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The news of the week at a glance. There are Nubiyan Twist, Myles Sanko, June Cocó, Whitey, Perfume Genius, HVOB, Caribou, Repair, Driftmachine, DJ Muggs the Black Goat and Valerie June.

From: Ralf Summer

Status: 11.03.2021 5:20 p.m.

Valerie June - The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers

Valerie June is an American singer and musician who oscillates between folk, blues and soul and describes her sound as "organic moonshine roots music". In the 15th year of their record career, their sixth album "The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers" is now being released. Valerie June is the special envoy for music from Memphis. And she is traditionally trained in worship and gospel in the Bible Belt. The banjo, guitar and ukulele player was able to win over Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys as producer for her debut. This time it was Alicia Keys / John Legend producer Jack Splash. The sound is no longer so retro, more modern and also more experimental. Making music keeps her curious, says June about the new record - "Making music is a kind of magic, like children's dreams". Hence the subtitle of the record. She also fulfilled a dream: Stax Records legend Carla Thomas sang along with the Memphis soul-like single "Call Me A Fool". And Thomas also speaks the “African Proverb”. Valerie June is both astral-folky (“Stardust Scattering”, “Why the bright Stars glow”) and traveling in her mind (“Two Roads”, “Home Inside”). This is the kind of award-winning music that could be lavishly decorated at the end of the year. (7.8 out of 10 points)

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Valerie June - The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers (Full Album Visualizer)

DJ Muggs the Black Goat - Dies Occidendum

He made music history: DJ Muggs - head of Cypress Hill - and producer of Ice Cube, Chuck D, Freddie Gibbs and many more - this time without a rapper in the studio. And with a completely different plan: psychedelic-instrumental, with influences such as gypsy folk, psychedelic and progressive rock, a lot of guitar nonsense and voice samples from old dark films, probably B-movies. Maybe it's progressive rap? Or horror hop? In any case, not an album that is immediately accessible. “Dies Occidendum” (“Day of Murder”) takes time. To develop: his horror. A plate laid out as a kind of “illuminated manuscript”, as the New York artist puts it, who has been with it since the late 80s. How is Lawrence Muggerud (that's his real name) really doing? With all these "hate", "kill" and "terror" samples. He once called himself The Black Goat on a song he produced with Die Antwoord from South Africa. At the end the chirps grill and the campfire crackles. Perhaps the black goat (symbol for the incarnate) will find peace after all. (7.4 out of 10 points)

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DJ Muggs the Black Goat - Nigrum Mortem (Official Music Video)

DRIFTMACHINE - Spume and recollection

"Spray & Memory" is the name of the new Driftmachine album. The Berlin duo has the honor of ringing in the 15th birthday of their label Umor Rex, which is based in Mexico, with their new LP. A record, made after long conversations between the two ex-Munichers - about mutual musical discoveries. Like “Memories of the Lakeside”, a track that reminds the two, Andreas Gerth and Flo Zimmer, of Rhythm & Sound ft. Tikiman. And demonstrates to us what Driftmachine 2021 tickles out of the cables: Dub-Techno, Modular Melancholia and “Hypno-Music that makes man and machine dance and dream” - like you, um: “bladerunnern”. Great record! (8.0 out of 10 points)

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Driftmachine - Memories of the lakeside

REPAIR - Ashes under the Bed

In 2005 the first album of the Canadian electro-pop project Repair was released. Maybe they actually had to fix their synths. Only 16 years later, the second album by the brothers Mark and Matt Thibideau. "Ashes under the Bed" was created with singer Dawn Lewis. The result is a record - so they say it - for 1st radio, 2nd gay after hours and 3rd European festivals. The sound: Syntie-Pop à la Yazoo or Everything But The Girl, Electro and House à la Hercules & Love Affair and Kelly Lee Owens. The content is about “Love and loss” - love and loss. For Repair it is a kind of “written techno” - in other words “composed techno” - not simply razed out of the machines, but built up like pop. Great, great, Toronto! (7.6 out of 10 points)

CARIBOU - Suddenly Remixes

One year after the comeback album "Suddenly" now the assembled remixes for the record of the Canadian who lives in London. "The silent superstar of electronic music" as the colleagues from "Titel Thesen, Temperamente" called him in the first. Here he slips into his role as a fan and invited DJ producers whom he likes and hears himself. So come the "Suddenly Remixes" by Four Tet, Floating Points, India Jordan, Shanti Celeste, Toro y Moi, Jessy Lanza, Logic1000, Morgan Geist, Kareem Ali, Koreless, Prince Nifty. So established artists alongside newcomers. To be published digitally for the time being

Actually it was clear that after the rather quieter “Suddenly” album, dance mixes would be added. But whether there will be remix classics like “Your Love Will Set You Free (Carl Craig's Set U Free Mix)”, “Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)” or DJ Koze mixes from “Odessa” and “Jamelia”? I find the more cautious ones from Jessy Lanza, Toro Y Moi and Logic1000 the more interesting in this case. (7.5 out of 10 points)

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CARIBOU - Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix)

PERFUME GENIUS - Immediately Remixes

"Immediately" was celebrated in the 2020 English-language press. Now Mike Hadreas is bringing the record again. Seen through the glasses of his friends. I like the new interpretations better than the original album. What is down to the selection of his remixers: Perfume Genius songs are now available in interpretations by great artists such as Jaakko Eino Kalevi, A.G. Cook, Jim-E Stack, Jason Planningtorock, Jenny Hval, Boy Harsher, Westerman, Actress, Koreless, Danny L Harle, Initial Talk and Katie Dey. The templates survive here in the form of Mike's vowel tracks, highly emotional, heartwarming, atmospherically dense. The new beats rarely break something, rob nothing, rather add, think the song further. Even with the remixes, Perfume Genius remains a guarantee for pop full of passion, depth and beauty. We welcome this kind of transformation and it fits Hadreas like his own personal changes. Why shouldn't his music change as well as he does? (7.9 out of 10 points)

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Perfume Genius - "Your Body Changes Everything" (Boy Harsher Remix)

Corona and the pop episodes: a flood of remixes, acoustic and live records. The Austrian electronic project also uses the lockdown concert break for a recording. “Live In London” is the resounding result of their last 77-day world tour - from Buenos Aires to New York to Berlin, 34 countries on four continents were played by HVOB. HVOB stands for Her Voice Over Boys, the duo of Anna Müller and Paul Wallner. The two have also worked on soundtracks and for London's Tate Modern. When they were nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award, they declined with thanks because KroneHit was on board as a sponsor (radio offshoot of the influential, conservative and FPÖ-friendly Austrian Kronen Zeitung). Respect! It doesn't happen often. A short documentary is also available for the first live work that is now being released. With two of their four records, they have already made it into the German album charts. Should also work this time with their techno / electronica-melancholia mix. Ranges from crisp stadium beats ("Kante") to their loosely rolling streaming hit ("Blame Game") to fragile Ambientronica. HVOB: listen to lots of organic beats! (7.7 out of 10 points)

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HVOB live London 2017

V.A. ALTERNATIVE FACTS (Munich Bandcamp Tape Sampler)

"We manage to free Munich from the pretzel handcuffs", it says militantly on the tape. "Alternative facts" takes the term back from Corona deniers, Trumpists & Co and prefers to use the name of the "alternative" scene in the Bavarian capital - between "art academy, club culture and demo track", as Tom Zwotausend writes. With bands from the Munich underground that already have a name (Paar, H, Polizei, Seb-I & Belp, Carl Gari) and formations that we want / should get to know: Promo-DJ, Alle Panzen Togo, San Quentin, The Spiiiders, Nieeen, Siamese Twin, Fuel Moon, Rolf Eiswürfel, Neue Deutsche Romantik, Frauenstrasse, Bartoszek, Wlan, Bnmn x Mrtkl, Thur Deephrey, Falleri Fallera - and of course publisher Tom Zwotausend himself (aka BR colleague Thomas Bauer). The sound ranges from Dreckno (dirty-distorted techno) to indietronica, industrial, kraut, dub, goth, synth-pop and digi-punk. The 21-track tape sings in German and English. The result is a successful image of our time, the pressing present is viewed through a magnifying glass called a Bandcamp. Thanks for the focus! Reclaim Alternative Facts! (7.3 out of 10 points)

WHITEY - Lost Songs Vol 2: Bohemia Road

13 songs - recorded in the last ten years, in different apartments, in different cities, in England. "Lost Songs 2: Bohemia Road" is Whitey's hiking record. His bohemian album. He writes on Bandcamp, only there it has been popped up so far, that some pieces appear raw or even unfinished, but he likes them the way they are. As a description he adds: "Alternative", "Cool", "Electronic", "Experimental", "Rock", "Los Angeles". The fans refer to it as his “funky piano melody” album. His appearance at the first and only Zündfunk Open Air - the "Bavarian Open 2005" - at Lake Murner near Wackersdorf: Whitey - as headliner at the end - demolished the equipment borrowed from our curators at the time, the Ingolstadt band Slut (or was something from Madsen, Klez.e, Nova International or Girls In Hawaii?). What is his self-description on Bandcamp: "professional outsider". (7.1 out of 10 points)

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Whitey - LOST SONGS VOL. 2: BOHEMIA ROAD (Full Album)

Nubiyan Twist - Freedom Fables

After the departure of the founder and singer Nubiya Brandon, the nine-member English troupe invited many guest singers to the microphone - among others. Ghana's highlife pioneer Pat Thomas. Saxophonist Nick Richards is - as with the great predecessor - z. T. also on the microphone. In terms of content, "Freedom Fables" also deals with issues such as fragmentation and separation within society. It is the third record by the London collective that has already worked with Mulatu Astatke and Tony Allen. It lies between jazz, afrobeat and soul. But the British Broken Beats is also driving the sound out of the retro corner. “We love traditional music, but it also drives us forward - not only as artists, but also as people,” says Nubiyan Twist. “The new songs are our commentary on an increasingly divided world. Whether through religion, politics or the media, we are split so quickly and easily, ”they complain. Hopefully Nubiyan Twist won't lose even more founders. (7.5 out of 10 points)

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Nubiyan Twist feat. Cherise - Flow

Myles Sanko - Memories of Love (Deluxe Edition)

You almost want to shout: that something like that still exists today !? Myles Sanko is old school. Does Soul / RnB / Gospel like in the 70s. Without antics that would refer to today. I would have believed my record dealer would have said it was a re-release. Sanko doesn't come from the past. But from the UK of today. And out on a German label: on Légère Records, Hamburg.

Hence the many appearances in Northern Germany. Myles Sanko became a father, which, he says, helped dispel self-doubt. “Memories of Love” is a record full of love stories, each song a memory of love. The colleagues from the WDR-RockPalast are certain: this is the missing link between the two great Poles Michael Kiwanuka and Gregory Porter. (7.2 out of 10 points)

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Myles Sanko - Streams Of Time (Official Music Video)

June Cocó - Métamorphoses

The songwriter and pianist from Leipzig can be mirrored. In other words, you can remix and cover other artists you love. As the album title "Métamorphoses" already reveals, the songs now available underwent transformations. It started with June Cocó covering the title-giving song by the French duo Ravage. A sounding merci came from Paris in the form of a remix (“Heavy Heart”). This song swap led to the idea for this record. Remixers like Phonique (Berlin) and Mikronaut also provided new versions of Cocó's songs. (7.0 out of 10 points)

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June Cocó - Métamorphoses (Produkton Studio Session # 17)