Where can I buy a parasol?

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Parasol - practical shade provider and indispensable skin protection

In summer there is hardly anything better than enjoying the sun on the balcony or terrace and getting plenty of vitamin D. With a cool drink, good music and a book in hand, time flies by itself.

However, direct sunlight increases the risk of getting sunburn - despite sunscreen. A parasol, like an awning or awning, offers you effective protection against invisible UV radiation. In addition, it creates a shady spot in the blink of an eye, where it is easy to endure even on hot days.

An easy to set up and mobile camping umbrella even donates to the quarry pond or at a picnic in the green shade.

Thanks to different designs and sizes, at ROLLER you will find the optimal umbrella for every place in the house. From the space-saving balcony umbrella to the freely swinging traffic light variant for the terrace to the market umbrella for large gardens, all models provide reliable shade, but differ in terms of assembly and dismantling and their functions.

Shapes and sizes of parasols

Parasols come in many shapes and sizes, tailored for different purposes. Which one is the right one depends, among other things, on where and how many people it should provide shade. In addition to the design and size, there are some differences in the functions. Not every parasol has a crank or a wind vent.

Center stick umbrella

The central pole umbrella (also known as the central mast umbrella or market umbrella) is the classic among parasols. Here the mast is located exactly in the middle of the umbrella, the struts of which slide upwards along it when it is opened. The classic middle-pole umbrella offers you plenty of space and is optionally round or square-shaped at the top.

In order to give the umbrella support and stability, the mast made of aluminum or solid wood is placed in a weighted one Umbrella stand (A plate umbrella stand is ideal). The heavier this stand, the more stable the parasol is in the wind.

The typical market umbrella has a diameter of 3 to 3.50 meters and thus easily protects large seating groups from sunlight. Umbrellas with a smaller cloth are suitable for shading larger balconies, among other things. Many mid-tier umbrellas have a smooth-running crank for opening and closing. This makes the operation of the sun protection comfortable for older and smaller people.

The Air-Vent is another comfort feature. This opening at the top ensures a safe stand through the escape of air. It also prevents warm air from accumulating under the umbrella.

At a glance: mid-height umbrellas ...

  • have a centrally mounted mast made of aluminum or wood
  • are ideal for shading large seating groups and lounge corners
  • often have an air vent to let the air circulate
  • can often be conveniently operated using a crank
  • need a heavy umbrella stand for a secure hold
  • have occasionally integrated a kink function
  • are available in round and square
Cantilever umbrella

With the cantilever parasol (also known as a cantilever parasol), the mast is to the side of the covering and above the fabric. The advantage of this swinging construction is the continuous seating or lying area under the umbrella, which is not interrupted by a mast. Another reason that speaks for this version is that it can be rotated 360 ° if necessary.

In this way, the umbrella moves with the sun and gives you the shade you want from morning to evening. Most traffic light umbrellas can also be tilted to the side. You can protect yourself from the low sun or use the function as a privacy screen from nosy neighbors.

They are almost always equipped with a crank that makes opening and closing the umbrella easy. A wind vent provides additional comfort, which allows air to circulate under the umbrella and thus ensures a better stand and a more pleasant climate. In terms of size, you can choose between umbrellas with a diameter of 2 to 3 meters and large umbrellas with a diameter of up to 4 meters.

The mast of the cantilever parasol is usually made of sturdy steel or aluminum, as it has to bear the weight of the parasol even when it moves in the wind. A firm stance is particularly important for safety reasons. The best way to do this is with a weighted umbrella stand.

The advantages at a glance: Traffic light umbrellas ...

  • have a side mast made of steel or aluminum
  • offer an interesting look due to the freely swinging element
  • take up no space under the umbrella thanks to the side mast
  • can be rotated 360 ° with the sun and tilted if necessary
  • need a heavy plate umbrella stand
  • are available in round and square
Half screen

The half-umbrella is a half-mast umbrella that is shaped like a awning can be placed on the wall of the house. This variant, also known as a balcony umbrella, is ideal for small balconies or as a shade for a window or patio door. Most half-umbrellas are equipped with a comfortable crank and have a solid mast and sturdy struts made of light but robust aluminum.

Advantages at a glance: Half-umbrellas ...

  • can be placed with the straight side directly on the house wall
  • provide shade for windows and doors when exposed to sunlight
  • are particularly suitable for small balconies and terraces
  • have an easy-to-use crank
Camping or beach umbrella

The simple stick umbrella is characterized by its simple construction and cheerful cloth colors and patterns that put you straight into the holiday mood. Due to its low weight and easy assembly and disassembly, it is possible to take these umbrellas with you to the lake or on vacation. Although the camping umbrellas have a small diameter, they make up for this with the kink function available on almost all models.

Whether on the beach, in the countryside or on the balcony - you can always align the umbrella perfectly so that it gives you the shade you want. Due to their low weight, a simple plastic or granite umbrella stand is sufficient to set up the parasols.

Advantages at a glance: Camping umbrellas ...

  • can be easily transported in the car
  • are easy and quick to assemble and dismantle
  • have the cheapest price of all parasols
The larger the parasol, the heavier the umbrella stand should be. As a rule of thumb, calculate with at least one kilogram per 10 centimeters of umbrella diameter. With large traffic light umbrellas, at least 50 kg are required due to the design

Weather resistance and UV protection

For a carefree stay outdoors, it is important that parasols protect against UV radiation. To filter these out, modern sun protection made of polyester or polyacrylic is ideal. The level of UV protection varies from model to model. It is indicated by the so-called UPF seal ("Ultraviolet Protection Factor"), which ranges from 15 to 80 for sunshades and is comparable to the sun protection factor of sun cream. The factor states how much longer you can stay under the parasol - compared to direct sun - before sunburn occurs.

An example: If you have a light skin type (I), you can stay in direct sun for 10 minutes without protection. For an umbrella with a UV protection factor of 20, it is 10 x 20 minutes = 200 minutes. 20 is also the minimum UV protection factor that your parasol should offer. For optimal sun protection, we recommend umbrellas with a UPF factor of 50 or 50+.

In addition to UV protection, lightfastness and weather resistance are important for the longevity of parasols. In the case of umbrellas that are labeled as "lightfast", you do not have to worry about the color being faded by sunlight. They are protected from fading by special processes. Most umbrellas also offer very good weather resistance. This means that they repel water and are therefore less prone to contamination.

Summarized for you:

  • the UV protection factor shows how well the umbrella protects you from UV radiation
  • the higher the UV protection factor, the more harmful radiation it blocks
  • The ideal parasol for sun worshipers should have at least 20 UV protection
  • A UV protection factor of 50+ is recommended for light skin types
  • Parasols marked as "lightfast" do not fade

How to properly clean parasols

Depending on the location and the weather, a parasol is exposed to numerous external influences that can result in stains on the fabric. Insects, leaves and rain can leave traces that impair the visual impression. With our care tips below, you can enjoy your parasol for longer.

If you have a parasol with a removable cloth, you can easily wash it in the washing machine. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions and only use the gentle cycle. Umbrella cloths that are too big or cannot be removed require manual cleaning:

  1. Make yourself a bucket of lukewarm water and a mild detergent.
  2. Take a sponge and use it to work on only one area of ​​the cloth.
  3. If there is no discoloration, you can treat all soiling with the sponge.
  4. After cleaning it in the sun, allow the umbrella to dry thoroughly.
  5. Finally, treat it with a suitable impregnation agent.

Correct storage

Correct storage is of great importance for the long life of your parasol. At night, when it is about to rain or when it is not in use for a long time, you can fold up the umbrella and cover it with an opaque and water-repellent protective cover. It prevents non-lightfast cloths from fading or the umbrella from getting wet and getting stains or mold stains. Important: Always fold the umbrella with a dry cloth, especially if you don't open it for a long time afterwards. Otherwise, mold spots can also form under the protective cover.

In winter, store your parasol in a dry place. The garage, the basement or a heated storage room are ideal.

Order your parasols from ROLLER now

With one of the versatile shaders from ROLLER you can enjoy the summer days on your balcony or terrace carefree and benefit from their many advantages, because they

  • reliably provide shade when and where you want it
  • protect you from harmful UV radiation and its consequences
  • reduce the temperature on the balcony and terrace to a comfortable level
  • are available in many sizes to fit small balconies, roof terraces and gardens
  • As a transportable variant, they also offer safe protection from too much sun while on the lake
  • are "lightfast" against fading and impregnated against water and dirt
  • have a secure footing with a plate umbrella stand or granite stand
  • can optionally be attached to the wall with accessories

Did you find your parasol? Then order your desired model conveniently online or come to a branch near you and take the desired umbrella with you if it is available.