What are cordless DECT phones

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Source: Voipone

It sounds tempting: Internet, telephony and any data transmission can only be implemented with WLAN. With the advent of VoIP at the latest, DECT faced strong competition. The principle of wireless transmission is the same. In the details, however, there are clear differences with regard to the use of both technologies.

And here's why:

WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS is for theData communication designed. Small data packets are sent here, which can often lead to interruptions.

However, this is a decisive factor, especially in voice communication. Nobody wants to completely understand the other party when making a phone call or accept poor voice quality.

DECT however, has been on one since the beginningVoice communication designed and also prioritizes them. All resources can be used in the isolated frequencies for optimal speech quality.

In order to be able to use the advantages of the WLAN in the DECT system, the already mentioned CAT-iq profile was developed for the additional data communication.

Another advantage of DECT over WLAN is the range. With "Voice over WLAN" you are usually kept on a short leash and a change to another access point - without interrupting the phone call - only works with certain access points.