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iPad Pro 10.5 suddenly "dead" - error number 9

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Dear Apple Talk Community,

I now turn to you a little desperately because I don't know what to do next.
Since yesterday my iPad Pro 10.5 Wifi 64GB (A1701) is dead. Even what felt like 30 hard resets could not revive the device. I didn't do anything with it, there was no update either, it was just left on the table unused for a few days. It wasn't unloaded either, I attached it for loading overnight, but it's still dead.
I then attached it to my Macbook (the latest updates are installed), there it is recognized as an iPad in recovery mode. If I then click on "Restore and Update", it downloads the software and starts restoring, but it aborts after a short time (unknown error no. 9). After several attempts, I tried it on my Windows PC - same problem here too. Another cable from my neighbor does not solve the problem either ... so tried everything that the guide from Apple support on the Internet spat out for me.

Today I was at a certified Apple Support in Freiburg - I somehow thought that they had more options than I at home ... but the lady only connected my iPad to her device and also tried to restore it - unsuccessful, same error number 9 .
I was then informed that the iPad was unfortunately broken and that you can only send it in and exchange it, at a bargain price of just under 400 €! I almost choked on my laughter! 400 € for a three year old device ??

Hence my question: Can you think of ANYTHING I could try? When it starts to update, the apple symbol with the loading bar lights up briefly and the iPad is also recognized, surely it is not due to the hardware?
I just cannot imagine that the iPad will make such a serious software error overnight that all attempts at resuscitation will be unsuccessful!

Unfortunately, I need the iPad to study and because of my studies I have absolutely no money to buy a new one . I am really desperate. I always dealt with it carefully and then something stupid ...

Thanks in advance!