What world events happened in 2002

Chronicle 2002 - Donation affair around former Chancellor Helmut Kohl

In Germany and in twelve other EU countries, as well as in the small states of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Montenegro and Vatican City, the euro was put into circulation as a means of payment in cash. Most Germans mourned the DM, especially the people who had only just become really familiar with it in the eastern part of the country. The euro took getting used to, because prices also rose with the new currency. The waters of the Elbe also rose, so tremendously that they caused a flood of the century. Not only the Elbe, but also its tributaries caused devastating damage. Among other things, the Dresden main train station, which had been completely flooded, and parts of the old town were under water, were affected. In Germany, the total damage was estimated at around 15 million euros. The damage to the Dresden Semperoper alone amounted to 27 million of these. The devastation that the Dresden State Art Collections had to contend with was also estimated to be worth millions. A fascinating cable-stayed bridge called "Rama VIII Bridge" was officially opened in the Thai capital Bangkok, which spans the Chao Phraya River with a little more than two kilometers. The 19-year-old Robert Steinhäuser caused horror in Erfurt with his rampage, during which he killed 16 people and ultimately himself. For ten minutes he raged in Gutenberg High School, where he had once been a student himself.
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Who was Federal Chancellor in 2002?
Gerhard Schröder was Federal Chancellor in 2002
Who was Federal President in 2002?
Johannes Rau was Federal President in 2002
Who was President of the United States in 2002?
2002 wasGeorge W. Bush american president
When was the euro introduced?
The euro was introduced as cash on January 1, 2002.
Who was the soccer world champion in 2002?
Brazil became world champion in 2002 in Yokohama
Who was the German champion in 2002?
Borussia Dortmund became German champion in 2002
Who was Formula 1 World Champion in 2002?
Michael sSchumacher was Formula 1 World Champion with Ferrari in 2002
Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002?
Latvia won the with Marie N and "I Wanna"Eurovision Song Contest 2002
What was the word of the year 2002?
In 2002, Teuro was word of the year
What was the bad word of 2002?
Ich-AG was bad word of the year in 2002

Events & Headlines 2002

January 2002

January 1st
Afghanistan 2002 - The transitional government in Afghanistan Hamid Karzai took over.
January 1st
Switzerland 2002 - Kaspar Villiger became President of Switzerland.
January 1st
EU / Romania 2002 - The visa requirement for Romania was lifted by the EU.
January 1st
EU / Switzerland 2002 - The bilateral agreement between the EU and Switzerland came into force.
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Books 2002

February 2002

February 1st
FRG 2002 - In Berlin the singer and actress Hildegard Knef died.
February 10th
FRG / Mexico 2002 - Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder arrived on a state visit to Mexico.
February 11th
Liechtenstein 2002 - Parliamentary elections were held in Liechtenstein.
13th February
Afghanistan / FRG 2002 - When building the police in Afghanistan, Germany took over
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March 2002

3 March
Switzerland 2002 - A referendum was held in Switzerland on membership of the United Nations.
3 March
Afghanistan 2002 - 166 people were killed in a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the Hindu Kush region.
March 10th
Colombia 2002 - Parliamentary elections were held in Colombia.
March, 15
Angola 2002 - The ceasefire negotiations were held again in Angola.
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April 2002

4. April
Angola 2002 - The ceasefire agreement was signed in Angola between the military UNITA and government forces.
April 6
Portugal 2002 - Prime Minister in Portugal was Dr. José Manuel Durão Barroso.
April 8, 2002
FRG 2002 - The bankruptcy of the media empire Leo Kirch became official with the bankruptcy petition of Kirch Media.
April 8th
FRG / China 2002 - The President of the People's Republic of China, Jiang Zemin, arrived on a state visit to West Germany.
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Top 10 charts 2002

Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song
Shakira - Whenever, Whereever
Eminem - Without Me
Grönemeyer - human
Ben ft Gim - angel
Tiziano Ferro - Perdono
B 3 - I.O.I.O.
Wonderwall - Just More
No Angels - Something About Us
Bro'Sis - I Believe
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May 2002

1st of May
Jordan / EU 2002 - The Association Agreement between the EU and Jordan entered into force.
Bahamas 2002 - Perry Christie became Prime Minister of the Bahamas.
Niue 2002 - Young Vivian became Prime Minister of the South Pacific Island of Niue.
May 4th
International 2002 - The research satellite "Aqua" of the US American NASA was launched to research the role of water in the complex ecosystem of the earth.
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June 2002

June 4th
Syria 2002 - The Zeyzoun Dam broke in Syria. Up to 100 people lost their lives as a result of the tidal wave.
the 10th of June
Solar eclipse 2002 - An annular solar eclipse occurred in the North Pacific.
June 13th
Afghanistan 2002 - All tribal leaders met for the first council meeting in the Afghan capital Kabul.
June 13th
USA 2002 - The USA unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty.
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Top 5 cinema charts 2002

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Ice Age
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
The 2002 film year

July 2002

3rd of July
International 2002 - Steve Fossett successfully circumnavigated the world in a balloon in thirteen and a half days.
5th July
Angola 2002 - Angola ratified the Ottawa Convention to ban anti-personnel mines.
5th July
East Timor / UNESCO 2002 - East Timor became a new member of UNESCO.
7th of July
Algeria 2002 - After more than 20 years of imprisonment, 101 Moroccan prisoners of war were released from Algeria.
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August 2002

3rd August
Bolivia 2002 - Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada Bustamante was elected President of Bolivia.
August 7th
Colombia 2002 - Alvaro Uribe Vélez became President of Colombia.
15th of August
Papua New Guinea 2002 - Head of Government in Papua New Guinea became Michael Somare.
August 22nd
Afghanistan 2002 - Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Wardak inaugurated the police academy in the Afghan capital Kabul.
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September 2002

5th September
Romania 2002 - The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce was opened in the Romanian capital Bucharest.
September 6th
Bangladesh 2002 - Prof. Iajuddin Ahmed became President of Bangladesh.
September 10
Switzerland / UN 2002 - Switzerland became a new member of the United Nations.
September 15th
Macedonia 2002 - In Macedonia parliamentary elections were held and the government reorganized.
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Top 5 Bundesliga 2001/2002

Borussia Dortmund
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
FC Bayern Munich
Hertha BSC
FC Schalke 04
The sporting year 2002

October 2002

October 1
UNESCO 2002 - The United States of America rejoined UNESCO.
4th of October
São Tomé and Príncipe 2002 - Head of State in São Tomé and Príncipe was Maria das Neves Ceita Baptista de Sousa.
5th October
Latvia 2002 - Parliamentary elections were held in Latvia.
5th October
Rwanda 2002 - All military troops had returned to Rwanda from the Congo.
8th October
Kazakhstan 2002 - Senate elections were held in Kazakhstan.
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November 2002

1st of November
Macedonia 2002 - Branko Crvenkovski became Prime Minister of Macedonia.
November 7th
Senegal 2002 - Idrissa Seck became Prime Minister of Senegal.
November 11th
Spain / FRG 2002 - Federal President Johannes Rau met on a state visit in Spain a.
November 12th
Vatican 2002 - A concordat was concluded between the Holy See and the state of Brandenburg.
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December 2002

December 4th
Solar eclipse 2002 - There was a total solar eclipse in southern Africa and Australia.
13th December
EU 2002 - The admission of ten new members on May 1, 2004 was decided by the EU summit in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.
15th December
Equatorial Guinea 2002 - The president of the country, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, was confirmed in office in Equatorial Guinea for a further seven years.
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Most popular first names in 2002

Maiden names:
Anna, Leoni, Lisa, Lara, Lena, Lilli, Julia, Neele, Emelie, Lara. Laura, Alina, Marie, Sofie, Luisa
Boy names:
Jan, Tim, Leon, Lukas, Finn, Jonas, Paul Nicklas, Felix Moritz, Jannik, Ben, Paul, Max, Kevin
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Nobel Prize 2002 Nobel Prize Winner

Nobel Prize in Physics: Raymond Davis Jr., Masatoshi Koshiba and Riccardo Giacconi
Nobel Prize Kurt Wüthrich, John B. Fenn and Koichi Tanaka
Nobel Prize Medicine: Sydney Brenner, H. Robert Horvitz and John E. Sulston
Nobel Prize in Literature: Imre Kertész
Nobel Peace Prize: Jimmy Carter
Economics: Daniel Kahneman and Vernon L. Smith

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