When did raiders move to Oakland?

When are you going to Vegas - and why?

The NFL has its next team move! After the Chargers and the Rams have taken the route to Los Angeles, the Oakland Raiders are now also changing their home: Las Vegas is calling! But what's next? When does the step take place? Where are the raiders playing? And how is the move paid for? SPOX answers the most important questions.

Question 1: How and why did the move come about?

Oakland had been dissatisfied for years. The Raiders play in one of the most dilapidated stadiums in the NFL, but no agreement was reached with the city - instead, they support the new construction project of their MLB team, the Athletics. The latest attempts by the group around Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott did not change that.

So had a franchise owner opposite NFL media-Reporter Judy Battista said a few days ago: "The fact that there is simply no realistic option in Oakland is a big factor. Nobody really wants the team to move. But it just didn't work there." An NFC team president suggested im MMQB in the same notch: "If we were to compare apples to apples here, they wouldn't go."

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But that's not the case. There was no serious offer, especially in the end, no dialogue in Oakland, and Las Vegas had shown interest for a while now. It became really concrete at the latest when the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles - the Raiders for their part had the contract option to return to L.A., if the Chargers had agreed on the financing of a new stadium with San Diego and would have stayed.

The franchise moves and expansion teams since 1970

As always with team moves, money is (also) important. Raiders owner Mark Davis is one of the comparatively poorer team owners, and it was clear from the start that he would need financial help through the city if he were to move. And that's what he gets in Vegas: the city provides grants totaling $ 750 million, and the team pays $ 550 million itself.

The remaining $ 650 million for the newly planned arena in Las Vegas, which will cost $ 1.9 billion and accommodate 65,000 spectators, will be taken over by Bank of America. The Raiders had pulled the group on as a financing partner after casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who actually wanted to take over this sum, withdrew from the plans. According to rumors from Monday, the stadium may cost up to $ 200 million less - and another 200 million more will be taken over by the city. Moving costs for the Raiders would drop to $ 150 million.

The Raiders had already submitted the moving papers in January, and the next big hurdle was cleared with the stadium financing. With the city as a stadium partner behind them, the Raiders were able to present the other team owners with a more than tempting package. This was ultimately also reflected in the vote at the owners' meeting in Arizona: 24 yes votes would have been enough, 31 of the 32 team owners ultimately voted in favor of the move. Only the Miami Dolphins voted against it.