Why are some people against private schools

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The number of students in private schools is increasing continuously. Promotion of talented students, bilingual teaching, progressive pedagogy - private schools are committed to being better than state schools. Is it really like that?

Private schools are to a certain extent independent companies. Depending on the school, the so-called sponsor is either a church or social organization, an association, a partnership or a private person. Nevertheless, these schools are also under state supervision. This means that private schools are not allowed to decide freely in all areas. However, private schools have a free hand when it comes to admitting students. This means that not everyone who can pay the fees will automatically be accepted. Admission also depends on the concept the student should fit into. Grades, worldview or other indicators can play a particularly important role here.

The right profile

If your child is particularly talented in one area, it can pay off if you send them to a private school with the right profile. Whether with a language profile, a scientific focus, a musical or sporting direction. It is best to get information directly from the school in question. The orientation can be significantly noticeable in the range of subjects or the school regulations.

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

So try to determine in advance whether the school is actually the right one for your child. There is little point in sending a math ace to a school with a linguistic profile. Choosing a Catholic or Protestant school should also be carefully considered and, above all, discussed with your child.

Myth and Reality

One hears again and again that there are smaller classes at private schools. In some schools this is also the case and the children can actually be supported more individually. But according to the Federal Statistical Office, there is an average of one more student per class in private secondary schools.

What clearly distinguishes state and private schools, however, is the amount of lessons. This is because private schools offer more subjects and fewer hours are absent. Nonetheless, almost the same number of students in private and public grammar schools achieve the general university entrance qualification.

As a commercial enterprise, many private schools also rely on the satisfaction of their students and parents and are therefore often more anxious. However, when there is high demand, this entrepreneurial aspect can also have a negative effect. Private schools are springing up and taking in large numbers of students in order to make as much profit as possible.

Does the private school appear socially selective?

Tuition fees for private schools vary from institution to institution. On average, it is between 100 and 200 euros a month. One of the main reasons is that some of the private schools receive no funding at all in the first few years after they were founded. The financial disadvantage then causes the dependence on monthly income from school fees. This is problematic, however, because the Basic Law stipulates a “special prohibition”, which states that students may not be excluded from attending school due to economic circumstances. But there are some private schools with a monthly tuition fee of more than 1,000 euros. The composition of the students is therefore determined by the income of the parents, which can block the socialization of the students.

There is an option for parents to get financial support from the state or to apply for a scholarship. At recognized schools, you can also deduct part of the school fees for tax purposes. Some institutions also stagger the school fees according to the parents' salary. So if you earn less, you also have to pay less.

And now?

The greatest help in making a decision is a short visit to school, e. B. at the open house. You should take the time to take a closer look at the schools in your area, compare your requirement profile with that of the school and compare the schools with each other. Last but not least, the opinion of your child is of course an indispensable factor.

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