How many hours does a NITian study?

What Are The Career Opportunities At MSc In India?

Depending on people.
But here I am writing some options. For people who have a Masters in Chemistry who have the following options in 1. Research 2. Teaching 3. Industry 4. Government jobs.

  1. research

If you want to pursue your career in research and development, you need to attend twice a year CSIR-NET- Exam appear. If you qualify, you have the opportunity to do a doctorate at IISC, CSIR, UNIVERSITY, NIT’S.
2. Teaching
If you qualify for a CSIR teaching assignment exam, you will receive a teaching job in a college or engineering degree or intermediate college.
If you have a IITIAN or NITian are received You might like a lecturer position in renowned coaching institutions NARAYANA, AKASH, BANSAL.
3. Industry
If you qualify for the GATE exam with a good grade, you may get a job in IOCL, HPCL, ONGC, NTPC, BCPL.
Without completing an exam, you can work as a QC trainee in private industries such as paint, cement or pharmaceuticals.
4. Government jobs.
For this, the UPSC exam for senior geoscientists appears every year.
Even SSC is also recruiting posts like STA SA.
DIRECT SETTING in ISRO, CSIR, DRDO, DBT and ICMR LABS based on your experience at different levels.

I hope this will help you.