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To start playing Legends Legends, you don't have to deal with lengthy searches and registrations in different locations. Client Game League of Legends needs to download, install and start playing on PC, dismantling time and effort, maximum results.

To achieve the desired result, namely the launch of the Legends of the Games League, you need to click on the "Start Game ..." button, located directly below this text, on the official website of the Games of the Legends, the subsequent download of the Game, the game remains to run the game and immerse yourself in new wonderful world League of Legends.

Do not forget to see the system requirements of the Legends client games, compare them to the characteristics of the computer (PC) / laptop on which you are playing online game.

It is necessary to immediately note that regardless of the requirements, on most computers and laptops that you can run almost any game, including League of Legends, only in some cases will need to install graphical settings to a minimum.

So play legend legends online with no problem, try to try, install and play addicting online projects!

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League of Legends Online is a multiplayer free role-playing game with strategy elements. The Legend-Legend game largely remembers the famous Dota All-Stars project. The events of the game occur on four cards, and how the fight depends on what card you are on at the moment. Rating of the game of legends. League of Legends online is a free multiplayer role-playing game with elements of strategy. This project was developed by California Company Riot Games and published - THQ. The Legend-Legend game largely remembers the famous Dota All-Stars project. The events of the game occur on four cards, and how the fight depends on what card you are on at the moment. For example, in the first two there may be a fight in which three participants are involved three or five on five, on the third map we will see the fight between teams for important points, and the fourth map is a narrow passage, the meetings You enemies by five against five. Graphics in the game are just unreal. The gameplay is well thought out and detailed, which of course many users like. The plot of the game is that in order to protect your own protective towers intensely it is necessary to apply as much damage to the enemy structures that ideally destroy them. If you're missing scroll sensations in everyday life Lol. They will interest you. Legution of the Legends registry makes you a legitimate user of the game. In the appropriate form fields you can include such information: the username, the password, which you repeat on the next line, e-mail address and date of birth. Also, you have to bet a tick to agree with the rules. Subscribe to messages by default. And finally, you need to rewrite the characters of the pictures and hit the "Free" button. Before creating an account, it is nice to make sure that the computer configuration matches the game requirements: - operating system Windows XP Service Pack 2 / Windows Vista Service Pack 1 / Windows 7; - Pentium 4 2 GHz processor; - Free space on the hard disk 750MB; - DirectX compatible audio device 16 bits; - video memory 128 MB; - rom 1 GB; - Connection to the internet at least 128 kb \ s. How to play the League of Legends characters named as champions. They all have their own functions. Someone has increased magical ability, someone is so powerful that they look like a living shield, and someone is distinguished by high damage. Everyone would have chosen to manage, you have to evolve as you play. You collect points during gameplay, which is spent or used to pump the main level or to buy new heroes or runes. Also, every success brings direct profits to the form of gaming currency. By the way, if you want, you can invest in real life - there are some advantages, but in general, in general, you can play the League of Legends in full to play for free. At the beginning you will get several heroes that you will play, in the future their number will increase. The game has 30 levels and the higher the level, the higher the possibility. League of Legends game offerings to evolve their heroes in every way. There is a talent tree that is common to all heroes. Championships - Talla Tree -sog has three branches. This is protection, attack, and auxiliaries. By choosing a particular development path, you define the fate of the hero. In addition to the most important skills, you can choose and optionally: spelling, fast-running, etc. This fascinating game from the first minutes of playing time will take hold of your attention and you cannot miss your free time for a minute! More precisely, you just don't have any free time as you are constantly in battles. Fight terrible monsters with other players and become more natural in yourself and in your skills.

What would you start playing lol that you need? to register!For this you need:

You will find the following window:

2. Complete all required fields

Username.- In this field we enter your login, it will be used at the entrance of the game. ATTENTION This name is only used to enter the game, so as not to be confused with the nickname of your character, it must be inserted into the game after the first entry. Therefore, if the login entered in the Username field will be busy, it is worth adding numbers to it. It is also noted that there is a limit in this field:

The name should not be occupied by another participant in the game.

The name should only be in English;

The name should be at least 4 characters and no longer than 24;

The name is forbidden, loopholes and specialists like @ ,! And others to use.

In this way you will find out that my login is not adapted very easily. .

Password. and Confirm password., in Russian - Password and password confirmation. You shouldn't have any trouble with this field.

Field These fields should not contain any slashes or spaces;

Passwords must contain at least one letter and one number.

Passwords have to coincide;

The next field is Email-addressMandatory like everyone else, if you don't have it we recommend starting. Email services:,; You don't have to confirm the email, but in case you enter the nonexistent nonexistent nonexistent people, you may regret changing the email flashes is difficult. On the mailbox, the developers of the game can see the latest news, bonus codes. and other useful information.

Date of birth. - We will enter your date of birth. The first field is a day. Second month. Third year. Example of filling: "First field - 02, second - 06, third - 1992.

At the registration Many do not pay attention regionBy registering you, we draw your attention to this field:

Click on the link "CHANGE" They are offered to select the desired region. It is better to trust the default settings. When registering, establish the recommended region that is more convenient for you (the best ping to the server). If your friend is playing in a different region, you should choose their region, know in advance which region they are playing in, which region they are playing in, if you choose an excellent region from what your friend is playing, you will not play with it. Remember the set value and make a note of it better.

The next thing you need to need to put two ticks across from the sets "I agree with the terms and conditions" and "SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER.ยป

After you have entered all the data, you need to click the button. "PLAY FOR FREE"You will not be able to register from the first time, apparently CAPP support will be allocated for a certain time that we did not meet and we recommend reintroducing it, with which the previous time is initiated with the previous time the we marked with the previous time.

Liga of Legends Online is a free multiplayer role-playing game with elements of strategy. Developer - California-based Riot Games, and THQ emerges in the role of editor. In many ways, the Legue Legends game is similar to the notorious Dota ALL Stars project. Exciting game events unfold on four cards. What exactly will the battle be, depending on which map is currently on. For example, three players are faced on the first two cards in battles three and five versus five. On the third map there is a battle between teams for control points, and the fourth is a narrow passage where enemies are found as part of five players against the same amount.

Graphics of all locations literally fabulous. The gameplay is expansive and detailed that numerous users cannot delight in. According to the game, it is necessary to ensure that the rivals are destroyed, but do not forget to control their own protective towers. If you don't have a sharp feeling in everyday life, scream your leisure travel in virtual reality. The Lol game is best for getting adrenaline in your blood!

LiguaOFLegends-Register can become a legal user. You must provide this information in the appropriate form: the user name, the password (repeat in the next line), e-mail address, date of birth. You should also put a tick whereby consent expresses the rules. Subscribe to messages by default. Eventually you have to rewrite characters from the picture and give up on the play button. Before creating an account, make sure that Computer Configuration is not child. For gameplay, the following minimum system requirements:

  • windows XP Service Pack 2 / Windows Vista Service Pack 1 / Windows 7 operating system
  • pentium 4 2 GHz processor;
  • free space on the hard disk 750MB;
  • directX compatible audio device 16 bits;
  • video memory 128 MB;
  • rAM 1 GB;
  • connection to the internet at least 128kB \ s.

So, Play LeagueOflegends will be the heroes called champions here. Each of them has its own functions. Of course, the heroes can be strong and weak sides. Hence, someone has high magical abilities, someone has high damage, and someone is so powerful so much that it looks like a living shield. But whoever you would evolve in order to evolve. You will earn points during gameplay. They award or for pumping the main level or when buying new heroes, as well as runes, so that the properties can be improved. In addition, everyone brings success with profit in the form of a game currency. By the way, you can invest in real terms if such a wish suddenly arises. There are certainly some advantages, but in principle you can basically successfully play ligaoflegends absolutely for free.

In the beginning you get several heroes and over time the number only increases them. A total of 30 levels in the game. And the higher your level, the wider the options. League of Legends Game strongly recommends developing the skills of heroes. There is a talent tree that is common to all characters. Championships, that is, talent tree, has three branches: attack, protection and auxiliary. Choosing a specific path of development will make it easier for you to determine the fate of the hero. In addition to the basic skills, you can choose two additional ones. For example, fast running, magic treatment, etc.

This fascinating game. Pay your attention literally from the first few minutes. A multitude of gaming process allows not a minute to be missed! Fight with joy with frozen monsters, challenge other players and get more and more into your skills! Leave all of your expectations justified!

League of Legends (Liga Legends) is a customer session MOBA in a fantasy genre with hand-drawn animation, similar to anime. It's the most popular in its genre, with more than 100 million active users by the end of 2017. Despite the very close resemblance to C dota 2, as you could already understand, the game enjoys insane popularity. There is even a special Cybebel discipline among them, the battles are here on the arenas in the teams on the same in the Tower of Defense. The release was again in 2009, but the peak of popularity and recognition was in 2013-2014, then the developers won the Golden Joystick Award. The number of unique heroes is more than 130, here they are called champions, so you and hundreds of evenings are not enough to get acquainted with the characters and see them in all their glory.

The game captures the player with its simplicity, unlike the main competitor, a lot is removed here in order to maximize simplification so as not to send the player off. At the same time, it is rich in modes and maps, and the fight itself and game process are more spectacular. At the same time, the competition between such a giant as Dota 2 is not worth talking about, but Hon is fighting with the two of them to fight for popularity and recognition among players. If you want to bill in quality moba, you need to pick at least three worthy candidates, but you can only hop in lol.

The entire game in the Legend Legends takes place on official world servers, which are more than 12 pieces in different geographical and linguistic zones. Of course there is a Russian version and a Russian version, in the CIS it is gaining more popularity, but at any time it is possible, if you want, to transfer your account to another server. Thanks to free feed you can play for free, but there is a whole system of microrransages to buy pleasant rolls.

To start bumps into the LOL you need to go to the website and do a simple registration. Note, everything needs to be done only on the official site of the developers, so as not to pick up viruses on the network and not lose access to the account in the future. If so, download the client and enter your login and password. There is no need to pump days and nights unlike typical MMORPGs. You can, like in a session shooter, ride around a clock and get your dose of pleasure where you don't have to partake in an endless racing level. Pull, just need skills, not donat.

Pictures and screenshots in the gallery

Table of basic properties


In the magical world, Routhen exists the island of Valaran, where there are two sworn enemy demasias and NOX. The first after the classics of the genre is a good guy who speaks well for everything and everything is good, and the second is an absolute evil that prevents everyone from living. There was an ongoing magical war between them that ultimately led to the island being emptied. After that, it was decided to create the arena called Legend Legende, on which all disputes and disputes were resolved, these places were called the Fields of Justice. On different sides, the barricades are the clarifications that masters cause and administer them, ruthlessly destroying from enemies. If it weren't for that decision, the fantasy world would self-destruct and so we can watch and participate in the modified gladiator battles. But in addition to dismantling in the arena, where the outcome of battles can not undoubtedly claim, there is no dismantling of Subcovery dismantling, which are not visible to the majority.

Interface and Management.

Interface elements in strategies and MMORPG with top view, all controls on the mouse, the camera can be controlled with the camera and move freely as you enjoyed yourself, and you can also look in classic RPG. And there's a feature where you can move, hide, or modify some windows, and the mini-map itself will switch where you want. It is possible to perform active skills and runes with bottles on the panel using hotkeys. And in the end, the interface can be set yourself, but the basic settings are even more convenient.In general, everything is divided into six blocks:

  • Symbol of your character with level, traits, things and gold;
  • Scale with a margin of health and manna, as well as active skills with signed hotkeys for their use;
  • Members of your team;
  • View a character with their current traits and status;
  • The score of the game with Kelves, assists and deaths, and travel time.

Style of play

If in general terms the meaning in the legend of the game legend is as follows, you will have to destroy enemy protective towers along with allied champions and crips and reach the enemy base and successfully tear apart the main building. However, at the same time, all three lines will withstand enemy crimes and champions. And you are getting stronger and more dangerous every minute and you and the enemies when your hands naturally grow from the right place. At your disposal, just a master does not need to build anything, you do not need to create any crips either, all their cycle takes place on full automation.

In contrast to Dota, here is a rich and diverse content, the place of pumping the report as a whole is being pumped by the champions clarifier with the opening of new runes and talents that can be used in the early stages of the battle. In the process of pumping the pump, the cilancer can do spells that do not require manna, but they come with a long lasting charge, including: blinking, teleporting, healing, promises and others. They can be hung on any champion at your discretion.

If you borrow or if you get tired of the standard wall on the wall then you have a choice of all kinds of modes. The ranking system with award winning will stimulate you completely. Additionally, when you become "PRO" you can become a Cyberport to compete in the official championships and become a cumulative fellow player.

The only thing that an ordinary gamer could aspire to is a bit that micro-transactions occur on the access of champions. In terms of crits, they won't succeed, you want gold on the flank and toss them. If you die, you won't lose a single gold coin. And the process of collecting the artifact from various items is simplified to the maximum. If we break the defenses of the enemy team as a smuggler, then you will know the barracks that you will have to destroy yourself as they will be restored and they will only rustle if you take part in this action.

Though the league legends may seem like it to you, it's easier for all the most popular longs in mastering, but only at first glance. A beautiful picture with even graphics, the dynamics in battles and the constant tension put the rhythm in which it is necessary to keep the ear EGOR, it does not work on the autopilot, you have to try. The content here, well, we just went out, we'll go into more detail about everything in the review.

League of Legends System Requirements and Features

Video game game from the game

More about the game world

Fighting system

The fights are colorful and go by quite cheerfully, you always have to react quickly as it will take your disposal or the enemy for a few seconds. Due to the system of skill of the game of players, you will not immediately fall into the meat grinder, and for a period of time you will find out what to do, what to do and how. Being a person from the League of Legends seems like an easy job, almost a single button game, where you can lazily dream Pepsies and there are chips but it isn't. Ordinary battles are like walking in the park, but in the rating it is possible to smell the gunpowder, they like the meat processing plant, and rivals very rarely make mistakes.

To participate in each battle you do not pump masters, but a bum and its runic runes, as well as talents that need to be distributed, turn out to be before the battle is organized. By the time you reach a 30 year level keeping track of your cumulator you can appreciate all of the game's content and functionality. In general, the combat system includes many components and improves game skills comparable to mastering some kind of craft. It is necessary to understand the champion and navigate the map, a lot has already been said, but a simple clicker of the mouse and the attack of abilities of abilities almost turns in the art. Even if you are a real warrior with a Mega Pump skill, it doesn't matter if your Tima is the bottom of the sea, it has to be considered too.

And so it all starts with the choice of the champion, the starting shovel with clothes and the choice of the position, the top, the bottom and the middle. With each mob killed and hero defeated, you will get stronger and you will accumulate more gold coins to buy things that will make your hero stronger. But at the same time your most terrible enemy is a tower and only on reaching current levelsyou will feel joyful and feel under the enemy tower in the pursuit of the enemy.

In the first 15 minutes you are tied to your position, regardless of whether it is a flank, whether it is a foreign ministry, because without gold and experience to pull it problematically. And when they roll out, it will just hit and notice the enemy from the skills and the enemy who becomes an enemy. It complicates the battle and makes thin bargains and hits a lot. We can say that the battles in the Legend legends are simple and complex at the same time, of course, if you want to win.

Ratings and ranking system

The ranks and ratings are required to screen and sort players for further access to leagues and divisions where players compete for valuable prizes. Here, each of your results influences the position in the overall table of the ranking on the server. At the same time, the higher the rank, the more enemies that come with a more pumped ability. In general there are only six of them:

  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Diamond;
  • Challenger.

Character classes

Heroes in League Legends are called Claries, they have more than 120 warriors. Although they are conventionally divided into six classes. However, there are only a few characters that belong purely to the assigned class, every second champion is the initiator of the battle. First at your disposal, at your disposal, only a few, then as the account will be included the following, but some can only be unlocked for Donat, and then only to reach a certain level. It takes experience to open access to the champions a long and necessary lesson, but their quantity levels sting this minus. And notice that as a player you are acting in the role of a call, not the role of an association fighting. Here are six classes we'll pass for on the surface:

  • Warrior is a champion who is well balanced in defense and attack, does a great deal of damage and can kill the target he has chosen in a few seconds. It also shows itself well against the hostile group of two and three players.
  • The tank is a troop from the reserves of health and armor with a large stick that inflicts damage, these are the main initiators of the battle. Perhaps with ease to withstand multiple opponents, provided there will be a thought behind his back, as even the largest stick can be broken.
  • The killer is an overwhelming fighter who can destroy a single target for a split second and quickly escape. From the mines it is poor survival due to the small health supply and protection. But with the right slat the clothes, the enemies won't even come together as you smash them all and sniff into the dark.
  • The arrows are a long-time fighter fighter in the arsenal, whose, bows, fittings, darts and even fire arms. Success lies in having the right equipment and first position for the work of the attack, that is, you must be even more sudden than the killers.
  • The magician is distant fighter, and also as a murderer and arrows are transferred to damage, but their strength when mass attacking a certain area. They have the same weaknesses, low health, low armor, and even low movement speed.
  • Support - They help get into all the other classes, which makes the team win to victory, while they can be called hybrids, as they are combined by multiple classes with their skills.

Strengthen character with runes

Runes make a wide variety of legends in the league, while allowing you to additionally strengthen the weak character. They have many variations and parameters as well as limitations. In the first stage fight, they help to strengthen the traits or champion skills. For example, you can add health or protection against physical and magical damage, if they competently collect runes for a particular hero class, then you can simplify life yourself. With all of this, they have little impact on the outcome of the battle, and if you're not picked up properly for a particular battle, you can still win. There are four types in total:

  • Signs - strengthen the attack and everything related to it;
  • Symbols - add speeds to charge the samples and increase resistance to magic;
  • Pressure - increase survival, increase armor, add health regeneration speeds;
  • Quintessence - Universalrunts that combine several properties.

Heroes' skills and talents

No less interesting than runes, but they will be smaller in your arsenal, and they also contribute to a wide variety of gaming processes. At the moment there are only three types that contain more than sixty talents.

  • The attack is everything associated with the attack, both with an increase in the power of physical and magical.
  • Protection is an additional regeneration of health and bonuses to protection and a reduction in the resulting damage so that it turns out to be an improvised impenetrable steel dome.
  • Support - It is necessary to download only the supports, there are all auxiliary skills and all kinds of accelerated as well as bonuses to get gold for yourself and your allies.

Articles and totems

A distinctive feature of the legend-legend from the sensational blockbuster is the lack of roles (recipes), which simplifies the collection of the desired artifact. And in the store everything is grouped and it's very clear that even the entire noob will understand something for five minutes. Since there are no primary parameters, of which secondary, such as strength, attack, health and armor, it comes to the selection of the artifacts. There are also objects with active abilities, e.g. B. Freeze or Lightning, while they do not require manna and give the characteristics of hero bonuses. In order to activate the ability from the subject, it is necessary to accumulate the charge that accumulates during mundane attacks and movement. The theme cannot run or convert, just sell in the store.

Totems, they are wards, need to see locations on the map where there are no allied troops. Many beginners underestimate their uses, and they will help you spot the enemy, create skins, or avoid them. Depending on the line, there are places where it is preferable to put warda. At the same time, in the rear of the enemy, you can establish warriors at the rear of the enemy, for example in the forest and arrange deposits on the pharmaceuticals. There are paid and free totems, of three types in total. Also, once they have been sent, do not forget to check out the bird of opportunity, look for enemy totems and deactivate them on time. After all, the enemy does not sleep and can always follow you. Unlike Dota, there is a separate slot for it, now there is no need not to sacrifice the subject of the third eye.

Game modes

Any fan of the moba genre in the league legend will recognize Dota, but besides the classic wall on the wall that resonates with ordinary Moda Warcraft in a full genre that captured the minds of millions of gamers, there are still interesting ones but none Pop regime.

  • 5 on 5 - This map will likely identify someone who has ten warriors fighting with one target, the enemy's database. It represents three lines on which there are three towers, where Crepe (enemy bots) continuously attacks in automatic mode attack. In addition to the three main lines, there are many paths, trees and bushes that you can hide tracks from behind and bypass them to destroy the enemy. Here are a lot of neutral mobs that you can take a lot of gold on starting levels. You have a choice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the top, a bottom line and the forest, depending on the selected position there will be a certain tactic. The map on which the battles occur is called the Clarity of Clarity.
  • 3 on 3 - Here the battle is less long and not often for more than 20 minutes, there are two lines and many times less thickness and monsters, the map is called a damn forest.
  • Dominion is a special map called Crystal Canyon where there are no buildings, there are five points on the map and they must be captured. Orders start the game from the third level and a large gold inventory and have 500 capture glasses for the team. Any retention of a point takes these glasses from the opposing team, the main task is to reset the enemy.
  • Aram - The fights of this regime happen abnormally through the curd where the champions player is awarded at random while you can fill in the backgrounds and switch to another champion. There is only one Foreign Ministry and you cannot lead to the well to cure, first aid kits will appear for you to fight for. After death there will be an opportunity to buy things.

Types of battle.

The nature of the games is to choose the characters, and almost all of them are tied to the 5 x 5 cards, you can create the settings you want when creating the game and wait for other players. As a rule, the compositions are recruited in 1 minute, and in less popular types you have to wait up to 20 minutes. In general, only team designers give a sense of some freedom. In addition, after each battle, you can see detailed statistics on each of the participating champions.

  • The usual fight with a random team - here you don't see the enemy composition, and on the other hand there may be the same champions as yours. This is a standard 5 to 5 match.
  • Draft excerpt is a choice of three champions upfront, which assigns the first in the list of commands. This makes a multitude of in-game and stimulates to try out more champions.
  • Rankova - in turn, it is divided into a single and team fight, here are six ranks with a different level of skill from players from bronze to applicant. You are allowed to player with a 30 year old cilancer and a set of ten heroes. And notice yourself, there is one nasty thing, you can only play bought champions for real money.
  • Events are events that are permanent and last for several weeks during which you can get the icons, all sorts of extra buns, and of course paid champions for a limited time free.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

Sum up

League Legends This is a mega game that translates into evening peak online 7 million and into cybersport dozens of teams working together for cups in tournaments and prize pools with six figure amounts. Only units that can be counted on the fingers of one hand can have such success. Thousands of communities, hundreds of forums-Bitcom are clogged with fans, this is the case if only lazy players don't know this game, no loud cosplay party without the heroes of this game. In less than 5 years it has overwhelmed the twist and fan database of such giants as LA2 and Wow and even dota 2, despite almost 100% similarity from this one.

This cult moba has become almost the property of all mankind, is developing at the speed of light and is delighting with new rolls. Syma characters will satisfy any gamer, top game streamers, and videos from developers by developers are cinematic masterpieces. How else to praise this creation, we no longer remember the combat system.This is an important dignity, but to draw any ice rink, you need to know about all the possibilities, the pluses and minutes, both your character and your team and the opposite.

If you use your advantages and shortcomings in the enemy's wise manner, you will receive the key to success. This we are for the fact that behind the simplicity and pretty picture there is a lot of information hidden after you can build strategies and create your successful fighting style after graduation.And multiple battle modes and map types you cannot miss because there is hardcore and ratings. From the minutes we are talking about micro-transactions to access the heroes and some runes, and more lengthy fights than those of the moba.