Do people prefer manual or electric wheelchairs

The electric wheelchair from Seniomobil

Our electric wheelchair is a very special vehicle! It combines the effortless movement of an electric vehicle with the maneuverability and flexibility of a classic wheelchair. The electric wheelchair is mainly intended for indoor use, where thanks to its practical dimensions and its small turning circle it gives you new independence within your own four walls.


Drive effortlessly through your home with your electric wheelchair. Narrow corridors are also no problem for the smart eMobile! And you hardly need any space to put it down either!

The power wheelchair is also ideal for traveling

Since the electric wheelchair can also be used outdoors, folds up easily and fits in almost every trunk, it is the perfect companion on a trip. So you always have your electric wheelchair with you when you need walking assistance! Thanks to its compactness, the e-wheelchair is also easier to take with you in local public transport because it takes up significantly less space than its electric scooter colleagues.

Power wheelchairs, for what use are they exactly suitable?

In order to make your decision-making easier, we would be happy to share our experience with you:

  • Electric wheelchairs of this type are often used by people who prefer a light vehicle
  • I. d. As a rule, they cover rather short distances with it
  • The vehicle should be driven more indoors, but it should also be able to be used outside for small journeys
  • Our buyers can usually go by themselves, albeit with difficulty
  • You therefore do not see the vehicle as a full-time wheelchair
  • Steering by joystick has advantages for people who do not have the strength to drive a manual wheelchair or who have limited mobility

We answer your questions about the electric wheelchair

Would you like to know whether a power wheelchair is the right model for you? Would you like more information or do you want to test drive? No problem! Our friendly Seniomobil team will be happy to advise you. Simply contact us by phone on the free number 0800 - 10 15 926 or send us a short message using our contact form, we will contact you immediately!

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