Which YouTube channels have you subscribed to?

How to Get YouTube Subscribers: 8 Tips to Get More Followers

YouTube has more than two billion monthly users: inside - that's roughly a quarter of the world's population!

If you run a YouTube channel, you should acquire some of these users as subscribers in order to build a larger audience for your business in the long term.

But it's not enough to just increase your YouTube subscriber numbers. What you want are active subscribers who engagement show - so watch, comment and share your videos while you are constantly creating new video content.

Whether you use your YouTube channel to market your business, turn your hobby into a profession, or share your passion for your hobby on the internet, we explain below how you can grow your audience on the most influential video platform.

Table of Contents:

  • Why are YouTube subscribers important?
  • Why persistence is key to getting more YouTube subscribers
  • How to Get More YouTube Subscribers
  • Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

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    Why are YouTube subscribers important?

    YouTube subscribers are important because they actively choose to see your videos on their feed. They're loyal viewers - the people who share and distribute your videos and help you grow your subscriber base.

    If someone subscribes to your YouTube channel, they'll see your recently published videos in their main feed every time they sign up. Additionally, if your subscriber chooses to do so, he or she can receive notifications every time you post a new video.

    Think of your YouTube subscribers as you do with Facebook likes, email subscribers or Instagram followers: These users choose to prioritize your content over other content available on this platform. YouTube becomes another place to maintain existing connections and establish new ones.

    Not to mention that learning how to make money on YouTube can be the key to getting more traffic and effectively generating more sales.

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    Why yoursConsistency (in German: Persistence) is the key to getting more YouTube subscribers

    The key to a successful YouTube channel - actually the key to any target group expansion - is persistence.

    You don't just need a recurring theme across your content (in terms of format, content, the niche you serve); You have to convey this constancy to your potential subscribers. You need to build a brand for your YouTube channel.

    Viewers don't have time to guess what you're aiming for. You probably know yourself that you subscribe to a channel not because you liked the last video, but because you are hoping for similarly good content in the future.

    Even super successful YouTubers who don't sell or offer anything really specific like Pewdiepie or Casey Neistat first established a brand for their video content before breaking into a new market and developing it further through their personality alone.

    Reading tip: Find out here how the successful influencer and YouTuber Dagi Bee built her own brand and entered e-commerce with Shopify.

    In the beginning, you have to figure out what the basis of your channel should be - what you promise - and communicate that at first glance. This is especially important if you want the YouTube algorithm to recommend your content.

    We explain to you how the Youtube algorithm works and you can use it to gain new subscribers.

    It is also important that you pay attention to your YouTube analytics over time. As much as best practices are a guide to starting your own channel, once you get going, you'll want to use your own metrics and benchmarks too.

    How you can get more YouTube subscribers

    You can get more subscribers to your YouTube channel by using some of the same tactics that many professional YouTubers use:

    1. Create a channel trailer
    2. Think of a good sales pitch
    3. Develop a consistent visual theme for your video thumbnails
    4. Collaborate with other YouTubers with similar audiences
    5. Follow the hype. But don't try to reinvent it every time
    6. Share your videos online in relevant niche communities
    7. Create a playlist
    8. Use cards to suggest other videos

    Many of these strategies focus on three things: communicate what to expect from a YouTube subscriber to your channel, attract new subscribers, and encourage binge watching.

    Whether you use your YouTube channel to market your business or share your passion for developing products on the Internet, these timeless approaches can help you generate more than just views and your audience on the most powerful video platform available to enlarge.

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    1. Create a "Channel Trailer"

    Many YouTube channels show a trailer for the channel at the top of the page, which runs automatically when the visitor comes to the page.

    Create your own trailer video to show new subscribers what they can expect from you on their first visit to the site.

    One advantage of this start trailer is that you can cut video material from old videos or submit your “pitch” directly so that the audience subscribes to your channel.

    A very good example are the Berlin-based YouTubers Hunter & Cron, which we will take a closer look at here. The two managed to generate over 47,500 YouTube subscribers in their ultimate niche (topics related to board and card games !!). And let's be honest: If you can build such a loyal audience in this niche, it will work in many other areas too!

    Fun fact: When Hunter & Cron started their YouTube channel in 2013, there was no German channel with over 2,500 subscribers in the "board and card games" niche. Four years later, the two Berliners cracked the 25,000 subscriber mark! In 2020 you will also crack the 50,000, bet?

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    2. Think of a good sales pitch for your YouTube channel

    The elevator pitch - your business idea explained in 60 seconds - is an often underestimated tool that is important for all entrepreneurs - whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or creative.

    This also applies to YouTubers.

    You can include this pitch in your “About Us” section, in your introduction or in the last paragraph - wherever you want to briefly communicate what your channel is about.

    Most YouTubers end their videos with a standard sentence like "If you liked this video, give us a thumbs up, post a comment and subscribe to our channel." This call to action, a so-called call to action, can be expanded by adding at the end coming Implying content rather than referring to the final video.

    This pitch can be very simple: I post my [what kind of videos you make] every [X days] or a teaser of what happens next time. Those few seconds capture the heart of your content, giving new visitors a reason to become one of your subscribers.

    3. Develop a consistent visual theme for your video thumbnails

    Thumbnails are in some ways more important than headlines if you want visitors to click your YouTube video from within.

    Spend a little time on this to make sure that all image elements make sense with one another, match other design elements of your YouTube presence (e.g. your banner) and thus leave a coherent impression.

    YouTube lets you choose which frame to use as the thumbnail for each video, but you might want to design your own thumbnails instead.

    With the (free) program Canva you can design bespoke YouTube thumbnails for any video, grab attention and combine all your videos stylistically and visually. Make sure that the colors and fonts are consistent and consistent.

    You can see the difference below. Visitors can now not only click on each individual video - the potential subscribers can also see at a glance what you are communicating here.

    Source: Hunter & Cron

    Think beyond your own YouTube channel

    As a creator, it's easy to get lost in the production process and just as easily lose sight of sales: How should people perceive your content when they can't even find it? Therefore, pay attention to the use of meaningful keywords and optimize your videos so that potential subscribers are better aware of you.

    YouTube's existing visitors: inside guarantee some clicks, but are you actively looking for an audience outside of your channel and outside of YouTube?

    If you already use other social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, you will also find new YouTube subscribers among your followers there. You can also expand your reach via your own website. We'll show you how to create your digital business card in just a few steps.

    4. Collaborate with other YouTubers with similar audiences

    Collaboration is not uncommon on YouTube and is a great way to target new audiences and attract subscribers.

    Contact YouTubers you know or with whom you want to cooperate directly and propose a cross-promotion idea to promote each other. A popular start is for your YouTube colleagues to appear in one of your videos. So everyone gets a recommendation in front of a new audience.

    Here is an example: Hunter & Cron always invite other (sometimes much better known) YouTubers who are also rather "geeky" and play board games with these guests. Nils Bokelberg, Doktor Allwissend and Melissa from "Breeding Unicorns" have already been guests at the "Board Game Club". With projects like this, you not only create good content (which is good in itself!), You also end up in playlists and the social media feeds of popular guests.

    5. Follow the hype. But don't try to reinvent it every time

    Part of your YouTube strategy should be to follow the hype with some of your videos because there is obviously an interest there.

    If you're recording a video that deals with a current trend or star, you can easily direct that interest back to your channel and attract new subscribers - provided there is enough consistency with your content.

    Examples for this are:

    • Post the cover version of a well-known song instead of just your own compositions.
    • A parody of whatever is going viral right now (e.g. The Witcher, Fortnite).
    • Reply to another YouTuber.
    • Respond to a viral video.
    • "Hijack" a story (also called "news jacking") that is at the forefront of the media. You can of course also refer to your very special niche, for example if a convention is about to take place or a well-known prize is awarded.

    The right timing is of course important for these posts and helps to make you relevant to people who would otherwise not watch your videos, but who suddenly become aware of your channel as potential subscribers.

    Here, too, an example: Even the board game niche gets a lot of attention twice a year, namely when the "Game of the Year" (SdJ) is awarded and when Christmas is approaching and everyone is looking for presents. Hunter & Cron review all the games nominated for the SdJ and publish various gift guides in Advent - this is what news jacking can look like in the niche.

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    6. Share your videos online in relevant niche communities

    Surely you share your videos on Facebook and Twitter. But have you looked around for other online communities where your target audience spends time?

    Niche communities - Reddit, Facebook, forums and other platforms - that are related to your Youtube subscribers may value your content and will subscribe to see more.

    Focus on relevance and relevance, not just community size, when posting on subreddits or Facebook groups.

    These are actual communities of like-minded people; H. As a YouTuber, you should be open about who you are and what you do (see your pitch above). Users are often sensitive when it comes to the authenticity of the discussions in these communities, so first of all contribute something worth mentioning.

    Encourage binge watching

    A simple rule of thumb is: the more videos someone watches, the more likely they are to subscribe. It's not just about having more opportunities to follow you; the audience then also knows better why it becomes a subscriber.

    Let's look at two key ways to make many out of one view.

    7. Create a playlist

    With playlists you can organize your YouTube content very easily and user-friendly. Playlists can also appear in search results on YouTube, depending on their name. The Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension shows you what the monthly volume per search is.

    If you have enough content, you should organize it in playlists. You can store your videos by topic and control which video is played next instead of letting YouTube choose third-party content based on yours.

    If possible, share a video link from your playlist.In this way, more videos start one after the other from your channel, the content of which has to do with the first video.

    8. Use YouTube cards to suggest more videos

    Many creatives were very angry when YouTube canceled its annotation feature, which made it so easy to direct viewers to other content or other websites. Instead, we now have YouTube Cards.

    Annotations were more eye-catching, but they didn't work as well on mobile devices, where more than half of all YouTube views happen.

    At the moment, cards are your best option for recommending additional content from within a video.

    You can use them to suggest playlists or refer to specific videos so that viewers can watch more. Here is an example from Shopify:

    In addition to the YouTube info cards, you can mark your videos with a watermark or add credits. Viewers are made aware of further videos here or are encouraged to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

    Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

    Needless to say, "snap-shot plans" (like buying subscribers) won't help you in the long run. You don't need a million subscribers to have a good audience. What you need is a small group of super dedicated fans who really stand behind what you publish.

    So while you can technically buy YouTube subscriptions, that's not necessarily a good idea.

    Purchased YouTube subscribers are more likely to be less concerned with your channel and your content. So as the number of your subscribers increases, your engagement metrics suffer.

    In addition, buying followers and subscribers is largely frowned upon in digital marketing.

    YouTube is cracking down on the use of bots, automation, and misleading news. The terms of use are clear: "You agree not to use or start an automated system ... that sends more requests to the YouTube server in a certain period of time than a person with a conventional online web browser in the same period of time can reasonably produce. "

    YouTube has truly proven that there is an internet audience for almost anything.

    Whatever you create, go online and find your fans! Interact with them through comments and build a relationship with your (potential) subscribers.Perhaps there are also content creators among you so that you can support each other in building a strong community.

    Reading tip: Do you want to take your fan service to a new level? You can find out how to create and sell merchandise items for your YouTube subscribers here.

    Build a loyal audience

    With regular, good content, unusual campaigns such as competitions or celebrating and thanking a special number of subscribers, your viewers will learn to appreciate your YouTube channel more and more.

    As with most content efforts, attracting YouTube subscribers takes time and persistence. There are no overnight results. But if you focus on creating engaging content and driving deeper interactions, viewers will click "Subscribe". With that you are well on the way to attracting a loyal fan base.

    Thanks to Amir Jaffari, Video Marketer at Shopify, who shared his experience building YouTube channels for brands and individual YouTubers.

    Frequently asked questions about YouTube subscribers

    Why win YouTube subscribers?

    YouTube is a great platform to add an audio-visual component to your online business. There is hardly a better way to tell your brand story and convincingly convey why you are the right person for your business. If you manage to get some viewers of your videos as subscribers, you can build a loyal community that trusts your brand and is much more likely to buy your products.

    How can I get more YouTube subscribers?