Human resources become superfluous in business life

The top 10 tasks of an HR manager

The term "HR Manager" is on everyone's lips. However, the tasks can vary greatly depending on the size of the company. In some companies, the proportion of manual tasks is very high.

The area of ​​responsibility of the HR manager is shifting more and more in the direction of a strategic partner. As such, they should also be involved in important decisions. Therefore we would like to give an overview of the most important areas of responsibility of this role.

1. The tasks of human resources management in today's working world

In addition to the digitization of everyday and private areas, it has long been taking place in the business world and no longer exclusively in large global corporations. So-called “Industry 4.0” also offers more and more opportunities and possibilities for small and medium-sized companies.

But what about work areas that are associated with human soft skills such as "knowledge of human nature", "intercultural understanding" or "social competence", human resource management?

In 2017 the German Society for Personnel Management e.V. (DGFP e.V.) published the study "HR Strategy & Organization 2017" in cooperation with a personnel and management consultancy. It shows that for 80% of the more than 300 HR managers surveyed, the digitization of HR is still not an integral part of an HR strategy.

Why is that? Can this area be digitized at all? Is this unnecessary or even impossible? What are the most important tasks of an HR manager in these times?

2. The top 10 tasks of a human resources manager

Many small and medium-sized companies shy away from digitizing their personnel management. But what are the activities that an HR manager has to do and that should be digitized?

We have compiled the ten most important tasks of an HR manager for you:

  • Personnelallowance planning: An important task for every HR manager. The current workforce is compared with the forecast staffing requirements and, in the event of a discrepancy, used as a basis for decision-making for personnel measures.

  • staffprocurement: The procurement of the workforce required by companies in terms of quality, quantity, time and space is one of the most time-consuming tasks of an HR manager.

  • personSingle use: The work tasks are assigned to the employees in quantitative and qualitative terms.

  • Personal development: Supporting employees in their professional and personal development continues to gain in importance. It makes a significant contribution to binding high performers and experts to companies in the long term. This task of HR managers is very important, especially for employee loyalty.

  • Personal release: A rather unpleasant task for an HR manager. Mostly personal individual measures, the aim of which is the termination of employment. Before issuing a notice of termination, the search for alternative employment opportunities for employees should also be considered.

All of the previously mentioned tasks of an HR manager ensure the right quantity and quality of employees. They also ensure that know-how is available in the right place in the company at the right time.

3. Other important tasks of HR managers

  • Personnel remuneration: Together with executives, HR managers find remuneration for employees that is fair for both sides. In addition, profit-sharing or capital participation as well as social benefits must be taken into account accordingly.
  • Human Resources Management: In personnel management, only part of the task for HR managers is usually omitted. These are mostly information obligations and often the administration of time recording and absences.
  • Personnel support: This diverse area includes, for example, regulations of the General Equal Treatment Act. But also return interviews, integration, on- and offboarding or support after bullying.

These three areas serve to maintain the performance and motivation of the employees and, if necessary, to increase them.

Other tasks of an HR manager include:

  • Personnel assessment: Often letters of recommendation and interim certificates are required or diplomas applied for. The information required for this is provided by executives and put into the desired form by personnel managers.
  • Personnel administration: A tedious task for HR managers. The creation and management of personnel files, as well as administrative activities such as personnel accounting, are part of the ongoing tasks of personnel management.

For the last two activities in HR management, larger amounts of data are processed in a specially designed information system.

4. HR software: a useful addition to human resources - or additional effort for HR managers?

Personnel is an important - ideally the most important - resource in the company. The task of your HR manager is therefore no less than to manage, supervise, motivate and satisfy this “resource”.

This task should not be underestimated - neither the importance nor the time involved. It is in the interest of every company to ideally equip and support personnel management. This can be achieved through the selected use of HR software.

However, not all of the above tasks of HR managers can be completely replaced. Good HR software can save a considerable amount of time and can automatically take care of some processes and tasks for your HR managers.

An interview, on the other hand, cannot of course take place without the HR manager, department or team leader. However, the burden of administrative tasks for your HR managers can be reduced considerably. This allows those responsible to use the time gained for other problems.

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