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20 Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Benefits

Carrying cash is no longer necessary if you have a credit card that allows you to make large purchases that you might not otherwise have received. Reward points have become the primary incentive to use credit cards, but like any other product, no credit card is the same. The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card has an annual fee of $ 450. However, the associated perks are worth it. Now, let's look at some of the Chase Sapphire Reserve benefits that you can enjoy as shown on Improved Points.

1. Useful in an emergency

Traveling to new places is exciting, but the excitement quickly subsides when you find that you left your wallet in the car you got into and therefore didn't have your money and credit card. With a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you shouldn't be bothered by such situations, as this credit card not only offers all the advantages of a Visa Signature card, but is also a Visa Infinite card that you can use to take out travel insurance.

2. Transfer of 1: 1 points to Chase Partners

Booking hotels and flights includes travel preparations. When you redeem your points at one of the Chase partners, you benefit from a 1: 1 transfer ratio. The best thing is that transfers don't take long. It is almost instantaneous or lasts two days at the most. However, you need at least 1 point for each transfer. As soon as the process is complete, the points will be transferred directly to your account at Travel Partner Chase.

3. Rental car

Just because you can't drive your beautiful car everywhere doesn't mean you go through bus schedules or rent a seedy car. Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card gives you the option to choose a premium vehicle for the official events you wish to attend once you have joined Emerald Club Executive status. When you sign up with Avis, you get 30% off qualifying rentals using a special code. With Silvercar you can save up to 20% on qualified rentals when you pay with your card. Even if you are looking for a rental car for a day, you can benefit from the discounts.

4. Travel interruption or cancellation insurance

Regardless of the planning of your trip, sometimes it has to be canceled. In this case, this card will cover the additional costs involved in planning your trip. Refunds will be made if you used your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card to purchase additional travel insurance and prepaid a visit. If there is a covered loss on the way to or after take-off and the trip has to be interrupted, you will also have cover for the interruption. If you travel frequently, be aware that this is only $ 000 for a 40 month period and is capped at $ 12 per trip.

5. Reimbursement of delays

If you used your Chase Sapphire Reserve card to purchase a ticket but your flight is delayed by at least 6 hours and you stay overnight, you will be refunded $ 500. The amount will be used to cover expenses such as toiletries, meals and hotel expenses that you may incur while waiting for your flight to take off. However, the trip you paid for must be less than 365 days from your place of residence.

6. Travel accident insurance

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers two types of travel accident insurance, namely 24 hour travel accident insurance and a shared airline. For Common Carrier insurance, the maximum coverage in the event of death is $ 1, while any other injuries sustained while driving, disembarking, or boarding your preferred mode of transport are paid based on the extent of the injury. The 000-hour travel accident insurance only covers US $ 000 in the event of death, while the amount of damage also depends on the extent of the damage. It also covers you from the beginning to the end of the trip.

7. Medical and dental emergencies

Getting sick on vacation is one of the worst things to put your mind at ease, but the Chase Sapphire Reserve card ensures that you take good care of yourself. as long as you used the card to purchase your ticket. It only applies to cardholders, relatives under 18 or 25 years of age studying full-time, and their spouses. The maximum that you can get is $ 2. However, if the doctor prohibits you from traveling until you feel better, the card also covers up to $ 500 per day for room expenses.

8. Eliminate foreign transaction fees

Preparing for a trip takes a lot of preparation, and you may need some additional items that only international companies can obtain. If so, using your Chase Sapphire Reserve will save you from paying overseas transaction fees. If you'd rather wait and shop while you're already in a foreign country, the benefit remains.

9. Global reimbursement of entry

Anyone who has the pleasure of traveling abroad knows how difficult it is to wait in lines to get back to the US. If patience is not your virtue, applying for the Global Entry card will speed up the process and save you queuing after several hours of flight. The $ 100 used to apply for the Global Entry card will be refunded to you in the form of a credit report. However, you will need to renew the Global Entry card every five years to take advantage of expedited entry.

10. Annual travel credit

All travel purchases you write on your credit card will be credited with $ 300 per year. The good news is that not only can you use the $ 300 in a single purchase, but you can use it to make purchases at hotels, airlines, car rentals, parking lots, bridges, and tolls. If you make multiple small purchases in qualifying categories, you will be refunded if you have not reached the $ 300 limit. You do not need to register to receive the credit.

11. Earn points for travel and meals

For every dollar spent on meals or travel around the world, you can earn three ultimate rewards. The catch is that the seller must be in the travel or food category to be eligible and the purchase you make must be paid for with your Chase Sapphire Reserve card. This benefit makes your travel experience worthwhile as you get something in return for every trip or meal. In addition to transferring the ultimate reward points to hotels and airlines, you can also book flights directly.

12. By redeeming points you get 50% more

Some cards allow you to receive 1 or a maximum of 1.25 cents for each point redeemed, but the Chase Sapphire Reserve card gives you the highest redemption rate. This credit card gives you 1.5 cents for each point, and sometimes the rate can be even higher. Instead of redeeming your points for a reward, book a flight through the Ultimate Rewards Travel Center with your Ultimate Reward points.

13. Access to lounges with priority card

There are so many people at airports that it uses up your energy, especially if some passengers insist on having a little chat with you. In such cases, lounges become your preferred destination, but otherwise you must have access. Otherwise, you will have to put up with the noise and confusion and take your flight with a migraine. however, as Johnny Jet explains, to get the Priority Pass you need to register separately and use the Priority Pass lounges at all airports around the world.

14. Luxury collection and hotels

When you book a hotel under the Luxury Collection and Hotel Collection programs with your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, you have access to over 900 world-class hotels and resorts with added amenities. The many perks you'll enjoy include free WiFi, breakfast for two per day, room upgrade, early check-in and check-out, and special amenities that are unique to each property. If you're lucky enough to pick up a hotel with special amenities, consider lunch or dinner for two, spa treatments, and airport transfers if you need them.

15. Fully comprehensive insurance for rental car collisions

When you rent a car with your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, you and other drivers on the contract are covered for a maximum of 31 days of car rental up to a maximum of $ 75. The prerequisite is that you pay for the entire rental car with your card and refuse any extended damage, loss and collision protection by the landlord. The card covers any loss, damage, towing or theft of the rental car and any resulting loss to the company.

16. Baggage delay insurance

Imagine just arriving at your destination and finding that you don't have your luggage because the airline delayed it. If this happens to you and you have to wait more than six hours to collect your bags, you are entitled to $ 100 per day to meet your needs while you wait for your bags. Hence, you don't have to worry about essentials like toiletries, a cell phone charger, and a change of clothes. However, as with other benefits, you must have purchased the travel ticket with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card or Ultimate Reward points in order to be eligible for insurance coverage for you, your immediate family or your spouse. Note that the benefit is limited to five days.

17. Evacuation and transport in an emergency

Illness shouldn't stop you from getting the most out of your life, and it usually means traveling and making memories. However, if you get so seriously ill that an emergency evacuation is required, your Chase Sapphire Reserve card will give you a maximum of $ 100. Please note that the amount exceeds your personal insurance and your travel insurance. The card is valid for a cardholder, their legally dependent children under the age of 000 or 18 years or less if they are enrolled full-time, and their spouse or family partner.

18. Roadside Assistance

Sometimes you don't have to be miles from home to need help. Your car tire can get in the way at work or the battery can come as no surprise to your parents. No matter what roadside assistance you need, the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card will get you assistance wherever you are as it is available 24/7, every day of the year. However, coverage is capped at $ 24 per incident, up to a maximum of four times per year.

19. Return protection

Usually most retailers accept returned products as long as 90 days have passed since their purchase. Unfortunately, not all stores are friendly enough to accept items, although 90 days have not yet passed and a Chase Sapphire Reserve card would be a plus. Not all items are covered and coverage is capped at $ 500 per item and $ 1 per year. In order for the amount to be refunded to you, you must have used the card to purchase the product.

20. Purchase Protection

How many times did you buy an item before you stole it, before you even used it? If such incidents happen frequently, using a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card will ensure you get up to $ 10 per incident, even if your items are stolen or suffer unexpected damage. Not all items are eligible for this coverage and up to $ 000 is available per account. In addition, purchase protection is also secondary to any insurance you may have.