How does Safari compare to Chrome for iPhone

iPhone Browser Comparison - 4 Top Alternatives to Safari

Safari is preinstalled as a web browser on all iPhones and cannot be deleted. But of course nobody forces you to use Safari - you can hide the app in a folder and switch to another browser. Which Browseras a safari alternative come into consideration, we'll show you here.

Browser iPhone - 4 browsers as an alternative to Safari

We have selected four web browsers as Safari alternatives for you and would like to introduce them to you so that you can find the right iPhone browser for you.

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular alternatives to Safari. This browser is particularly interesting for owners of a Google account. Unsurprisingly, the start window shows Google's intelligent search field, where both search queries and URLs can be entered. As is now common with Safari, search results are displayed as you type. Bookmarks, passwords, etc. can be synchronized with other devices via your Google account (similar to the iCloud keychain). The browser also has a voice search so you don't have to type as much. Chrome is fast and has a simple, straightforward interface. The main disadvantage is the connection to the “data octopus” Google.

Dolphin web browser

No less interesting is the Dolphin Mobile Browser, which can also communicate with these browsers on your computer via extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This enables links, maps, etc. to be exchanged. The browser also has automatic synchronization of history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs. Favorite websites can be accessed more quickly using gesture control. The use of Dolphin takes a little getting used to. If you are looking for something “different”, you will probably find what you are looking for in Dolphin.

Opera Touch web browser

An iPhone Internet browser that is particularly suitable for traveling and on the go is the Opera Touch web browser. This was designed for one-handed operation and has a special user interface that enables particularly fast web searches. With the "Flow" function, you can synchronize the content on the iPhone with your computer so that it is displayed on both devices. The data exchanged between the devices is protected via end-to-end encryption. Thanks to the built-in ad blocker, annoying advertising is simply blocked and websites are loaded faster.

Aloha browser

With the Aloha Browser you can surf the Internet safely at any time thanks to the integrated VPN. You can also protect private tabs with Touch ID or passwords for even more privacy. Aloha also has an AD block function so that you can surf the Internet completely without advertising. The developers of the Aloha app take the privacy of users very seriously, so that, according to their own statement, no activities are recorded or shared.

Which is the best iPhone internet browser?

Choosing a winner from the four candidates is difficult because all browsers have their advantages and disadvantages and it ultimately depends on what you expect from a browser. Chrome is particularly suitable for Google users, Dolphin is something completely different, Opera Touch is particularly recommended when traveling or for use on the move and the Aloha browser offers optimal protection of privacy.

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