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Leo and Libra

The chemistry between the fiery lion and the airy Libra possesses elegance and magic. The Leo woman is a born romantic who needs to feel strong and "special". She has a strong tendency to impose an individual creative vision on the world, and Libra can provide support and understanding ... more

You are lion

In public opinion, the king of the beasts presents himself as the greatest of all: with a flowing mane, he exudes confidence, creativity and self-confidence, he is ready to outsmart and overshadow any enemy, he loves life and applause the crowd. It is true that as a Leo woman you are after ... more

The Libra partner
In some ways, Libra partners are always lovers, even when programming their computers, writing political speeches, or designing a garden. They do everything with sophistication, grace, and style. You show your best qualities in a harmonious relationship in which compromises and clear, open communication are possible.

Anyone who appreciates stormy scenes with doors slamming and broken porcelain, including bursting of tears and torn clothes, is better off choosing another sign. If you are more concerned with oppressive silence and thick air, the scales won't go well either. Of course, making a Libra explode is entirely possible - but it is hard work, and you will find with hindsight that your Libra partner is far from enjoying this passionate intensity but hates every minute of this argument . He will hate you and himself for indulging in this horrific behavior and he will never forget it.

If you are going to discuss love problems with Libra, you really need to discuss. With words, with clear, logical and grammatically correct sentences. You can't just be emotional. And be sure to use sentences like "I know it was partly my fault" to mitigate your allegations. Otherwise, you will attack Libra's sense of justice. In short: learn to be diplomatic.

Sometimes it all gets a little too intellectual for other people. A Libra partner can spend hours discussing a relationship - what's right about it, what's wrong with it, how can "we" (don't forget the royal "we" of Libra!) Make it better. Ultimately, however, it turns out that - in relation to his exceptionally high intelligence - he is only able to act according to these ideals to an astonishingly small extent in an emotionally satisfying way.

The emotional world of Libra people is quite childlike, very powerful and usually suppressed. When you become so terribly rational and talk about feelings like in a political discussion, considering the pros and cons and possible fair compromises, you may feel the need to do something really basic, like set the house on fire and shout it out. And yet it can be a real blessing to have a sensible partner because that means you can talk to them sensibly.

Of course, there are times when reason has no place in love, and this is often the most difficult and painful lesson a Libra has to learn. You will likely have to wait a long time for your Libra partner to give you a real and spontaneous emotional response that wasn't carefully considered beforehand. But a little understanding and respect for his need for harmony and civilized behavior can help a lot.

There is a gentle way to get your Libra partner to trust your feelings when the relationship is mutually respectful. But that doesn't make him a different person. If you can't accept Libra's innate propensity to bet on reason, then try a more explosive sign like Aries or Scorpio. The need for togetherness makes Libra very clingy, and if you're a more passionate, independent guy who prefers to do everything alone, you might have a hard time with a Libra partner because they like to do everything together.

Libra people are by no means weak. Not even close! They just love everyone and even a calm, introverted Libra needs an interested and understanding companion with whom to share their ideals and dreams. Libra people are deeply interested in relationship work and as a partner you will benefit from this romantic idealism. It is well worth learning to communicate with your Libra partner instead of bursting into tears or slamming doors.

The Libra man

The Libra man is usually very good taste and vain. He's by no means a macho guy who only changes his shirt every three weeks and only looks in the mirror every now and then to see if he cut himself while shaving. What he looks like is important to him. The result can then either be an elegant ... more

Why zodiac astrology by Liz Greene?

Are you wondering that Astrodienst offers an area that only deals with the signs of the zodiac (or more correctly "sun signs")? Where you can find almost every dimension of serious astrology in the free offers. Finally, you can get your full natal chart online and read interpretations for every planet, house, and aspect. It's all pretty demanding, and that's just the free information. Astrodienst does not have to "curry favor" as everyone knows that this is the best astrology website on the internet.

So what do we want with Sign of love? Well, on the one hand, if you've just met someone and want to find out something quickly about them, you probably only know their birthday or the sun sign. This means that you can expect limited astrological information. But partial information is better than none at all. The more we understand ourselves and others, the more intelligently we make decisions, and the better we can recognize and respect the "otherness" of others. Every little thing helps.

In addition, the sun in the horoscope is the most important single factor in a person's personality, because it reflects our deepest values ​​and hopes. The properties of the sun sign are not always expressed openly in people's behavior. But somewhere deep inside the sun sign's basic needs and dreams are always present. Some people express the sun sign later in life, some earlier, some openly, others in more subtle ways. But sooner or later we have to perceive the values ​​and goals of this sign and live them out in some way, otherwise we will never find a completely fulfilled life. Knowing something about a person's sun sign can advance a much deeper understanding of what moves them.

The sun sign cannot reveal the intricacies of a relationship, such as whether your new flame loves satin sheets or a mirror on the ceiling. Sexual preferences are not actually described in the sun sign; they belong more to Venus or to the moon. The sun sign also doesn't tell you whether the relationship will last or whether the other person really loves you. You'll have to find out for yourself. Even the more complex psychological issues that inevitably arise in relationships cannot be read from a person's zodiac sign. To do this, you need to examine exactly how the individual planets work together in the individual horoscopes and what the composite horoscope of the two looks like. All this gives you that Relationship horoscope by Liz Greene - and that really goes really deep. But this is more suitable if you want to get serious about what's going on in your relationship and if you want to know more about the intricacies that can affect or shape the way your relationship goes on.

But until then, knowing your own sun sign and that of the other person can reveal a lot to you - in a different, more general way. For example, what you value most in life, what you respect and what you admire in yourself and others . Mutual understanding, tolerance and respect are required not only in love relationships, but also in friendships, business or family relationships. This is only the beginning, but it is a significant beginning. And it is also exciting to see how much of your own sun sign you openly express and what is hidden behind other, stronger influences of your horoscope. The sun used to be called "the great giver of life". It's about everything that makes you feel really alive and what makes your heart beat faster. So enjoy yourself Sign of love, and we would be very happy if you feel like going deeper and learning more about yourself and your relationship ...