What is the name of the band Queen after?

Freddie Mercury aka Farrokh Bulsara, the queen of the rock movie, Bohemian Rhapsody ’memorializes Queen's singer

The man in a gym shirt and white trousers reads the text from his hand as he starts the Hungarian folk song "Tavasi Szél Vizet Araszt", which is about a flower, the spring wind and birds in the air. The man is singing. 80,000 sing with him.

Freddie Mercury is 39 years old that evening on the stage of the Budapest Népstadion and once again in the shape of his life. Queen, the rock band he founded in 1970 with guitarist Brian May, bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor, is thrilling the world.

Hundreds of thousands flock to the “Magic” tour, which Queen took for the first time to the other side of the iron curtain on July 27, 1986. The fans from the GDR have never got as close to their idol as they did on this summer evening: a card costs 26 GDR marks, not a little for the tight travel budgets of the East Germans. But not much in view of the fact that Queen will only give five concerts after this evening.

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar in 1946

The end credits of one of the greatest fairy tales in music history are already running in Budapest, in which Freddie Mercury plays the leading role. When Farrokh Bulsara was born in the British protectorate of Zanzibar in 1946, the slender boy with the overbite is sent to boarding school in India by his parents, British embassy employees. When unrest broke out in the early 1960s, the family had to flee to Great Britain. Here, "Freddie", as Farrokh has been called since his time at the boys' boarding school, goes to an art school to become a graphic artist.

One of the few goals he won't achieve in life. Instead, the refugee boy becomes a superstar, whose life story will hit the cinema next week, 27 years after his untimely death. For his opus "Bohemian Rhapsody", named after the Queen piece, which breaks all the boundaries of normal pop music not only because of its length of six minutes, director Bryan Singer ("X-Men") has created a music film from the biography of the exalted genius Made entirely according to Mercury's motto "The bigger the better". Rami Malek, son of Egyptian US immigrants and with the series “Mr. Robot ”, Freddie Mercury brings back memories of a generation that simply chose Queen when it came to choosing between Sex Pistols Punk and Boney M Pop.

This decision did not stand for Giuseppe Malinconico. When the now 27-year-old was born in Vincenza, Italy, in 1991, Freddie Mercury had just died. Yet the man who said of himself that excess was part of his nature because he considered boredom to be an illness became a kind of second father to the little boy from Italy. “My whole childhood was accompanied by his voice,” remembers Malinconico, who at the age of five sang along loudly when Mercury shouted “We will rock you” or languished with a bleeding heart in “Love of my life”.

The film “Bohemian Rhapsody” describes the Queen's story

It later became clear that it had to be music - and preferably Queen's. With his band Break Free, Giuseppe Malinconico today delivers a queen show that is coherent down to the smallest detail - and Freddie from Vincenza is also a fan of Rami Malek. "Since, Mr. Robot ’I think he's an incredible actor with extraordinary skills”. But Malek also needs them in “Bohemian Rhapsodie”.

"Freddie was an eccentric and in some respects very strange person," says Malinconico, describing his great role model, who was already noticed in boarding school - in the middle of the stiff, British-colonial 50s - because he read fashion magazines and addressed school friends with "Darling" . In the film, which tells the Queen story from its humble beginnings to the triumphant Live Aid appearance in the summer of 1985, the actor is an absolutely believable Mercury reincarnation. "He moves a lot better than most singers in Queen tribute bands," says the Italian Mercury.

You can see clearly that Malek had been trained by experienced choreographers who conveyed Mercury's gestures and his entire body language. Little scenes that show the “Darling” Mercury with his special sense of humor do the rest: “Like the one with the manager who thinks the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is long like an eternity”, smiles Giuseppe Malinconico, “and Freddie says, I'm sorry for your wife that six minutes are an eternity for you ”.

All in all, a film that doesn't tell the truth, but a story that, the Break Free frontman believes, "should please not only Queen fans, but also those who aren't yet." the band Queen never just wanted to make good music, "but to connect with people", believes the heir to the throne of the Queen of Rock. The film is not just about a man's path from refugee child to superstar, but about a time when everything was conceivable and much was possible.

Against this backdrop, the power of Queen's music unfolds once again, and, Malinconico swears, “you can feel that Freddie's wonderful songs are the perfect soundtrack for all moments of our lives.” Freddie Mercury finally turns 32 years behind with this rhapsody his last stadium appearances, what he always wanted to be: Not just a rock star. It's a legend. (mz)