What is the best language translator app

The 10 best translation apps: language geniuses for iOS and Android


Are you in a foreign country and want to make yourself understood? You can do it with the right translator app on your Android smartphone or iPhone! Netzwelt shows you the ten best language programs for smartphones and tablets.

  1. Translation apps: true jack-of-all-trades
  2. Well prepared: offline translation apps
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  5. The 10 best translator apps for Android
  6. The 10 Best Translator Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you are traveling to a foreign country on vacation and do not speak the language, then you certainly want to make yourself understood when you go shopping, for example. Or maybe you've come across an interesting article in another language that you'd like to translate. This can be done quickly and easily with a translator app.

The main advantage over dictionaries lies in the ability to translate entire sentences and not just individual words. But modern translation apps can do a lot more. Imagine sitting in an Asian restaurant and not understanding the menu. Current translator apps allow you to simply point the camera at the map. The text is then analyzed and translated. This is a very useful function, for example for important information on signs.

Translation apps: true jack-of-all-trades

The translation of entire conversations is also possible with the latest apps. Some apps offer a conversation translation. You speak something, then this is translated and the application automatically switches to the language of the person you are speaking to. This now answers in his or her language et cetera. For long conversations, for example on a date, this is of course only partially suitable. But if you bring your car to a workshop abroad or go to the doctor, for example, this function can be worth its weight in gold.

Well prepared: offline translation apps

If you are going to spend your next vacation in a country whose language you do not speak, then you should use a translation app that is capable of offline translation. Because who doesn't know it: it has to be done quickly, it is urgent - and then the cell phone has no reception. Most translator apps have an offline mode and you can easily download language packs and use them even without an internet connection.

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