What is a dry air cooler

The air cooler is not a mobile air conditioner

At first glance, it's easy to use an air cooler with a mobile air conditioner to be confused. However, air coolers are fundamentally different from air conditioning systems. On Heureka or Zboží.cz these differences can hardly be seen from the pictures, which is why we would like to give you some tips on how to find your way around the products.


  1. A air conditioning uses a refrigerant (gas usually enclosed in metal pipes).
  2. A Air cooler used Water or ice instead of gas. When choosing a suitable cooling unit, consider which cooling method is more comfortable and advantageous for you.



Air cooler

Mobile air conditioners

They cool less

They have a higher cooling capacity

They cool with the help of water or ice

They cool with the help of a refrigerant

The water must be topped up regularly

The refrigerant regenerates itself with the help of electricity

You use less electricity

They use a lot of electricity

You don't have a compressor

You have a compressor

Their noise level is low

Your noise level is higher

You do not need a hot air outlet

A hose for evacuating hot air is a must

They humidify the air

They dehumidify the air

The cooling capacity and the achievable temperature fluctuate depending on the relative humidity and other factors

Cooling performance and achievable temperature are more stable and predictable

They are lighter and smaller and easier to use

They're heavier and bigger and harder to work with

Lower purchase price and lower operating costs

Medium to higher purchase price and medium to higher operating costs



When the relative humidity drops below 45%, it slowly becomes uncomfortable for people. On hot days it is very important to supply the body with moisture, and the humidity in the air contributes to this to a not too small extent.Air conditioners dry the air off relatively quickly, which is why we feel the unpleasant effects of dry air even in summer.

Air coolers, on the other hand, humidify the air. You can even say that the drier the air, the better the cooler cools.

Therefore, before buying a cooler or air conditioner, we recommend checking the humidity with a hygrometer to eat. If it shows a humidity value of less than 45%, You benefit twice from an air cooler: It provides cooling and humidification of the air. This protects your skin and mucous membranes from irritation and dehydration.

If the Humidity above 50% or 60% is on the other hand mobile air conditioner helpful in reducing the high humidity to a more comfortable level and avoiding unpleasant sweating. We recommend not using a cooler in rooms with high humidity, as this could increase the humidity there to 90% to 100%.


The advantage of an air cooler is one lower noise level, lower consumption and a lower purchase price.

Another benefit is that it has an air cooler does not cause drafts like a ceiling fan or a mobile air conditioner. The air cooler contains a fan that is hidden behind fins in the body. The vertical slats slow down the strong airflow and distribute it in several directions. This method is gentler than with fans and air conditioning systems that focus a strong flow of air in one direction. This may be beneficial for some (ventilation is less aggressive, no drafts), but disadvantageous for others (ventilation is slower).

Everyone has to weigh the advantages according to their preferences. However, during night-time operation, many prefer the soft, moist breeze from the air cooler to the strong, dry cold from the air conditioning.


Weak points of air coolers must cold water or ice be refilled in the tank. Depending on the weather, temperature and dryness of the air, it may be necessary to refill the water once or several times a day. An air conditioning system is stronger in that it can regenerate its refrigerant itself with the help of electricity and can therefore cool it continuously. At high temperatures, an air cooler is not as effective as a portable air conditioner, which can lower the temperature by up to 20 ° C.


An interesting feature of the cooler is that it used all year round can be. It can also be used in winter, when the heating in most homes dries out the air too much. If you pour water at room temperature into the cooler, it acts as a humidifier with natural humidification. It releases moisture gently and evenly with an incredible intensity of up to 900 ml / hour.


A mobile air conditioner, on the other hand, uses a compressor, a refrigerant and an evaporator to extract heat from the air. It works in a similar way to a refrigerator. Warm air must be diverted with the help of a hose, ideally out of the building - this is what the drain hose is used for, without which the mobile air conditioner simply cannot do. The operation of a mobile air conditioner is more expensivebut the effect is much stronger and more accurate. Under ideal conditions, a mobile air conditioner can lower the temperature down to 15 ° C, but this is not always desirable. There is a threat excessive air drying or a excessive temperature difference between inside and outside, which weakens the human body.


With commercial air conditioners, there is also a problem with the positioning of the hose because it requires opening the window (this can reduce the efficiency of the unit by up to 50%) or drilling a hole in the wall. You can buy a set consisting of a mobile air conditioner and intelligent seal from us, which can be easily attached to casement windows, fixes the hose and closes all openings in the window so that no warm air or annoying insects can enter. The seal is also available separately and can be used with all brands of portable air conditioners, including older models.


Air coolers are highly praised by some customers and damned by others. But they found their fans. Its pleasant sides will be appreciated by lovers of smooth and quiet operation, low price and pleasant appearance, who in no way want a device with a drain hose. On the other hand, those who rely on performance and require cooling exactly according to their ideas and with precise measurement - and no general estimate - tend to mobile air conditioning units. The aesthetic impression of a hose protruding out of the window comes second to her. The main thing is practicality.