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Here you will find the 100 most popular wisdoms and Quotes on a subject that occupies many day and night: love & Relationships
Regardless of whether the occasion is the beginning of a new relationship, a wedding or, in the worst case, a divorce, this wisdom provides a change for every state of mind, be it pensive, happy or sad.
The thoughts, quotes and congratulations listed here have more than just a spark of truth in them and can be used on many occasions. Not only for those who are happy and fresh in love, but also for those who have to deal with lovesickness due to a separation from their companion.


Love can be exciting, short, happy, new, deep, passionate, sometimes painful or unrequited. And the quotes about love are just as diverse as love.
On this page there are love quotes for every mood & occasion: from positive & romantic to thoughtful & sad. So you will find a suitable quote for every mood and occasion.

In love, engaged, married [lyrics, Peter Alexander]

Anyone who wants to drown an unhappy love in alcohol is acting foolishly. Because alcohol is preserved. [Max Dauthendey]

Pirates also sail under the flag of love. [Manfred Hinrich]

You are only loved where you can show yourself weak without provoking strength. [Theodor W. Adorno]

Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. Only the handlebars, the passengers and the road are problematic. [Franz Kafka (1883-1924)]

In love, silence is often more important than speaking. [Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)]

When you're in love, any weather is wonderful. [Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)]

He who loves so ... also believes the impossible. [Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)]

Love has to be kindled like a fire over and over again. She dies when she ceases to hope or fear. [François VI. de La Rochefoucauld (1613 - 1680; French nobleman, officer and man of letters)]

Love is not about looking at one another, but about looking together in the same direction. [Antoine de Saint-Exupery]

What is done for love always happens beyond good and evil. [Friedrich Nietzsche]

Love is like chess: sometimes you play blind, sometimes simultaneously - and the queen is always the strongest piece. [Karl Farkas]

Love is the only thing that grows when you waste it. [M. L. Stang]

He who can love, tolerate and forgive always wins. [Hermann Hesse]

We are never as vulnerable as when we love. [Sigmund Freud]


Alleged love of God often serves as a substitute for love of people.

Understanding for the other ends where one's own pain becomes unbearable.

You can't force feelings, but you can't deny them either.

Reason is powerless against trust and love.

Believe in miracles, love and happiness, look ahead and never look back. Do what you want and stand by it, because only you live this life.

Children who are not loved become adults who do not love.

Reason can only talk. It is love that sings.

We have love from birth, we only learn fear later in life.

Proximity is not a question of distance.

The more you judge, the less you love.

It is deadly to be alone when there are two of you.

If a woman says nothing for five minutes, it is time to take resuscitation measures.

If women seem unfathomable, then it is because of the lack of depth in men. ;-)

It doesn't matter to me how old you are. I want to know if you risk looking like a fool for the sake of your love, for the sake of your dreams, and for the adventure of being alive.

That hopeless romantics cannot be realists seems to be as widespread an assumption as the assumption that good dancers are good lovers too.

Some people think they have a good heart - and only have weak nerves.

Love is like the moon: if it doesn't increase, it decreases.

To live on air and love ... [expression]

Love is the most pleasurable variant of bullshit.

Love is the light of life. In marriage, the electricity bill comes.

Love is blind! But whoever is married can suddenly see again.

Quotes from love songs

Do you want to go with me, understand light and shadow [Daliah Lavi]

Nothing knocks me out, but you [Hildegard Knef]

Give me your hand, I'll build you a castle out of sand - somehow, somewhere, someday [Nena]

Hello angel, do you really have to go? You rarely get to see something like you here. Just give me a call up there. And ask God if you can stay with me until tomorrow morning. [Stefan Waggershausen]

How Do You Do, aha, don't be alone, na-na-nana [The Windows]

Now you pop into my life and I can only surrender [Udo Lindenberg]

I humbly ask with a smiling face: Can love be a sin? Nobody should know if you kiss. When you forget everything because of happiness. [Zarah Leander]

And I'm only thinking of you again. Damn I love you; I do not love you. [...]. Damn I want you, I don't wanna lose you [...] And again I am only thinking of you. [Matthias Reim]

Without you I won't fall asleep tonight, without you I won't go home tonight. Without you I won't come to rest today. What I want is you. [Münchener Freiheit]

I am set for love from head to toe. Because this is my world. And nothing else. [Marlene Dietrich]

Darling let's dance ... [Marius Müller-Westernhagen; With peppermint I am your prince]

I dance with you into heaven, into the seventh heaven of love. [Lilian Harvey and Willy Fritsch; from the film: "Seven Slaps"]

I didn't miss anything today because I only dreamed of you. [Nena]

Poem - wedding

Weddings are one of the rituals of humanity - and that has been for some time. Here is the first verse from the ballad "Kassandra" by Friedrich Schiller to get you in the mood:

Joy was in Troy's halls
Before the high festival fell;
You can hear hymns of jubilation
Golden play in the strings;
All hands rest tired
From the tearful quarrel
Because the wonderful Pelide
Priam's beautiful daughter is free.

Poem about love

Laotse; Chinese philosopher, 6th century BC

Conscientiousness of duty without love makes one morose.
Responsibility without love makes you inconsiderate.
Justice without love makes you hard.
Truthfulness without love makes you addicted to criticism.
Wisdom without love is deceitful.
Kindness without love makes you hypocritical.
Order without love makes you petty.
Knowledge without love makes one opinionated.
Power without love makes you cruel.
Honor without love makes haughty.
Property without love makes you stingy.
Faith without love makes you fanatical.

Marriage & wedding

We do not have to. We do not need. We just want!

Get married! If it is a good woman, you will be happy. If it is evil, you become a philosopher. (Socrates, 470-399 AD, great philosopher)

You marry for lack of experience, divorce for lack of patience, and marry again for lack of memory.

Marriage is the only life sentence that can be pardoned for poor conduct. (Alfred Hitchcock)

A man should only marry a woman whom one would want to be a boyfriend if she were a man. (Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824, French moralist)


Men who claim they are the absolute masters of the house also lie on other occasions. [Mark Twain]

With half of all married couples, one of them looks like he's held hostage.

Marriage is the attempt as a couple to cope with problems that one would never have had alone.

The ideal husband is someone who believes they have found the ideal wife.

I advocate a long engagement because it shortens the marriage. (George Bernhard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish writer)

Any man can have the last word to a woman, provided he says yes. [Ernst Stankovski]

The man is lyrical, the woman epic, the marriage dramatic (Novalis, German romantic)

Marriage is the only type of contract that suspends, for the contracting parties, any laws designed to protect the relationship between them. (George Bernhard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish writer)

The ring makes marriages, and rings are what make chains. (Friedrich von Schiller)

Men women

Today's women are a problem for yesterday's men. [Edith M. Muliyanto]

What are we celebrating Christmas for ?! A man is born every day who thinks he is God.

There are know-it-alls who never understand that you can be right and yet be an idiot.

If God were female, after the 'Let there be light' there would first be a 'How's it going? here out!?' came.

Whoever understands men can also divide by zero!

A good woman inspires a man, a spirited woman captivates him, a beautiful woman inspires him and a participant gets him.

Three quarters of love is curiosity. (Giacomo Casanova)

Woman's cheerfulness captivates man longer than beauty. (Karl Julius Weber, 1767-1832, German writer)

What is done for love always happens beyond good and evil. (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

We are loved not because we are so good, but because those who love us are good. (Leo Tolstoy)

Faith without love makes you fanatical, possessions without love make you stingy, responsibility without love makes you ruthless (Otto von Bismarck)


... and he poured buckets of black into my favorite blue ....

If you leave me can I come with you

Women can fake an orgasm, men a whole relationship!

Why can't men just show their feelings ??? And so that woman understands them too ???

One man alone - poetry.
Two men - ballad.
A man and a woman - novella.
Two women and one man - novel.
Two men and one woman - drama.
Two men and two women - comedy.
[Roda Roda, 1872-1954, Österr. Writer]

I often wonder if men and women are really a good match. Maybe they should just live next to each other and visit each other now and then. [Katharine Hepburn]

In people as in language everything is relationship. [Antoine de Rivarol (1753-1801)]

Symmetry: If they are of the same opinion, HE is right. If they disagree, SHE is right.

There is no greater difficulty than making a woman realize that bargain purchases cost money, too. (Edgar Watson Howe, 1853-1937, American writer)

In the holiday resort, where there are all girls who want to catch a husband and all the husbands who want to catch a girl, the situation is not as symmetrical as it seems. (Alan Mackay)

For ten years the woman tried to change the man's habits, and then she complained that he was no longer the one she married. (Barbara Streisand)

The opposite of polygamy? Monotony!

A woman laughs when she can and cries when she wants.

Anything that is really fun is either immoral, illegal, or obese. (Alexander Wollcott)


I fear nothing - nothing - but the limits of your love. [Author: Friedrich von Schiller (Cabal and Love)]


It was the nightingale, not the lark

This quote comes from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" (III, 5). Since the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400), the nightingale has been considered a bird of love and the lark the herald of the morning


Do you want to go already? The day is still far off.
It was the nightingale, and not the lark,
Which just now penetrated your anxious ear;
At night she sings on the pomegranate tree there.
Believe, dear, me: it was the nightingale.


It was the lark, the herald of the day,
Not Philomele; see the jealous streak,
Who lines the clouds there in the east of the morning.
The night burned out its candles
The lively day climbs the misty heights;
Only hurry can save me, delay is death.


The reverse of the sentence »It was the lark and not the nightingale«- probably based on the opening verse of the poem» Morgenruf «by Georg Herwegh (1817-1875) - has spread. Here is the first half of the first verse:

It was the lark, not the nightingale,
That just struck in the sky:
Already it swings up, the sun ball,
Carried by the morning wind.
The day, the day has awakened!

The next 4 verses begin like this:

It was the lark, not the nightingale ...

... Rise from the slumber of sins! ...

... There is no kissing or kissing, ...

... So let go, oh youth, your dreams! ...

... The cheeky playmate of the cloud ...

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