Is it worth going to Google IO

Google I / O before launch: that's to be expected

Google I / O starts today
Photo / Logo: Google, Montage: Today the Google I / O 2021 starts. The Google developer conference this year is taking place exclusively digitally after it was completely canceled last year due to Corona. One of the most important topics of the event is the new version 12 of the Android operating system, which not only brings new functions but also some design changes.

A preview version of Android 12 for developers has been available for around two months. The regular beta phase has now started. On the one hand, installation is easier than before. The advance version of the new operating system will also be possible on other smartphones. So far, Google had only supplied its own pixel smartphones with the preview versions for developers.

A few more months will pass before Android 12 is regularly released. We won't see the final update until late summer. It will be months before the software lands on most compatible smartphones. Owners of Google Pixel smartphones can expect to get Android 12 on their devices very quickly.

Fuchsia news?

Google I / O starts today
Photo / Logo: Google, Montage: For years, Fuchsia has been under development as a new operating system from Google. It could not only be used on the smartphone or tablet, but also on the PC. But when will the new universal operating system from Google actually be available? Google has still not given a start date. That could also be a topic for the upcoming developer conference.

If you are excited about new hardware, you will likely be disappointed with the Google I / O. New smartphones or tablets are very unlikely. This year's developer conference will probably be reserved for software topics. In addition to mobile devices, there could also be areas such as Smart Home, Android Auto and Android Automotive as well as new functions for the Google Assistant.

WearOS: Google wants to know again

Smartwatches with WearOS from Google have not yet made it onto the market. The software looks immature compared to watchOS from Apple or Tizen from Samsung. Often the hardware was also underdimensioned, so that the clocks only reacted very slowly to inputs. Now the smartwatch platform is about to be restarted, which Google is expected to present today.

When you restart WearOS, Google gets prominent support. Rumors have been going around for months that Samsung will be using Google's firmware for smartwatches in the future. The operating system is to receive a watch version of One UI, so that the difference to the smartwatches with the Tizen operating system previously used by Samsung is possibly only small. The owners of a future Samsung smartwatch would have one advantage: In addition to Samsung Pay, Google Pay could also be used with WearOS.