Should there be a straight pride parade

"Straight Parade" in Boston : It has nothing to do with Pride

At the end of July, the city of Boston approved a so-called “Straight Pride Parade”. As the "New York Times" reported, according to the organizers, the "oppressed majority" of heterosexual people should be celebrated. Now the British "Guardian" reports that this event took place over the weekend in Boston and was organized by Milo Yiannopoulos of all people.

The former author of the "Breitbart News" had repeatedly attracted attention in the past through racist and discriminatory statements. For example, he publicly berated the trans community as "mentally ill" and as "gay costumed men looking for attention". He was banned from social networks because of such statements, but the city of Boston now offered him an alternative platform.

Hundreds of people gathered there at the weekend and marched through the streets together, holding up signs like “Build the wall and crime will fall” or “Great to be straight”. The Guardian reported that organizers asked parade participants to use the microphone so they could voice complaints about “LGBTQ public school curricula” and “homosexual children” - all with city approval.

This is exactly what most of the people on the side of the counter-protest criticized. According to the "Guardian", more than 1000 people demonstrated against the approval of this so-called "Super Happy Fun America" ​​(SHFA). With rainbow flags, drag queens and slogans such as “White Supremacy, hands off our pride”, they defended themselves against the discriminatory and right-wing extremist statements.

They received political support: the Democratic MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly sided with the counter-demonstrators. She wrote on Twitter: “For men who are supposedly so 'proud' of being straight, they seem incompetent at getting women excited about their event. It seems more like a 'I have problems with my masculinity' parade '.

She also called for money to be donated to activists and to support the local community in this way. Because during the demonstrations there were arrests mainly on the part of the counter-demonstrators. The MP Ayanna Pressley also expressed her solidarity on Twitter: "Our fates and freedoms are connected."

The “Straight Pride Parade” has nothing to do with the actual idea of ​​the “Pride Parade”. Pride is about proclaiming diversity and tolerance. Following the Stonewall uprisings in New York, people demonstrate against legal and social discrimination every year to this day.

An attack on years of struggle against discrimination

They draw attention to the fact that privileges based on gender and sexuality are still unevenly distributed. For this reason, supporters of the LGBTIQ * community see the so-called “Straight Parade” as an attack on their years of struggle against discrimination.

In Sarajevo, by the way: In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where conservative role models and stereotypes still dominate, LGBTIQ * activists are organizing a Pride Parade for the first time this weekend.

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