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Re: At what age do you become a chief physician?

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There are lower limits: 18 Abitur, 26 finished with studies, 31 finished with specialist training. At least 1-2 years as a senior physician or a sub-specialization. So it shouldn't go below 33 for purely arithmetical reasons. Very many only apply when their time according to the university framework has slowly been used up, which is also the case in their mid / late 30s. And you should be as good or better than your future subordinate doctors. And since a lot depends on experience in medicine, it's not that easy as a youngster. Leading people can also be difficult when you are only 33 and the others 50+ ... This can cause problems, especially in the mini-wards (3 subordinate doctors), as the others have often been together in the clinic for 15 years. Since there is still more than one applicant for the executive positions, a few more requirements should be made. Most bosses will probably find their jobs between their mid-late 30s and mid-40s. I was 41, double FA, and a subspecialist when I became head of a small department (10 doctors, all FAs, 20 nurses). From my "home university clinic" those who became bosses were all of that age.

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