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How can the reach of Twitter be increased?

When used correctly, Twitter is a powerful social media marketing tool that can be used to generate new leads, build relationships with your customers, and provide great customer service. Because of this, developing an organic Twitter reach is critical to your success on social media.

To take advantage of all of the goodness Twitter has to offer, you need to build a robust Twitter presence that translates into high Twitter reach.

In an age of bots and algorithms, creating a Twitter reach sounds like a daunting task. Fortunately, with a little help from this blog post, you can reach a larger audience on Twitter and get your message across!

Before we dive into some of the techniques you can use to increase your Twitter reach, you need to understand how the Twitter algorithm works. The algorithm determines whether your content is visible to a wider audience. It is therefore important to adhere to the rules set by the algorithm.

Here is our itinerary for today:

  • Understand the Twitter algorithm
  • The composition of a Twitter timeline
  • How to increase the reach of Twitter
    • Tweet regularly
    • Be social
    • Turn on twitter ads
    • Invest time and money in Twitter video
    • Use the correct Twitter hashtags
    • Measure hashtag performance
    • UGC
    • Work with micro-influencers
    • Focus on Twitter sentiment analysis
    • Build an engaged community around your brand.
    • Link your tweets to the latest events and holidays
    • Reuse your content
    • Always respond to mentions of your brand by other users
  • How do I measure the reach of Twitter?
  • Crack the organic reach of Twitter
  • Understand the Twitter algorithm

    To play with the Twitter algorithm, you need to know its advantages and disadvantages.

    Let's start with a holistic view of your Twitter account. Your overall Twitter presence is more important to the Twitter algorithm than the performance of separate tweets.

    How often do you publish? What is the average engagement rate? How many impressions do your tweets generate? These and many other factors are important factors for the Twitter algorithm and ultimately for your Twitter reach.

    Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Twitter is pretty open about its algorithm and has published detailed instructions on how it works. According to this document, Twitter takes three factors into account when ranking the tweets on our timelines:

    • the tweet - when was it published (the more recent the tweet, the better), does it contain a video or photo, the number of social media interactions received;
    • the author - your interactions with the author, how your relationship began, how often do you deal with each other;
    • You - what did you like in the past, how often do you use Twitter?

    The composition of a Twitter timeline

    Another important aspect of the Improve your Twitter reach strategy is the composition of your Twitter timeline.

    Your Twitter timeline looks like this:

    • Top tweets
    • ICYMI (in case you missed it)
    • Tweets in reverse chronological order.

    In the first section, the highest-ranking tweets, the Twitter algorithm selects the tweets that you are most likely to be engaging with.

    The ICYMI ranking shows the tweets from accounts that you have dealt with in the past and that tweeted something interesting while you were away. In the ICYMI section, Twitter displays all the tweets it deems important, regardless of when they were posted.

    This is important information for companies that have a presence on Twitter. It gives your tweets a nice organic boost when your followers can see your messages right when they open the app.

    Your normal Twitter feed begins in a reverse chronological timeline. You'll see the latest tweets from your following first.

    In order to build a robust Twitter presence and increase the reach of your Tweets, you need to engage more with your audience.

    How exactly do you do that Let's get to the bottom of it!

    How to increase the reach of Twitter

    Since you already have theoretical knowledge, you should Take a closer look at some handy tips and tricks to increase your organic reach on Twitter!

    Tweet regularly

    There's no point in sending your message when your target audience is busy with other things.

    You can determine when to publish using the trial and error method. Simply tweet at different times of the day and analyze which ones received the most likes and retweets.

    Alternatively, you can use some Twitter analytics tools, such as: B. The native, free Twitter analysis to determine when your target audience is online.

    Fortunately, there are several tools you can use to schedule your tweets in advance so you don't have to manually send tweets at odd times. At Brand24 we use CoSchedule and are pretty happy with all of its features.

    Once you've set the right time to tweet, just give it a try and tweet regularly. The half-life of a tweet is very limited (according to some research, it only lasts around 24 minutes), so you are sure not to send your followers as spam.

    The more you tweet, the more likely your message will be seen and the greater your Twitter reach will be.

    Be social

    While we talk a lot about the technical details of increasing your Twitter reach, we often forget that Twitter is a social network. The whole point of building a robust Twitter presence for your brand is getting in touch and talking to your followers.

    When you've signed up on Twitter, think about your followers, not potential leads that you need to turn into paying customers, but real people you could help out.

    If you take a closer look at the most successful Twitter brands, you won't find one that only broadcasts about itself. Check out the tweets from Innocent, a company that makes healthy drinks and donates 10% of its profits to charity.

    They don't call out for their product with every tweet they send. Instead, they talk to their followers. Like here:

    This approach to increasing your Twitter reach clearly works as the tweet generated 24 comments, 33 retweets, and over 700 likes. And it's still growing!

    Many social media marketers claim that 80/20 is a golden ratio. This means that 80% of your Tweets should be spent on content that is not directly related to the sale, such as: E.g. funny videos, informative content or questions for your followers. Only 20% of your tweets should be aimed at selling your product or service (information about offers and promotions and a clear call to action to buy your product).

    Turn on twitter ads

    I know that running Twitter ads to increase your Twitter organic reach sounds like pepper and salt, or winter and summer.

    But intuitively, it can increase your organic reach and increase your followers.

    If you select a post that generates the highest organic engagement rate and promote it through an ad on Twitter, that post's engagement will grow. The timeline will rank better, which will make your profile more visible to others.

    The question is which post to choose.

    A small helping hand will be a social media monitoring tool, for example Brand24. I recommend Brand24 because it's a very versatile and affordable tool. At least according to Buffer.

    I am going to introduce different functions of Brand24 that you can use to increase your organic Twitter reach. So let's take a look at exactly how Brand24 works!

    Start Twitter Reach Analytics!Start a 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

    Start by creating a project.

    The nice thing about social media monitoring is that you can track and see the mentions for any keyword you can create. In that case, I would recommend following your brand name and / or brand hashtag on Twitter.

    Just enter the terms in the project creation wizard. You can use the Project Settings tab to narrow the results on Twitter.

    It's important to remember that social media monitoring tools generally don't provide historical data.

    As soon as you give Brand24 some time, a list of your top performing tweets will be created. What you can do is use one of the Tweets as an ad to increase your Twitter reach.

    Invest time and money in Twitter video

    How many times have you heard that next year will be "the year of the video"? The change is happening, albeit very slowly. However, you can easily see the change on Twitter, especially if you've been monitoring your organic reach on Twitter for some time.

    Tweets that contain a video are significantly higher in the timeline than those with just text or gifs.

    I know you are probably thinking that making a Twitter video is extremely time consuming and expensive.

    DiGiorno Pizza is a great example of creating a low budget video with maximum impact:

    And even if your videos look less professional, don't worry! Your followers will appreciate spontaneous and fresh videos from your brand.

    Use the correct Twitter hashtags

    What would Twitter be without hashtags? This platform is hard to imagine without the pound sign.

    If you want to increase your organic Twitter reach, choosing the right hashtags is important .

    Using branded hashtags not only helps build your brand awareness, it also helps you see how your hashtag spreads across social media.

    The other two hashtags are designed to help you spread your message even further on Twitter and increase your organic reach. It is a responsible job. Fortunately, Brand24 will compile a list of hashtags with Twitter trends.

    The list includes 100 trending Twitter hashtags along with the total number of mentions. You can also adjust timeframes to recognize any seasonal changes and adjust your Twitter strategy accordingly.

    Measure hashtag performance

    While we are in hashtag marketing, it is important to regularly measure the performance of your hashtag efforts.

    You can find all the important Twitter metrics on the Brand24 Analysis tab.

    When you set up a project on Brand24, you can monitor the performance of your hashtag. This means you can closely track metrics like the following:

    • estimated reach of social media
    • Number of interactions
    • Type of interaction
    • the total number of positive and negative sentiment tweets.

    This is a pretty important metric for the Twitter algorithm as it determines the level of engagement. A like is worth much less than a comment or retweet. It's much easier to like it than to leave a comment or to vouch for your message with a retweet.

    The special thing about the Twitter hashtag analysis in Brand24 is the fact that you can easily compare two or more projects in terms of:

    • the number of mentions;
    • Feeling;
    • the most active author.

    There are other optional filters on the right side of the screen.

    Increase the reach of Twitter!Start Your Free Trial!


    User generated content is a real live saver. The amount of content you need to produce in order to stay on your radar and increase your Twitter organic reach is overwhelming.

    The good news is that you don't have to create all of the content yourself. You can easily retweet other people's posts.

    The benefits of UGC include:

    • Building brand awareness;
    • Increase the organic reach of your tweets.
    • Establish your brand as an industry leader.
    • Generate new leads.

    By sharing your followers' tweets, you are showing them that you are listening to what they are saying and that you are concerned enough to vouch for it with your authority.

    Work with micro-influencers

    Influencer Marketing is the strategy you can use to increase your organic reach on any social media platform.

    Twitter influencers can help you:

    1. create new, interesting content;
    2. provide social proof of your product or service;
    3. generate new leads;
    4. Increase your brand awareness.
    5. Reach new target groups that you would otherwise not be able to reach.

    The key to a successful Twitter campaign with micro-influencers is choosing the right influencer. Someone who shares the same values ​​as your company and looks like an authentic brand ambassador to your followers.

    The good news is that this person is already on your network and may even be talking about your product.

    Set up a project to find the best solution for your business. Use words related to your industry as keywords. Brand24 finds people who are already talking about your company's issues and arranges them according to their influence. All data is collected on the Analysis tab.

    Brand24 also shows the percentage of votes (the number of online discussions started by the influencer) and the calculated influence figure. As always, you can set the time range to suit your needs.

    The second table that you might be interested in is the most active social media writers. It shows the authors who use your keywords the most, along with their reach.

    Focus on Twitter sentiment analysis

    Having a positive feeling about your brand isn't just important because it builds brand awareness and increases your overall performance.

    The Twitter algorithm, and indeed every social media algorithm, is constantly learning. Part of the deep learning process is integration with NLP, which stands for natural language processing.

    According to Wikipedia, NLP is

    A branch of computer science, information technology and artificial intelligence that deals with interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, in particular with the programming of computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

    This means that computers can understand human language and recognize the right mood, context, and semantics.

    In the future, the Twitter algorithm can understand the sentiment around your tweets and the tweets related to your brand. If the tweets surrounding your brands are mostly positive, it may mean that Twitter users may want to see more of this content.

    This is a song of the future, but you can start working on the positive vibe right away.

    The first thing to do is assess your mood. Brand24 shows you the results immediately, you can even browse positive and negative mentions.

    If your overall mood is positive, you are in a good starting position. You can expand your Twitter account by speaking to your followers or hosting freebies. Just be as helpful as possible!

    Follow the Twitter mood!Create your free project!

    Build an engaged community around your brand

    And from the beginning! Remember when we talked about what is important for Twitter when evaluating the timeline?

    One of the key factors was the origin of your relationship and the strength of your connection.

    That is why it is important to build a strong relationship with your followers right from the start. It is definitely more time consuming than just tweeting about your product and brand.

    If you need help building a Twitter community around your brand, check out these two posts from my colleague Cuba:

    11 Essential Community Management Tools and Websites

    Should I build a community or join an existing one?

    Link your tweets to the latest events and holidays

    Twitter is the king of real-time marketing. People go to Twitter to catch up on trending topics, news, events, and what's going on in pop culture or politics.

    A good lifehack would be to keep track of current events and try to translate them into your Twitter marketing strategy.

    Just like the flight radar on Friday the 13th:

    You should probably stay away from controversial topics as there aren't many brands out there that can do it. But showing a human face didn't hurt anyone!

    Reuse your content

    According to Wiselytics, the average half-life of a tweet is only 24 minutes. Sounds scary, doesn't it? You have to keep providing tweets, photos, and videos to keep your followers busy.

    But the extremely hectic pace of Twitter can work to your advantage. This means that you can reuse your own content multiple times. Many of your followers wouldn't have a chance to interact with your message anyway.

    By sharing your top performing content, you can reach out to the Twitter audience who haven't seen the tweet when it was first posted.

    Always respond to mentions of your brand by other users

    Do you know what makes it so great to listen to all mentions from other Twitter users?

    Everyone expects it, but everyone is surprised when a brand responds to their mention. Check out this tweet:

    It's easy to spot all direct @mentions, but how can you track Twitter mentions without directly mentioning a Twitter handle?

    Take a look at the Brand24 dashboard.

    The tool automatically collects all mentions from Twitter. All you have to do is click the Engage button and talk to your followers!

    How do I measure the reach of Twitter?

    Once you know how to increase your Twitter reach, it's time to learn how to measure it. After all, if you don't measure a metric, you can't improve it.

    You can easily measure the reach of your tweets with a social media monitoring tool.

    As soon as you add a branded hashtag to your tweets and use it as a keyword in your monitoring project, Brand24 measures the estimated reach of social media.

    Plus, you can track your Twitter reach over time. This metric indicates whether your actions are producing the results you want.

    Crack the organic reach of Twitter

    Twitter's organic reach is one of the most important factors in your Twitter marketing strategy. A large organic reach leads to a high level of engagement, increased brand awareness and more loyal followers. Turning loyal followers into loyal customers is only one step ahead.

    To crack the code to build a robust organic reach on Twitter, you need to understand the pros and cons of the Twitter algorithm, which is constantly changing.

    One thing is certain when it comes to social media like Twitter - the algorithms will increasingly focus on natural interactions between users. Creating a helpful, interesting profile that users will naturally want to interact with will increase your Twitter reach and immunize your profile against most changes in the Twitter algorithm.


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