Who was the Einstein before Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

 Albert Einstein became famous for his special and general theory of relativity. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, but not for the theory of relativity, as one might think, but for his explanation of the. His immense popularity outside his "guild" can also be traced back to his open and somewhat eccentric manner (who doesn't know the picture above?). One could even almost say that Einstein has become a kind of "cult object". And his famous formula E.=m is not only known to physicists, it is definitely a "cult object". He is probably one of the few scientists that even advertising uses.Einstein grew up in Munich, where he initially went to school. However, Einstein could do little with school and later with the university. He preferred to learn for himself. So he learned Euclidean geometry autoditactically at the age of 12. Due to business failures of his father, the parents went to Milan in 1896. For Einstein the opportunity to leave school and go with them. So he spent a year in Milan. He did his Abitur in Aarau (Switzerland) and then enrolled at the one in Zurich. In 1900 he finished his studies, not without some of his professors calling him a "lazy dog".Since Einstein was not recommended for a scientific career by his professors, it took Einstein 2 years before he got a job as an examiner in the Swiss patent office. Nevertheless, Einstein continued to work on the physics that interests him, modern physics. In 1905 Einstein received his doctorate from Zurich University with a dissertation on molecules. Einstein published three major articles prior to his Nobel Prize, one of which dealt with the one (who then received the Nobel Prize). The second dealt with the and the third bears the inconspicuous name, known today by the name. From 1907, Einstein's steep rise in the German-speaking academic world began, not least because of sponsors such as. Einstein became a professor in Zurich in 1909, went to Prague in 1911, returned to Zurich in 1912 and became director of the in 1913 Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for physics in Berlin. 1933 went to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and still produced the.Actually he should have received at least 4, better 6 Nobel Prizes, because in addition to the 4 big works mentioned, he has also done some earth-shattering work in the field of radiation dynamics, which should only make the laser possible many years later and the proof of "" has just been made (2001) - many years after Einstein and Bose predicted this, received the Nobel PrizeEinstein was one of the few physicists who used her fame to exert political influence. So he spoke out against the German war policy during the First World War, he supported pacifist movements and Zionism. After Hitler came to power in 1933, Einstein did not return to Germany from some courses in the USA, but instead went to Princton. There he and other physicists wrote the famous letter to President Roosevelt (1939) to propose the construction of an atomic bomb and to point out that the Germans might well be able to build such a weapon of destruction.