What is Tizen OS

Tizen: Operating system for watches and televisions

Samsung's Tizen Phone: The Z1
Source: Samsung After Nokia turned its back on the Meego joint project with Intel, the chip giant found a new partner: With the electronics giant Samsung, a new operating system called Tizen was promoted, which should contain components from Meego and Limo. At the end of April 2012, Tizen 1.0 Larkspur was released. In the meantime, Tizen has arrived at version 5.5 M2.

As with Meego, Tizen should be used for smartphones, tablets and netbooks, smartwatches as well as televisions and entertainment solutions for cars. Samsung launched the Z1 at the beginning of 2015. However, it was only available in India. So far, only Samsung smartwatches with the Tizen operating system are available on the German market. Today the operating system is mainly used in Samsung smart TVs.

Tizen relies on HTML5 and other web standards

Samsung's Tizen Phone: The Z1
Source: Samsung The Linux-based open source project Tizen is increasingly relying on HTML5 and other web standards - the focus on HTML5 is also the reason why Meego was not simply further developed. The focus is also on the technology of the "Global System for Mobile Communications Association" (GSMA), which, among other things, aims to establish a uniform, cross-device platform for applications. Numerous industry giants belong to the GSMA worldwide. As part of the Intel-Samsung cooperation for Tizen, the AppStores of Meego and Bada were also merged.

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