Will cats hurt hedgehogs

Can my cat be dangerous to a hedgehog?

Most of the time, a cat learns very quickly that there is no point in it curious to approach a hedgehog or even him attoto grab, because she picks up on it often a bloody nose or Paws. Our prickly friend's reaction to making a ball, putting up spikes is usually enough. Anyone who has had bad experiences with a spiny animal stays away.

However, this does not apply to Hedgehog infants, the blind andwith still soft spines a cat helplessdelivered are when the mother hedgehog is not there and is e.g. looking for food.

Should give you your cata Baby hedgehog in front the Put feet, please be sure to try this nest toFindto save what can be saved. That means: the little ones feel coolon, the mother is unlikely to come back. So urgently Babiesin a warm towel wrap and Contact with aHedgehog station or one vet take up. But hold on keep an eye out after mummy, because rearing with the mother always works better.