How useful are wise contracts for laypeople

Contract law

Why a seminar on contract law makes sense - from layperson to contract professional

Despite the high presence of contracts in business and working life, they are often not negotiated by lawyers. Instead, this is often expected of employees without extensive legal knowledge. In addition, of course, it always depends on the specific subject area.

With a contract law seminar at the Haufe Academy, you can rely on well-founded specialist knowledge that is professionally imparted by experts from the respective field. In this way, as a non-lawyer, you receive important know-how in the desired specialist area and increase contract security. Depending on the amount in dispute, legal disputes in contract law can result in high costs and lengthy processes.

The investment in a contract law workshop is therefore very well invested, because the more you know about contract law, the lower the risk of subsequent legal consequences. For example, unclearly formulated contractual clauses can later lead to problems. A contract law seminar does not turn your employees or yourself into full-blooded lawyers, but it does raise awareness of possible problems that can be clarified again by the legal department.

Contract law in the seminar for non-lawyers

Participants in a contract law seminar at the Haufe Academy do not require any previous legal knowledge. Our seminars are therefore also suitable for non-lawyers. The advantages associated with attending such a course are all the more important. Because with the necessary specialist knowledge, you create the best conditions to consider important details in IT contracts or employment contracts even without studying law. Smaller companies in particular without their own legal department can therefore benefit from our seminars on contract law.

Who are the Haufe Akademie contract law seminars for?

Our training courses in contract law are not limited to a specific area of ​​law. This means that interested parties can obtain further training on the design and implementation of IT contracts or service contracts as well as on the subject of terms and conditions. In addition, the seminars offer deep insights into contract management and show you what to look out for when concluding and drafting contracts. The contract law courses in English-language contracts in particular are aimed at companies that are internationally active and want to keep an eye on contractual agreements.

All contract law seminars at the Haufe Academy are offered throughout Germany. You can find the courses in Berlin, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt, among others. Would you like special legal training in-house on your company premises? Then you are welcome to contact our service team.

Design legally secure contracts now - with a contract law seminar from the Haufe Academy!