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Marketing ensures digital media diversity

Countless online offers, websites and apps offer users the opportunity to obtain information, to be entertained or to communicate with others. Most of these offers are free of charge for users and are refinanced through advertising. The marketing of the advertising space and the processing of the advertising bookings are carried out by marketers who bundle the advertising inventory of their portfolios into packages and offer them in the advertising market.

Depending on the goal of an advertising campaign, different models are used to settle bookings. Campaigns with branding goals and environment-oriented bookings are billed according to a thousand contact prices (CPM or CPM). Performance-oriented bookings with click, lead generation or sales targets are remunerated according to success (cpx).

From the area of ​​providers, whose focus is on TKP-based offers, more than 50 marketers with more than 1,000 websites and apps let Arbeitsgemeinschaft Onlineforschung e. V. (AGOF) measure and identify. The largest each reach over 30 million unique users and thus more than half of all Internet users in Germany. 18 of the largest providers are organized in the BVDW's Online Marketing Group (OVK).

Topics dealt with by the marketers in the BVDW serve to increase market transparency and planning security for the entire digital advertising market. This includes the standardization of forms of advertising and the development and implementation of measures to ensure quality in online advertising.