How can I track an iPhone

iPad / iPhone Locate iPhone - this is how it works


Lost or stolen your iPhone? Then you can try to locate it. We will introduce you to two methods for this. On the one hand tracking with the help of iCloud and on the other hand tracking with the help of the network operator. Locating via the iCloud is much more accurate. By the way: This one Tip also works with lost iPads.

Track iPhone using iCloud

Note: If you want to locate your iPhone using iCloud, you have to use the Find my iPhone activated on your smartphone. You can find out how to do this in this tips + tricks article.

To search for your iPhone using iCloud, you can use the app from your iPad or another iPhone Find my iPhone (alternatively iPhone search) or the website on your PC to open. After you have logged in there with your Apple ID, you will see the current or last reported location of your lost iPhone on the map. If you allow the app to access your location, your current distance from this device will also be displayed. In order to be able to call up further functions, you have to select the lost iPhone on the map.

Here you have three options:

  • Play sound: With this function, your iPhone will emit loud beeps. This comes in handy when you've misplaced your iPhone at home.
  • Lost mode: If you are sure that your device has been stolen or you have lost it, you can use this mode to subsequently lock your device with a PIN. You can also store a phone number and a message that will be displayed on your lost device. In this way, an honest finder can get in touch with you. If your lost device is currently offline, you can turn on tracking. You will then be notified by email when your iPhone or iPad is back online.
  • Erase iPhone: This function is useful if your device can no longer be found. You reset your iPhone to the factory settings and protect your private data. If it does reappear after deleting it, you can at least partially restore your data with the help of a backup. You can find out how to do an iPhone backup in this tips + tricks article.

Find iPhone using your network operator

If you do not have the option "Find my iPhone", you can try to find your device with the help of your network operator.

  • At Vodafone you need theVodafone Secure Net option booked to find your iPhone. This option is chargeable in some contracts.
  • T-Mobile does not offer its own mobile phone location.
  • To your iPhone via O2 to search, you need a "My O2"Account. On https://handy-finder.o2online.dedo you have to deal with your "My O2"Account Sign in. Then follow the instructions and after about two minutes you will get the approximate location of your phone. The accuracy of the location depends on the number of radio masts in the vicinity of the iPhone. Therefore, deviations of several hundred meters can occur.

Note: If you none "My O2"-Have an account, can you Unfortunately, your iPhone doesn't have O2 locate. You should be on too do not create an account under any circumstancesif you have already lost your iPhone because you will receive the login data via SMS. This is how thieves could get sensitive information.