Cats have knowledge

What do cats think of us?

I also intervened a little more, for example examining how cats play with toys or testing their behavior at different times of the day. [And I observe] relationships with owners, interviewing them and giving them questionnaires to see how they see their cats.

How do you conclude that cats don't understand us the way dogs do?

Much research has been done on dogs and how they interact with people. It is clear that dogs perceive us differently than they do themselves: as soon as they see a person, they change their behavior. Dogs play with people very differently [than they do with dogs].

So far, no behavior has been found in cats that suggests that they are pigeonholing us in contact with us. They know, of course, that we are bigger than them, but their social behavior does not seem particularly adapted. They lift their tails, sneak around our legs, sit next to us and clean us just like they do each other.

I've read articles where you say cats think we're big, stupid cats. Is that true?

No. In the book [I write] that cats behave towards us exactly as they would towards other cats. They believe we are clumsy: cats rarely trip over people, but we trip over cats.