What is your own definition of teacher absenteeism

Absence regulation

Regulations for absenteeism (see § 43 SchulG NRW)

  1. If more than one lesson (45 min) is missed, a written, reasoned apology must be given no later than on the second day of the resumption of lessons.
  2. Excuses should be clearly legible on a A4 sheet of paper and should include the name of the student, the place, date and number of hours missed, as well as the reason for the missed time. In the case of underage students, they must be signed by a legal guardian. In the case of absences for health reasons, the type of illness does not have to be stated. The schoolchildren or their legal guardians notify the school of longer, foreseeable absences on the second day of class. In the event of absenteeism during a supervised internship, the internship institution and the school must be informed.
  3. In the case of important appointments that are known to the student (job interview, driving test (not driving lesson), court hearing, parents' silver wedding anniversary, ...), the student must submit a written application for leave of absence at least one week in advance provide the class teacher, otherwise these absences are unexcused.
  4. Leaving the lesson prematurely without a personal oral cancellation from the following subject teacher counts as an unexcused absence. A written apology must of course also be submitted in the event of cancellation.
  5. If a class test is excusedly missed, the subject teacher will set a rewriting date. The pupil is obliged to find out about this immediately. Missing the rewriting appointment can only be excused by a medical certificate (certificate of incapacity for work). A new rewriting date is usually not scheduled.
  6. Written apologies are given to the class teacher (sports certificates to the sports teacher and a copy to the class teacher) or placed in the envelope in the class book after a subject teacher has confirmed timely receipt in the interest of the pupil with the date and name on the sheet.
  7. The class teacher transmits the absences at least weekly. In the event of delays, the pupil ensures that the subject teacher whose class he / she is attending records their attendance in the class register from this period onwards, otherwise the whole day could be mistakenly counted as missed.

Consequences of unexcused absence

  1. All absences, excused as well as unexcused, must be shown in the certificate. There are no absences in school leaving and graduation certificates.
  2. A class test that is missed without excuse will be assessed as unsatisfactory.
  3. Lessons that were missed without excuse are to be assessed as work that has not been performed and are therefore rated as “unsatisfactory” for the other work.
  4. Frequent, not just unexcused absence (e.g. in individual subjects) has a negative effect on performance evaluation (area: other performance).
  5. For adult pupils who are no longer required to attend school, the following applies: If more than 20 school hours are missed without excuse within 30 days, the pupil can be trained without further warning.
  6. The school relationship ends if the non-school-age pupil is absent without excuse for 20 days of class without a break despite a written warning.