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Manuel D'Amaro Uva 100% Pedral


It is a 100% Pedral wine. A grape variety that our winery recovers to produce this special wine. A variety of native grapes that convey the essence of our region. It is a fruity wine, expressive and elegant, with which we want to pay tribute to all winemakers embodied in the figure of Manuel d'Amaro.

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This is a collection that arose from the idea of ​​working with traditional varieties and recovering those native varieties that are well established in the area that has previously only been used to make wines in the traditional way.

It is a very limited edition of wines in which very few bottles are made as the amount of grapes of these unique varieties is very small. Furthermore, it is an extra effort for winemakers to know the exact location of each of the plants of the different varieties, as they have to harvest them separately and bring them to the winery at the optimal point of ripeness in order to be able to produce the wines, which guarantees traceability.

Manuel D´Amaro Pedral (Pedal 100%)
Manuel D´Amaro Sousón (sousón 100%)
Manuel d´Amaro Caíño (red Caíño 100%)
Manuel d'Amaro Espadeiro (Swordsman 100%)
Manuel d´Amaro Brancellao (Brancellao 100%)
Manuel d'Amaro Albariño (Albariño 100%)
Manuel d´Amaro Albariño on yeast (Albariño made 100% on yeast)
Manuel d’Amaro Loureira (Laurel 100%)



The Señorío de Rubiós winery

Our winery was born from an old idea that pursued several residents of the region who were looking for a way to appreciate and promote the already well-known Rubiós red wines.

So, at the end of 2003 the first partners laid the foundation for this idea and founded Señorío de Rubiós, which currently has more than 100 partners who are working to place Rubió's wine in the place that has always suited it, out of tradition , for its boxes and for the quality of its wines.

Señorío de Rubiós is another winery within the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin, as it has dedicated itself to producing native red varieties without spoiling the production of white wines.

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