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It's that easy to create a professional email address

(Update) There are currently over 3 billion e-mail accounts worldwide and many more e-mail addresses. The trend is rapidly increasing. A large number of these addresses are registered with providers of free e-mail services. The advantage: It's quick and easy and it's free. But there are also distinct disadvantages: For one thing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to register attractive email names using free email services. Second, you usually have to accept advertisements. The main problem, however, is that your customers typically don't see these types of email addresses as a legitimate business email address. Be professional with an individual email address. It's easy.

In Germany, more than 80% of all internet users use the web to send and receive e-mails. If you want to do business, you should also be available at your own e-mail address. At Host Europe you can quickly and easily set up an individual e-mail address with which you can communicate securely and professionally with your customers - and of course also privately with your friends and acquaintances.

E-Mail-Basic offers you the possibility of creating an individual e-mail address directly for your personal domain.

First choose a suitable domain name for your business. There are hundreds of different domain extensions to choose from. Test whether your desired domain is still available and, if necessary, simply select a different domain extension. You will find a practical overview of the domain categories at www.hosteurope.de/Domain-Namen.

As soon as you have found a suitable domain name, you should register it as soon as possible before someone else snaps it away from you. Because attractive domain names are extremely popular.

A professional email address in just a few steps

The easiest way to set up an individual e-mail address is to add E-Mail-Basic or a more extensive e-mail package from Host Europe directly to your domain order. We will then automatically assign the domain to your e-mail product and you can start setting up your professional e-mail address practically immediately.
Log into our customer information system (HIS) with your user data.

  • Select the e-mail package (for example Mail Premium) on which you would like to set up your professional e-mail address and click on configure.
  • Next, you need to set up an email account (mailbox). To do this, go to the menu item e-mail and select the function Manage email accounts out.To set up a new e-mail account, you only need to specify an account name and assign a password. In the same step, you can also set up an individual email address for your domain.
  • Your professional email address consists of a freely selectable name, e.g. contact, the @ symbol and your domain name.
  • Now click on Add and your professional email address is set up.

Of course, you can add other e-mail addresses to your e-mail account, e.g. info @ YOUREDOMAIN, service @ YOUREDOMAIN, [email protected] etc.

To set up additional e-mail addresses on your account, please select the function Manage email addresses.

Assign a new name for your new email address. Select the email account you created and then click on Add.

You can now use Host Europe's webmail to receive your e-mails and write and send e-mails from anywhere in the world.

Of course, you can also access your e-mail account via Outlook, Thunderbird or another e-mail program. In this case, you only need to set up your account in the relevant program beforehand.

Web hosting product with a professional email address

If you want to use the Internet for business, you should ideally set up your own online presence in addition to a professional e-mail address. This can be a simple business card on the web that only contains a brief description of your business and a contact option. You can create these quickly and easily, for example with our inexpensive add-on website builder mini.

Or: Present your business on a more detailed image page that contains detailed information about your company, for example with WordPress or another web application on a web hosting product or a web server.

Our website construction kit systems offer you another convenient option for website design.

If you would like to sell products and / or services professionally online, we recommend that you choose a Host Europe online shop. You can find our online shop systems here.

Whichever solution you choose, be it a website builder kit, web hosting, web server or online shop: the web hosting products from Host Europe are equipped with complete e-mail functionality as standard. With these products you can create individual and professional e-mail addresses at no extra charge. Depending on the product, you can use up to 1,000 e-mail accounts for up to 3,000 e-mail addresses.

Individual email address - also private

An individual e-mail address is of course also recommended for private use - especially if you want to set up an e-mail address for popular surnames or first names such as Schmidt, Mueller, Michael, Mia, Erik, Hannah or Thomas. Because who wants a tapeworm address like this: michael.mueller-1995-koeln @ ...


Do not take the first e-mail address that is available, but decide for yourself under which name you want to communicate on the web. Create your own professional email address now. Because a professional e-mail address is simply indispensable for serious business communication.

Do you want to have your own website on the Internet? Here are some important tips on how to build a website.

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