How do I gain constant self-confidence

More self-confidence in your own strengths and abilities

TIP 1:A very effective but also very difficult exercise is to say something nice to yourself on a regular basis.
What you should definitely pay attention to during the following exercise: Get yourself in a good mood beforehand by putting on lively music, looking at or listening to something funny. On no account do this exercise if you are in a bad mood and do not speak well! That would do absolutely nothing.

The exercise goes like this: Say to yourself, "Vera, (insert your first name) I like you. You are lovely". Say this sentence with a smile (!) Several times a day. In doing so, you will have a confusing experience. Everything in you will be reluctant to say such a thing. If you bring yourself to do it, you will not get rid of the feeling that you are telling yourself something that is wrong.

You feel like you are lying to yourself. This feeling is completely normal. It has to come up because right now you are not convinced that you are lovable. Only when you have said these words to yourself a few hundred times do they sound more believable and the uncomfortable feeling of lying to yourself ceases.

If you want to increase your self-confidence, then you need to replace your negative opinion of yourself with a positive one. If you can say something nice and positive to yourself with a good feeling, then you have a healthy self-esteem - and that is the basis of a healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. Train more about self-respect.

TIP 2:Make a list of traits and behaviors that you like in yourself, those you can live with, and those you dislike in yourself.
One at a time, take on the traits that you reject in yourself. For each quality, say to yourself - preferably out loud: "I am ready to accept myself for who I am - even if I am ... (e.g. jealous). I have flaws and strengths like every person." Take the satisfaction test and find out how you can increase your satisfaction with yourself and your life.

TIP 3:In the evening in bed, review your day and focus your attention on what you have achieved and what has been positive for you.
There is something every day to praise yourself for. It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary that no one has done before you. What others have always succeeded in doing and what you are doing for the first time is also a success for you. If you've gotten over your weaker self and exercised, that's a success.

Be amazed at the burden that falls off your shoulders and how your life turns for the better when you strengthen your self-esteem.