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Despite the fact that media influences have increased and that pornography is more easily accessible, young people are preoccupied with questions about the “first time” that are very similar to those of their parents' generation.

Even small children can be in love; feelings of being in love change during puberty. They can be experienced stronger and more intensely and expand to include the physical / sexual dimension. Young people are often on a true emotional rollercoaster and the mood can change from happily in love to great lovesickness within a very short time. Adults should approach the emotional world of adolescents with understanding and respect. Sometimes it helps to think back to your youth.

The point in time when young people begin to be interested in sex varies greatly. It is also not always possible for parents to notice exactly because love & sexuality are topics for many young people where they want to distance themselves from their parents and prefer to talk to other people, such as friends. So don't take it personally if your children turn down offers to talk to you. Despite all openness, it can be embarrassing and inappropriate for young people to talk to their parents about love and sexuality. It is important that parents give their children the feeling that they are also available for questions and concerns of their children in matters of love, sex and relationships. If the young people perceive that their parents welcome them with questions and that they have an open ear for them, then they will come to them when they need something.

For parents, the first relationships and the first sexual experiences of their children are often associated with fear: of the young people possibly going beyond their own limits or being persuaded to do something. Not being able to protect them from unpleasant experiences. Or before an unwanted pregnancy occurs. In addition, their children are now finally growing up and parents must first find their way into this new situation.

Age of consent

Many young people and legal guardians are not sure about the legal age requirements in Austria - therefore, briefly summarized again:

  • From the age of 14 sexual acts are allowed, provided that there is no power or authority relationship between the persons involved.
  • If one person is 13 years old and the other person is not older than 16 years, sexual acts are also allowed.
  • At the age of 12, kissing, petting and petting are allowed, provided that there is no sexual intercourse and the other person is not over 16 years old.

First time