Is the Torah Code true?

Bible code vs. Koran code - not the same!

by Ahmed Okla (

Since the discovery of the mathematical code of the Qur'an in 1974 by Ph. D. Rashad Khalifa, there have been several claims of other codes in other books, especially the Bible, the Book of Mormons, the English dictionary ... etc. Michael Drosnin's Bible Code, however, had gained widespread popularity until many scientists and researchers reproduced similar codes in some regular books, similar to that used by M. Drosnin. Since the claimed code in the Bible or similar books was discovered through the same system, they all share the same error, which we will discuss next. The purpose of the Bible Code was to find hidden messages or codes in the Bible and use those messages as evidence that the Bible must be God's Word. Here are the flaws in the system that have been developed in the Bible Code and also in similar books and in their hidden messages that use the same scheme.



1- The use of the code

Bible code

The Bible code used by Drosnin is based on what is known as ELS; short for Equidistant Letter Sequence. It works by eliminating spaces between words. It is a man-made idea, but it is neither mentioned nor supported by the Bible. After eliminating the spaces between all of the words throughout the Bible, do a Computer Aided Search (ELS). In it, the researcher would program the computer to eliminate the spaces between words and a number of letters; 7 letters, 20, 43, 120 (or any number of letters) to search for a specific name or event that appears in a sequence, such as Israel. As expected, this method (ELS) is entirely up to the researcher and is not restricted by rules. The researcher tries to find something through various ELS values ​​until something comes out. As an example: Using every 50th letter in Genesis 1 results in the word Israel somewhere in the text!

With this method, the investigator can produce whatever he wants, especially with the help of the computer and the free hand to use any ELS. The researcher just has to keep using different ELS values ​​until he / she gets what he / she wants. That this method with the bookMoby Dick applied by Brendan McKay, an Australian mathematician, gave the prophecy of the assassination of Gandhi and Somoza (Ben Witherington, "A cracked code,"Christianity Today, July 12, 1999, page 20).

Quran code

The Quran code is based on a specifically given code, which is mentioned in the scriptures. Its application and function are specially detailed. This code, mentioned in sura 74, is the prime number 19. This number is described in such a way that it has the function of proving that the Quran is the word of God (see 74: 30-31). This code of the Quran does not depend on spaces between words or the elimination of spaces between words, but rather it confirms their presence.


2- The spelling of the scriptures

Bible code

Hebrew, the original language of the Bible, is written from right to left. For whatever reason, Drosnin and almost all of those who claimed the presence of the biblical code worked from left to right in their analyzes, contrary to the spelling of the Hebrew script.

Quran code

Arabic, the original language of the Quran, is written from right to left. The miracle and the code of the Quran are based on this original direction of writing, without any changes to the script. It is also important to know that the code and the miracle of the Quran does not depend on any translation.


3- Original text

Bible code

The Hebrew Bible has been rewritten several times and has received additions, corrections, and commentaries from devout rabbis over the years. This means that the claim of Drosnin and others to use a "universally accepted original Hebrew text" as the basis for their studies has no basis at all. There is no original Hebrew Bible. In other words, Drosnin and others were looking in a man-made book, rather than the original scripture of divine nature.

Quran code

The Quran is unique in that it has been preserved from the first moment of Revelation through written texts and oral memorization, generation after generation to this day. The oldest copy of the Quran and other old copies of the Quran are still available for review. Every controversy in every written text has been resolved by resorting to the memorized version. The Qur'an that we have has existed for 14 centuries and its memorizers all agree on the same wording and confirm the correct way of writing it.


4- Added words

Bible code

The Bible student will find that there are several biblical manuscripts in which the order of the words is not the same in all documents. Others included an explanation, correction, or addition from scribes who wrote at a later date. It is not uncommon to see the phrase "was not in the earliest manuscripts" in many Bibles.

Quran code

Since the Quran has been handed down in its original form from the beginning, supported by several thousand people who memorize every word in it generation after generation, the Quran does not suffer from this "addition problem". Any attempt to rewrite it in a different format (not in a different Quran) was immediately exposed as non-original.


5- Intentional modification of the translations

Bible code

A very important note from Ronald Hendel about the manipulation that was needed to get some results in the Bible Code enlightened us a bit. He wrote in theBible Review (August 1997) that mistranslations were intentionally used to achieve the desired goals. One example Hendel gave was Genesis 25:11, where your Bible will say, "After Abraham’s death". Drosnin wanted to receive "After the Prime Minister's Death". The Hebrew word "Abraham" was split into Ab and raham and the ELS connection was Rabin!

Quran code

The Quranic code and the miracle do not rely on any translation and therefore this problem does not exist. What the code does is to expose any attempt to change the spelling of the Quran and confirm any dubious material that had historical support but no physical evidence until the code was revealed in 1974.

In addition to the code of the Quran and its strict relationship to the words, letters and sentences and chapters of the Quran, there is also a complex mathematical method that is completely independent of the wording of the book and represents a completely separate miracle. Some of these miracles also depend on what is known as the numerical value of the words and alphabets in the Quran, which is based on pure mathematics, the numerical values ​​given to the Semitic alphabets thousands of years ago.


Before this article ends, I would like to draw the reader's attention to a very interesting historical fact about the Bible's code. The actual code of the Bible was described by Rabbi Judah in the 12th century, in a preserved section of the Old Testament. This code was the same 19-based mathematical code discovered in the Quran, only that the Quran code was to be discovered seven centuries later. The following is a quote from Studies In Jewish Mysticism.

“The people (Jews) in France made it a habit (for morning prayer) to add the words:“ 'Ashrei temimei derekh (blessed are those who walk the righteous way), ”and our Rabbi, the devout, in the blessed memory , wrote that they were completely and utterly wrong. It is all a great falsehood because the Holy Name is only mentioned nineteen times (in this part of the morning prayer), [...] and likewise the word Elohim is found nineteen times in the pericope (?) Of Ve-’elleh shemot ...

“Likewise, Israel is also found to be called 'sons' nineteen times and there are several other examples. All these units of nineteen are complexly intertwined and they contain many mysteries and esoteric meanings which are contained in more than eight volumes. Therefore, anyone who has fear of God will not listen to the words of the French who add: “'Ashrei temimei derekh (blessed are those who walk in the way of the Torah of God), because by doing so they mention the Holy Name 20 times ... and this is a big mistake. There are also 152 words in this section, but if you add "’ Ashrei temimei derekh ", there are 158 words. This is nonsense, as it is a great and hidden secret why it is 152 words ... "(Studies In Jewish Mysticism, Joseph Dan, Association for Jewish Studies. Cambridge, Massachusetts: 1978, p 88.)

19 × 8 = 152. This is announced centuries in advance in the Koran:

46:10 Say: “Tell me if this is from God, and you refuse it, although a witness from the children of Israel testified something like that and thereby believed; but you are too haughty! ”Truly, God does not show the unrighteous people the way.

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