Why do people become double agents

Famous double agent George Blake has died

Moscow. The British secret service employee George Blake, who became famous as a double agent during the Cold War, is dead. The "legendary secret agent" died at the age of 98, said the spokesman for the Russian secret service SWR, Sergei Ivanov, on Saturday according to the Tass news agency.

Blake, who had been in the resistance in the Netherlands during World War II, had been recruited by British intelligence. The ex-agent, born in Rotterdam in 1922, was transferred to South Korea as a young spy for the British secret service after the Second World War. After witnessing US bombing raids against civilians in the Korean War, he offered his services to the Soviet Union. He disclosed the identities of hundreds of agents to the Russian secret service KGB. He also revealed the existence of a secret tunnel in Berlin from which the Soviet Union was spied.

Blake was exposed as a "mole" by a Polish double agent. In 1961 he was sentenced to 42 years in prison in Great Britain. Five years later he managed to escape. He eventually settled in the Soviet Union.

In Moscow, Blake was revered as a hero. Blake "truly loved our country and admired the achievements of our people during World War II," Ivanov said. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, who was also an intelligence agent, had congratulated him on Blake's 90th birthday. On his 95th birthday, he had called on Russia's agents to fight good against evil. Agencies / nd

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