are of interest to them. Users can post blogs, which are supplemented with high-quality and qualified answers and comments from other users. Similar to an RSS feed, users are provided with new posts and comments on their mobile devices or PCs as a Quora feed. There is also the principle of followers, as it is known from social networks. The American Charles Chu knew how to generate around 1.5 million visitors to his blog and thousands of new subscribers to his weekly newsletter in just 30 days at the end of 2016. This was possible because he initially created content on Quora in subject areas that have as many followers as possible and fit his portfolio. At Quora there are subject areas such as "Self-Improvement", which are followed by almost a million interested parties.

Was Quora funded by Benchmark Capital when it launched?

Immediately after its launch in 2010, Quora was valued at $ 86 million by independent analysts. There are indications that the start of the company was financed by benchmark capital. Benchmark Capital is a US venture capital investment company headquartered in California. Your business model is usually based on early-stage investments that promise high upside potential. In a second round of financing, Quora raised $ 85 million from investors in 2017. Are you interested in further exciting information?

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