How can I become a food manager

Dual study food management

The food industry is one of the largest branches of industry in Germany and generates enormous sales every year. Experts in the field of food management are therefore increasingly in demand in our society. The connection of economic interrelationships with sustainable nutrition and effective food production are moving more and more into focus. Nowadays people want to eat more consciously, and food quality plays a decisive role in this. At the same time, however, the products should not be excessively expensive or manufactured under poor conditions. Linking these aspects is a central task of a food manager.

For this reason, the dual study program Food Management is very popular. More and more universities are offering this specialization in business administration. Well-known companies from the food industry are also increasingly looking for young people in this field. In the dual course of study, you combine practical training in the food industry with theoretical specialist knowledge in the areas of sustainability, product development and market research. This will prepare you as best as possible for the conditions in this exciting field of work.

Below you will find a lot of information about the requirements, course content and salary in the dual study food management. We also list all universities and numerous companies that offer dual study places in this area. For those who are in a hurry, we already have an overview of free dual study places:

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Introduction to the hotel and catering industry, food production, menu planning and budgeting, personnel deployment planning, etc. - this is what awaits you in the dual course "Culinary Management" at IU. You can find all the details in the information material.