What do you expect from your lover


Chosen ones, dear friends, answer with joy my invitation of love, I have granted you the gift of freedom. My call comes to you every day, every day I wait for your answer, when you are ready to answer, I tell you what you have to do and how you have to do it. Dear friends, work with zeal and loyalty, then come to find rest in my glowing heart.

Beloved Bride, continue to answer my invitation of love immediately, I wish that the answer be prompt every day, only in this way do I reveal which is My will. Beloved bride, do not be surprised, even if you always say to Me: “Dearest, Infinite Love, work over me, your little bird, always according to your will, because I always want to fulfill it. Not my weak will, but yours counts; my unconditional yes is forever. ”You always have these beautiful resolutions, but I wish that your answer will come from time to time, it must always be your choice; Beloved Bride, every act is the fruit of a free choice that one does not make once and for all, but continues to make and affirm.

You say to me: "Dearest, infinite love, what you think, what you do, what you plan is always in your perfection; if this is your thought, the person must answer: it always happens according to your will. Sometimes I have thought : my being, my life, every throbbing, every vibration, I have completely given to God; if He desires something, He only needs to take what He wants, because my yes is unconditional. That is my thought according to human judgment, but for you , Most High, things have to be different. The soul that belongs to you doesn't just have to say yes once, but has to tell you yes all the time. Every question you ask requires an answer, a decision. Infinite love, your way of thinking is different from the human , very different, yours is the one to be followed because it is perfect. I understand the value of freedom, gift of your love, better and better; we human beings must, until the last moment, use the gift received m ache. You, dearest, are waiting for our answer, for our choice. The final answer to your love will come in the final moment of our life. I consider how great the gift you have given people, how much responsibility it brings with you. Infinite love, that I can always, every moment of life, give you the answer that you expect from your little bird, I want that there is never a negative answer or a decision that does not correspond to your will, this is my greatest Wish this is my endeavor time of my life. Sweetest love, help me to realize this my project, give me all graces that are necessary and always let me understand what your will is. Often we humans do not understand our weakness and blindness very well because we tend to be superficial. Help us, sweet love, with your light enlighten the mind, with your fire kindle the heart. "

Beloved bride, remember My words which I have repeated many times: without Me you can do nothing; he who does not gather with me scatters. This is what I said, this I say and will say, keep these words always present. Even if the plans are good and correspond to my will, you alone are not able to complete them because of the weakness of human nature and the fickleness, no matter how hard you try. You ask me that I help you in your plan to conscientiously obey my will at all times, beloved bride, if you ask me for help, you will certainly not miss it, without my power it is not possible to realize this resolution. Please, My sweet bride, please and you will receive, knock on My door and I will always open to you, cheer up your heart and always hold fast to your will to belong to Me, I will assist him and all your choices will be according to My will. Beloved, think of a consecrated one who gives himself to Me in a special way; do you think that his consecration is an act that he performs once and for all? No, I tell you, he has to constantly renew it in his heart and implore my help to continue to be mine in a special way, according to my will. The consecrated one is really mine forever if he continues to answer yes to me in the heart; after the first call, others follow, to which he has to answer. My devotee is really mine when he always answers my call, before my eyes every decision of the heart is important; if it is determined to be mine, it is mine, but when its decision changes and it doesn't want to be mine, it is not mine. Did you understand my words well, beloved bride?

You say to me: "With your help I have understood that one does not make a promise once and for all, but that this must be renewed in the heart, before you, Most High, in order to remain upright. I have understood that the human being Want to be yours, until the last moment in your heart you have to repeat your clear and resolute, complete yes. Infinite love, give your strength, your light, no one who has ever given you his / her yes will lack the strength with every call to repeat every decision. "

Beloved Bride, he who asks receives; whoever knocks, I always open it. Rest in my heart and enjoy its delicacies of love. I love you.

I love you.


P.S .: Consecration lasts forever, but the determined will of the heart must always correspond to it so that it can have full effect.



The mother speaks to the elect

Beloved children, I am with you, I am close to each of you and I love you tenderly. Help Me, help Me, dear children, to realize God's plan for each of you and His plan for the whole world. Do what I tell you every day and increase the prayer that is weakened in many. Beloved, without prayer you cannot gain anything, you cannot do anything, understand it, beloved children. Many of you say to Me: "Most Holy Mother, sometimes we get tired". Beloved children, this can also happen, but you fight tiredness with all your might and react; Dear children, think of those who take part in an important competition: especially when the goal is near, the tiredness can be felt strongly, it is necessary that he reacts with all his might in order not to lose and remain disappointed. Beloved children, the goal is at hand, understand that a lot of effort is needed for the salvation of souls who have little time left. The little ones of Fatima understood me well, who increased their sacrifices immeasurably, so many souls found salvation. Beloved children, in the present the situation is even more drastic and stronger, people continue in grave sin and do not think of its terrible consequences. I ask you for your really strong commitment in prayer and sacrifice; if tiredness shows, conquer it with prayer, it is a powerful medicine against this evil. Children, keep making sacrifices that you can bring, then accept those that God asks you for; every day will bring torments that you can sacrifice, be great and generous, without asking yourself further questions, do not say: "Why, why me, who I pray and offer to God, this torment?" Do not face this Ask, but say to yourselves, “If God asks anything more, I will offer it in silence and humbly bow my head.” Beloved children, the sacrifices and the prayers less, can obtain graces for many. Dear children, understand this mainly when you are tempted to slack off a little; you know that the agony awaiting sinners who do not repent in time is terrible. I have already spoken to you about hell; Jesus has often spoken of it, thinks about his words, about my words and does what you can to obtain the saving graces for the souls. You know that God grants every human being a time of life, within this he has to make his free choice, after his time is up, the judgment comes. Beloved children, do you see how much life is being swept away from one moment to the next? Do you see what is happening every day in every corner of the world?

My little one tells me: "I think about these things a lot, dear mother, I see that for many the stage in life ends quickly, often unexpectedly."

Beloved children, this is happening, this is yet to be done; through your prayers, many special and unique graces will fall on earth, even for the toughest and most hardened sinners. I therefore tell you: pray, pray without getting tired. Always ask for my help and you will have it.

Together we praise the Most Holy Name. We thank, we adore. I love you all.

I love you my angel.

Holy Virgin Mary