Why do people compare PUBG and Fortnite

Battle Royale Phenomenon: How Fortnite PUBG Outpaced Rank

One map, many players, even more chaos: In the "Battle Royale" game mode, the aim is simply to be the only one to survive the round. How he does this is up to the player. You start with junky equipment and work your way up - by exploring the map, killing other players, collecting items or looking for allies. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has made this game mode, in which every round is different, socially acceptable. Others have long since jumped on the path to success.

The Early Access version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds was released exactly one year ago, on March 23, 2017. What followed is a huge success story. After two months, "PUBG" had 100,000 players, and last October the million mark was broken. In just three months, PUBG sold more than four million copies, and the shooter topped the Steam best lists by the dozen. And yet, the birthday isn't all good news for Bluehole developers.

Fortnite overtakes PUBG

Fortnite has emerged from the shadow of PUBG, a more colorful alternative: The shooter also comes with a battle royale mode, the PUBG developers have even called it a copy. All the more annoying for them: In February, Fortnite generated more sales than Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for the first time, as current figures from the games-focused market research company SuperData show.

Fortnite earned 126 million US dollars on PC and game consoles in February, while PUBG "only" reached 103 million US dollars. The number of viewers on the Twitch streaming platform also shows the speed at which Fortnite PUBG is currently running down the rankings. In the fourth week of January, 8.5 million Twitch viewers were interested in PUBG and 6.1 million in Fortnite. One month later, 8.5 million people were watching PUBG, while Epic Games' Fortnite now had 14 million - the audience more than doubled in just four weeks, and PUBG's popularity stagnated.

What is causing trouble for PUBG

SuperData sees reasons for the changing of the guard at the forefront of the mass phenomenon Battle Royale primarily in the accessibility of Fortnite. Not only is Fortnite more child-friendly with its colorful cartoon graphics, the Epic Games title is also basically free. The developers earn their living with microtransactions that include costumes for the characters. PUBG also has microtransactions and a one-time fee of 30 euros - a barrier to entry, especially for young players. The crazy, colorful graphic style of Fortnite also affects the game mechanics. The games are faster and more action-packed than in the comparatively serious PUGB. Since you invest less time in a round, the frustration factor also decreases.

In addition to the competition from Fortnite, SuperData claims to have recognized other problems that are troubling PUBG. The flood of cheaters has still not got the developer Bluehole under control despite drastic steps. By focusing on combating cheating, the studio also failed to offer enough new content for PUBG.

According to SuperData, Fortnite and PUBG will soon have to fear additional competition from the big game developers. Corporations such as Activision Blizzard, EA and Ubisoft could stir up the market with a lavishly produced battle royale game, the market researchers suspect. But that has to happen quickly before players feel too much a part of a title. What they mean by that can be seen in the Moba game mode, which has been dominated by League of Legends and Dota 2 for years. Even big publishers like Blizzard (Heroes of the Storm) have failed to endanger these established titles. So despite everything, it is still possible that PUBG will retain a large player base for years, SuperData concludes.

Race for the cell phone market

The key to this could be in the mobile game market, where millions of potential gamers are waiting. Up until now, Android and iOS cell phones were mainly used as a platform for simple games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja or Clash of Clans. This paradigm is slowly changing. Both Fortnite and PUBG are already available as mobile versions. The developers had to make compromises for the phones, which are technically weaker than consoles, especially when it comes to graphics. The gameplay itself remains the same, only the controls are adjusted. With the left thumb you let the character walk, the right hand taps on the screen to shoot. A target assistant ensures that you even hit the opponent from time to time.

The mobile version of Fortnite is currently only available for a few iPhone owners, the mobile version of PUBG was only available in China for a long time, but is now also available in Germany. In the mobile market, too, there are signs of a race between PUBG and Fortnite. The brightly colored shooter from Epic Games seems to have the advantage here as well: In contrast to PUBG, it can be played across platforms, so that mobile phone gamers can play in the same game with PC players and consoleros.