How can I efficiently repair damaged speakers?

Floorstanding loudspeaker fell over -> housing damaged

How are you going to fix the cord? I'm guaranteed to cut a butcher's hook into the real wood veneer of my Audio Physic Avanti3 (cost just under 10,000 €) that can withstand the weight of almost 50kg.

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Basically I agree with you that you don't want to have a line in the room, but he had written "fishing line", what do you think has a fishing line for a load capacity that brings a fighting swordfish, weighing 1,000 pounds, into the boat? Sure, is an extreme example, but a 100 pound fishing line is Pony Farm!

edit -1: Oops, look you have concerns about the attachment - but it is usually not a problem either, 2-point suspension should be possible and sufficient without large holes! I have it with me too - plus a tiny steel corner under the box, because when I was young, inexperienced and thirsty for beer, the same thing happened to me before!

edit: and as far as the paint problem is concerned, go to the car paint shop you trust, who mixes the paint, paints it and it's ready for a 20s! Car paintwork is much more demanding ........

edit 2: presumably that goes away even with polish .......