How should I behave with a friend

How should I behave towards my ex girlfriend?

You should think about how you want to behave towards your ex girlfriend and what your goal is. No matter if you just want to have a normal relationship with her or if you ever want to win your ex back: You need a plan!

Be prepared for how you want to behave when you meet your ex girlfriend (or just text her), otherwise you will be overwhelmed with the situation and she will notice it immediately.

The last thing you want is to be perceived by her as a failure, because then she will only feel sorry for you and be happy about your separation.

After each separation, it is good to have little or no contact with each other for a certain period of time, so the waves can smooth out and you can have your emotions halfway under control.

Behaving towards ex girlfriends - follow these 6 tips!

There are a few important points or tips that you should definitely pay attention to when dealing with your ex girlfriend, which are explained in more detail in the following list.

1. Radiate serenity

The more relaxed you can be with your ex girlfriend, the better it is for the further development between you. Or what do you think what impression you make on her if you ignore her completely or immediately try to get closer to her again by trying to flirt?

Being able to stay calm and cool are qualities that are very attractive because they express emotional strength and show that you can also deal with setbacks or disappointments.

Most men let themselves be guided by their emotions and desperately beg for attention, but the ex girlfriend immediately realizes what the real inner life looks like.

What woman takes a desperate ex boyfriend back out of pity? Few women will do that, just like an arrogant and arrogant ex boyfriend who tries to overcompensate for his desperation. It takes courage to face your emotions and regain control.

The time in which you play a role to win her back is over, it is now about emerging stronger from the breakup, otherwise you can forget forever that your ex girlfriend perceives you as a potential man she likes to see in hers Side would have.

You now have to take responsibility for yourself and that can only be done by stopping expecting others to make you happy. This is the only secret of an attractive man that women are attracted to.

2. Don't talk to her about the breakup

If you are in contact with your ex girlfriend, you should avoid talking to her about your breakup, as it will only provoke bad emotions.

There is no point in trying to come to terms with the past and explain it logically by talking. Much more effective is that she can feel how you have changed for the better.

If you keep the focus on the past, instead of seeing your new strong you, it will see the old you and remember why you broke up.

Show her what you radiate through your appearance, instead of trying to talk down the separation with big words and that everything wouldn't have been that bad at all.

Tell her about your new life and how you drew strength from the separation to change yourself.

What have you changed in your life Your work? Started a new hobby? Nourished you differently? Met old friends? In some form or another, you should have taken a new direction that you can talk to her about.

Have you been on vacation or where did you move to? Show her pictures of it.

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You should note that your change will also interest your ex girlfriend and cover an aspect that she missed in your old relationship. This will pique her interest and she will listen carefully to you.

Tell her funny stories you've experienced and keep the mood high. You have to be able to laugh together again and for this it is important that you find a new common wavelength where you and her are fine and she feels comfortable in your presence.

Your goal must be to re-establish a deeper connection with your ex girlfriend without trying to push her.

It is best if she still has a good feeling after your contact and thinks about what a funny and pleasant person you actually are. She must feel that she misses spending more time with you, then you are on the right track.

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3. Don't be disrespectful or mean

The most important thing is, no matter how hurt or disappointed you are, never let yourself be carried away by being disrespectful or mean to your ex girlfriend.

Love and hate are very close to one another and people who are denied love feel the deepest hatred.

That is why it is so dangerous to let your emotions guide you and thoughtlessly express your anger and disappointment by attacking your ex girlfriend as a person. Even if she provokes you or you feel treated unfairly, you should be the stronger person and stand above it all.

You don't have to defend yourself or justify yourself just because she asks you to or you feel the need to show her that she, too, is to blame for your breakup.

Especially when you are attacked unjustifiably, this is your chance to grow and openly show that you have changed.

A strong, confident person doesn't have to suppress anyone or prove how superior they are.

At some point, your ex will calm down and wonder why you can stay calm even though she expects you to get angry or admit all the guilt for the breakup.

Never let yourself be cornered or ruined all of your chances with your ex girlfriend by seeking revenge. “You have strength in peace.” Is easy overall, but it is the only way to prove your strength in heated discussions.

No matter how things go on between you, with calm and serenity you keep your poise and learn a very important lesson for your future life.

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4. Don't be "too nice"

One mistake many men make is thinking that by being nice they can get their ex girlfriend back. Unfortunately, they only use "being nice" as a tool and hope to get another chance to prove that they are or can be the perfect gentleman.

What mistakes do men who are “too nice” make?

  • Try to win the ex-girlfriend back through gifts
  • Make exaggerated compliments
  • Write love letters
  • They agree to a friendship even though they still want a relationship with their ex girlfriend
  • Sleep with your ex girlfriend when she wants to

The attempt to approach the ex girlfriend on a friendly level or at least to keep in contact with her is for many a desperate attempt to win the ex girlfriend back and works in very few cases.

Faking a friendship and knowing inside out that you want more is a sign of weakness. To do this, it is dishonest to pretend a friendship and to suppress one's own feelings.

Hoping to just have to be nice and thereby prove what a decent guy you are and do her every favors is a pathetic effort and she thinks that you really only want friendship because you act that way.

Pretended friendship takes you exactly where you don't want to go, namely as the understanding, dear ex boyfriend with whom you can dump problems. You are a male friend to her and she will be surprised when you try to flirt with her and get closer to her again.

Be honest with yourself for whatever you want and be honest with your ex girlfriend, otherwise you are just a cheat who tries to manipulate her feelings in a roundabout way.

5. Never ask if she missed you

You will probably be interested in whether your ex girlfriend missed you to give you the assurance that she still feels something for you.

Asking her or her friends about it is possibly the worst way to show that you've changed. With the question of whether she misses you, you openly show that you are the one who is still very attached to her, which is not very attractive to most women.

A woman wants to be loved, but not a man by her side who thinks of her desperately and who only aligns his own life with her.

You will of course miss them in some moments, but the more space you give the feeling, the further it pulls you down. Likewise, expecting her to miss you and sit at home sadly is the wrong way to go.

You should be without expectations and that includes theoretically being able to accept that she never missed you for a second. Be a confident man and take care of yourself instead of hoping melancholy that she misses you and you can tell her the same thing and get her back together like in a Hollywood movie.

Write your own story and if your ex girlfriend's feelings are enough for you, you will get back together naturally, without great confessions of love or manipulation.

6. Be the best version of yourself possible

In each area, you should become the best version of yourself. About your appearance, your demeanor and your inner demeanor.

Working on your confidence and using your disappointment in the breakup as the drive to grow is true strength.

You now have the unique chance to prove that you are ready to be the best version of yourself and your ex will see who she lost.

If you stay the same and hope that your ex girlfriend wants you back, then your chances of having her with you again are very slim. You should never give this opportunity away, because with self-pity you will even develop backwards and you will become more and more aware of weaknesses that you had long forgotten in the relationship.

You have to accept the past and you can influence the future by recognizing what power you have to change everything for the better.

Which man should your ex girlfriend see when she meets you? The desperate, arrogant guy or a confident, strong, easy-going man who wonders why you broke up.

At any point in time, she can form a new picture of you when you have changed, no matter how you were in the past. She perceives emotionally who you are now and you have 100% influence on that.

  • How is your body language
  • How do you dress
  • Do you exercise and eat healthy?
  • Are you more successful in your job?

You know best in which area of ​​life you have let it slip lately and that is exactly what you should address specifically in order to improve yourself.

Confidence and the pride that you have freed yourself from a difficult phase in your life is sexy and attractive.

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