Are you a Warriors fan?

Warrior Cats fans watch out! Erin Hunter presents: "The Sun Path"!

Are you a real Warrior Cats fan and have you already devoured all volumes? Or are you just at the beginning of the saga, but already totally captivated by the story of the four clans? Then you should definitely keep the afternoon of October 30th free. Because the author Erin Hunter / Vicky Holmes and the German voice of the Cats, Marian Funk, visit us at 4.30 pm in the Backfabrik and present "Der Sonnenpfad" - Volume 1 of the new 5th season.

And that's what the book is about:
For countless moons, a tribe of cats has lived under the most difficult conditions in the mountains. When the young cat, the Fluttering Bird, falls victim to the icy winter, her companions are in shock. The fight against hunger and cold seems to be lost. But Half Moon, the wise old teller of the tribe, has a vision of a place where there is enough food for everyone. A group of brave cats leaves their home and embarks on an adventurous and dangerous journey to the unknown land. Above all the two unequal brothers Wolkenhimmel and Grauer Flug, whose trust in one another is shaken to the core by a tragic accident ...

Erin Hunter / Vicky Holmes will introduce themselves briefly, chat a bit with Marian Funk and then read passages in English from the book. Marian Funk will translate everything that is discussed and read passages in German. Then you can ask the author questions and at the end she will sign your book for you. They'll also tell you something about the Warrior Cats book "Special Adventures. Yellow Tooth's Secret", which has nothing to do with the actual plot of the book series, but can be read as a supplement if you want to delve deeper into the characters' past. Because what you probably don't know: Long before Feuerstein became the leader of the DonnerClan, Yellowfang had a dark secret ...

To the stars of the afternoon:
Erin Hunter: Behind the name Erin Hunter is a whole team of women authors. Together they design and write the successful animal fantasy series WARRIOR CATS, SEEKERS and SURVIVOR DOGS. Is present this afternoon Vicky Holmes (Photo: (c) Gemma Day), who designed most of the storylines under the pseudonym Erin Hunter.

Marian Funkis a German theater actor and speaker. He has read in the audio books on "Blausterns Prophezeiung" and "Stripe Star's Determination" and has accompanied Erin Hunter's reading tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2011.
Photo: (c) Marco Ullrich

Tickets can already be obtained online here.