Sunset Shimmer is an Alicorn

Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer


former student of Princess Celestia at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, student at Canterlot High in the Human World


Singing voice

Maria Silvia Roli (Italian)
Paulina Korthals (Polish, all but Rainbow Rocks)
Tori Domínguez (Latien American Spanish)

Beauty mark

Red and yellow shimmering sun

Sunset Shimmer is a unicorn in human form and a former adversary Equestria Girls.

Personal [edit | Edit source]

Sunset Shimmer is talented, friendly, helpful and a great guitarist.

Since a adventure at Camp Everfree she is in possession of a magical crystal that gives her the ability to read the feelings and memories of others through touch.

Sunset wasn't always like today. She was once characterized by ambition and impatience. Because she didn't get what she wanted fast enough, Sunset became cruel, arrogant, selfish, bossy, jealous and, above all, hungry for power. Willing to harm everyone who stands in her way. However, there were still final limits. So she never hurt anyone physically and preferred to spin intrigues.

Years ago, Sunset was Princess Celestia's personal student right before Twilight Sparkle. But it came to a break and Sunset flees through the mirror portal into the human world where she settled down.

Origin [edit | Edit source]

Sunset Shimmer is similar to the G3 Earth Pony Sunshimmer in design and name.

An image of the human sunset shimmer which is in the background on the Equestria Girls The Sunset Shimmer & Twilight Sparkle toy show went online in mid-March 2013.

History [edit | Edit source]

Films & Shorts Edit source]

Equestria Girls Edit source]

In Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer sneaks through the crystal palace and into the sleeping room of the sleeping Twilight Sparkle. There she exchanges Twilight's crown, the main piece of the elements of harmony, for a dummy. But on the way out, Sunset stumbles on Spike. Aroused by the noise, Twilight discovers the theft and tries to get her crown back. The whole palace is woken up. Sunset wants to go to the mirror portal but Twilight catches her and only the crown flies through. With a flash, Sunset can paralyze her pursuers long enough to teleport to the mirror and jump through.

To get the crown back, Twilight and Spike pursue Sunset into a strange world. But you have to travel alone in order not to disturb the balance there. Twilight should have traveled all alone, but Spike couldn't bring himself to do that.

During their exploration, they discover Sunset who is just turning Fluttershy into a snail because she found the crown and gave it to director Celestia.

Twilight steps in and does not recognize Sunset in her human form. Sunset on her side, Twilight, doesn't either, she thinks she's a new one, makes it clear to her that she can talk to anyone as she wants, scares someone and drifts away. In director Celestia's office, Twilight sees pictures of Sunset as a ball princess, which clearly show the whole thing going to your head. Just after Twilight stood up and left for the autumn ball princess election, Sunset shows up with her henchmen Snips and Snails in the gym, finds the decoration awful and doesn't leave any good hair on anything. Only that she has a competitor in the princess election leaves her speechless. By looking at the list, Sunset recognizes who the new one is and looks for her.

When they meet, Sunset tries to intimidate Twilight by making it clear to her that while Twilight doesn't know her way around this world, Sunset basically rules the school and Twilight has no idea what happens when you bring an element of harmony into another world. Sunset threatens Twilight and Spike again that they would expose them if they don't keep quiet, makes it clear again that Twilight has no chance and leaves them standing with Spike, but Sunset instructs their henchmen to spy on Twilight. Sunset uses their recordings to show Twilight really badly again.

But Twilight doesn't let that discourage them and brings the HuMane 5 back together. Sunset doesn't escape this, but she doesn't let her hair grow gray. After the HuMane 6 succeeded in showing the students the true Twilight, Sunset Snips and Snails had the ball decoration devastated and shoved it into Twilight's shoes so that they were excluded from the election. But Flash Sentry finds exculpatory evidence. The fact that the gym can be rebuilt quickly suits Sunset very well. After the Twilight was crowned, Snips and Snails kidnap Spike and lure the HuMane 6 to the portal where Sunset is already waiting with a sledgehammer.

She threatens to destroy the portal and thereby establish Twilight in the human world if she does not get the crown. But Twilight refuses. She has seen what Sunset does without magic and cannot leave the defenseless human world to her. Sunset realizes that she can't get any further, drops the hammer and starts attacking. At the end of it, Sunset gets hold of the crown and sits up. But she didn’t expect what’s coming now.

The magic of the crown amplifies Sunset's malevolence and painfully turns her into a raging demon. She transforms Snips and Snails into beings of their kind, travels with a swipe of the wall of the entrance hall and turns all students into their willless zombie army. Now Sunset reveals that she never intended to destroy the protocol. She doesn't want school, she wants Equestria. Twilight can certainly not allow that and opposes her. Sunset thinks it's ridiculous, but Twilight has nothing. Nothing but her new friends who stand by her. Sunset's patience is exhausted and she fires off a charge of energy to extinguish the six.

But you will be protected from something to Sunset's surprise. The magic of Twilights Elemte is linked to what strengthens it: honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty and magic. Even now, the crown combines all of this to create the magic of friendship and the HuMane 6 is now unleashing it. When the light show is over, everyone is normal again and Sunset finds herself at the bottom of a crater. She now realizes what she did and deeply regrets it. To teach her friendship, Twilight leaves her in the care of her new friends. Nevertheless, Sunset, Snips and Snails are ordered to rebuild the torn wall.

Rainbow Rocks Edit source]

In Rainbow Rocks Canterlot High is preparing for a music festival. Sunset wants to help, but the shock of the last autumn ball is still deep among the students. Only the HuMane 5 doesn't reject them. In the rehearsal room, Sunset already fears that grass will never grow over her past. Her friends try to cheer her up again. That lasts until Flash Sentry suddenly looks inside. After he's gone, Rarity says he pretty much shot her when she remembers that he and Sunset were together once. Sunste lets it be and confesses that she only tinkered with Flash to increase her popularity and resigns once again that her old self was terrible. Sunset is ordered into the main hall. She volunteered to show the new ones around. She thinks it is a good idea to show them the new you before they hear the full story about the old you.

In the hall, Sunset meets none other than that Dazzlings. When the conversation turns to the upcoming music festival, Sunset is sure that director Celestia will still allow the three. The AdagioSonata, which chokes almost everything, seems strange to Sunset but doesn't go into it any further. The gemstones that each of the three wears fall on her. But when she gets too close, Adagio aggressively holds her off his neck, but quickly plays it down. but Sunset's suspicion has been aroused. And after the appearance of Dazzling in the cafeteria, she is sure that the three have dark magic. The friends try to inform the directors but they are already under the spell of the dazzlings. At a briefing, HuMane 6 decide to take action themselves and use the magic in them, but for that they need Twilight's help. However, the portal is closed. Sunset has an idea.

She digs out her message book she got from Princess Celestia. She took it with her from Equestria at the time because she knew inside her well how to make a mistake and wanted to stop herself from reaching the princess. Sunset explains that everything she writes in this book appears in a book by Princess Celestia. If you write her a message now, she might be able to forward it to Twilight. Just a few hours later, Twilight and Spike fly out of the portal. Sunset asks Twilight to help out. Twilight hesitates for a moment, hasn't had the best experience with Sunset either, but then accepts. Immediately afterwards, Sunset is pushed away from the others.

Twilight doesn't have any good news with it, though. According to their research, the dazzlings must be the sirens who, because of their misdeeds in Equestria, were banished to another world where their magic should be ineffective. During the further conversation, Sunset is very impressed that Twilight has become the princess of friendship. The friends decide to use the magic of friendship that stayed at Canterlot High at the band party against the Dazzlings, but nothing happens. Sunset ponders aloud. In order to defeat them themselves, the magic was taken from Twilight's crown. And the magic of the dazzlings comes from their music, maybe they have to use the same kind of magic. Twilight doesn't find the idea entirely absurd. So the Rainbooms take part in the band contest and Twilight becomes the new member. When Twilight wants to spend the night with Spike in the library, like last time. Pinkie doesn't let that happen and gives her a pajama party.

During the night, Twilight is working on the counterspell when Sunset appears. The two start a conversation, in which Sunset is amazed at the huge amount of whipped cream in Pinkie's fridge and they realize that they both have in common that they don't want to disappoint. After Maud Pie has scared Sunset pale, they find that they both can't believe Maud and Pinkie are sisters. Sunset still thinks that the problem here is probably nothing compared to what you would expect from Twilight in Equestria and goes back to sleep. The next day the Rainbooms try to rehearse the counter-magic. But they play so wrong that Sunset and Spike almost drop their ears. When it comes to arguments, Sunset warns them that they have no time for such a thing and that they have to go to the first round in fifteen minutes.

There the Rainbooms are massively sabotaged by the other bands, which is not exactly detrimental to their disputes. Sunset tries to calm her down. After all, they were even better than the other bands. She suggests to her friends to find a place to practice where the dazzlings cannot hear them while she keeps an eye on the situation herself. Shortly afterwards, Sunset and the Dazzlings meet. Adagio reveals that they know about Sunset, she has a reputation like Donnerhall and tries to drive a wedge between her and the Rainbooms, which she hasn't brought into her band yet.

The competition progresses and the Rainbooms survive every lap, but the tensions between them get worse. In the semifinals, Sunset watches from behind the stage. When Rainbow gets into her guitar solo so much that she starts to transform, Sunset pushes her out of the spotlight in a panic reaction and is now booing. Everyone thinks that she did it out of jealousy, Sunset explains to her friends that Rainbow started to show her magic, but the Dazzlings are not allowed to know about it. It doesn't matter to the Rainbooms because they can't play anymore. But the Dazzlings have other plans and get the directors to put the Rainbooms in the finals. Trixie doesn't let that sit on her and, spurred on by Adagio, lets the Rainbooms disappear through a trapdoor. While you're trapped, the arguments boil up.

Now Sunset recognizes what the Dazzling are really up to and steps in. She explains to the others that the dazzlings are fed by the magic of each one. Ever since the band was founded, the Rainbooms have quarreled over every little thing. Sunset has not interfered so far because this whole friendship box is still new to her and she still has a lot to learn, but she knows that even the smallest problems have to be resolved at the beginning because otherwise the magic of friendship will turn into something different. As Twilight melts with self-pity for not realizing this and having disappointed everyone, she offers Sunset her hand and tells her that she doesn't think anyone has the answer, but Twilight has good friends who help her to find the answers. The Rainboos make up and after Spike has freed them with the help of DJ Pon-3, they take up the band battle against the Dazzlings.

They send their siren spirits. The Rainbooms are doing well, but Adagio wins the upper hand and they have bad cards against the collective attack by the Sirens. Twilight loses her mic that lands on Sunset. When Twilight tells her they need her, Sunset joins her. The tide turns. Sunset becomes a half-pony and the magic of friendship breaks the magic of the dazzlings and their stones. When the trio fled from the stage, Sunset picks up one of the fragments and says it explains why they were so important to them. Rainbow offers Sunset a place in the band, where Twilight goes again. She immediately shows what she can do with a guitar riff. Rainbow gives it a try. Big hug. Shortly after saying goodbye to Twilight, Sunset writes her a letter so slowly things are getting easier for her and signs with "Your friend Sunset Shimmer ". Sunset later drops her message book, but Apple Bloom picks it up and gives it to her. When Sunset Angel tries to get down from a decorative strut, Bulk Biceps lifts her up.

In My Past is Not Today musically closes Sunset with her past and looks as new human in the future.

In Friendship Through the Ages the Rainbooms sing about the endurance of friendship.

Friendship Games Edit source]

In The Science of Magic Sunset wants to find out how equestrial magic can work in the human world at all. After a series of tests on her friends, Sunset comes to the conclusive result that she has no clue.

In Friendship Games Sunset has got a call for help from Rainbow and rushes to Canterlot High. Where shows that your friend has roused everyone because her guitar side tore when she wanted to show the beauty spots club what she can do. Luckily for her, Sunset has another one. After Rainbow is taken care of, Sunset uses the quiet moment to write a few lines to Princess Twilight. As soon as she is finished, she notices a suspicious person at the portal. But when she speaks to her, the veiled woman piles up and can just jump on a bus heading for the city.

When Sunset tells the others about it, they quickly realize that it could only have been someone from Crystal Prep, the arch rival of the CHS. The friendlies are imminent and the prep has not only won the last few times in a row but also allowed itself nasty pranks with the Canterlots. What Sunset is pretty silly isn't like dark magic at work. Which Fluttershy throws in that things can be meaningful even if they aren't magical and the friendlies are meaningful. After an apology, Sunset wonders where this rivalry actually comes from and whom the games are supposed to bring the schools closer to. Not surprisingly for Applejack, he's hard to be friends with someone who beats you in everything. But Rainbow already has an idea for this.

To stimulate the fighting spirit of the CHS she pulls off a huge show number at the finale of which she takes on her pony shape. Which is one of the reasons why Vice Director Luna Sunset is commissioned to keep magic away from the friendlies as much as possible. When Sunset gets stuck with her research, she sends Twilight a message in the hope of getting some good advice. The next day, the Human 6 are in a dress rehearsal for the friendship games as Sci-Twi, who came with the preps, and is held for their friend Princess Twilight. Even director Celestia, who is just showing director Cinch the school, falls for it, but it quickly becomes clear that it is the local Twilight, which causes general bewilderment. In addition, the sunset frustration pushes her with her research why Suddenly magic shows, which ultimately only came through her into the human world and now eludes any control. Since she still has no answer from Princess Twilight, Sunset comes up with the idea to talk to her personally.

But at the moment when she wants to go through the pro valley, the magic trap of the Sci-Twi who happens to be nearby goes off and sucks Sunset and, to her horror, the portal, which is now closed.At the welcome party for the Preps, Sunset tells her friends about the latest developments and tries to talk to Sci-Twi, but Indigo Zap comes up against it and the attempt is drowned in competition.

The next morning the first competition of the academic decathlon takes place. The Wondercolts do well and it comes down to a math duel between Sunset and Sci-Twi that Twi wins. Still her friends are happy for Sunset because Canterlot High has never been so close to victory. A little later Sci-Twis Magiefalle also pulled the magic out of Fluttershy. When she tells the others about it on the way to the field for the second competition, Sunset can already draw a conclusion, but is hardly smarter and the people who can help her do not answer. Then they reach the field and don't believe their eyes. It should be a Tricross relay. Archery followed by speed skating and motocross, Sunset comes to the bikers with Rainbow.

But in the middle of her part, Sci-Twi loses control of the magic and portals open, from which giant carnivorous plants come out. During an evasive maneuver, Sunset falls and is targeted by a plant. In the last second, Rainbow can save her and relive her pony moment. Sunset Continues the race with Rainbow's machine while Dash backs her from the air. Since the green stuff also clogs the preps, Sunset can catch up and win for the CHS. Now Sci-Twi also manages to turn the magic off again.

Sunset can't share the joy of victory, someone could have been injured in the magic outbreak and she has no idea how to get it back. Then Sci-Twi speaks up and wants to apologize for the incident. She declares that she has come to Canterlot High to investigate the strange energies that she has discovered here. Her trap sucks Rainbow. When Twi confesses to her regret that she is neither completely under control nor understanding the magic, Sunset explodes. Twi has always endangered her friends. Only after Sci-Twi ran away in tears, Sunset comes out of her rage and realizes what she has just done. But first she wants to apologize to her director.

Celestia says it's not her fault and it doesn't matter what Cinch thinks. But the students see it differently. They want to hit the prep, but it wouldn't count whoever was suspected of fraud. The last competition follows and while Sunset is reproaching herself for what she said to Sci-Twi, the Prepes urge Cinch to unleash the magic that has been collected for Twi. But she cannot control the energy and transforms into Midnight Sparkle, a being of darkness half human half Alihorn. The plan to break through to Equestria to learn all about magic, but that would mean the destruction of the human world. Sunset's attempt to appeal to the good in her is answered with a magic blow that pricks open another portal. Sunset finds the magic trap that Twi dropped and that suddenly reacts to something. Sunset Midnight tries again to make it clear that she is going the wrong way, because she speaks from her own experience. But Midnight doesn't give up. Sunset uses the magic trap to bundle the forces of the elements of harmony. By shattering the trap, the true magic of friendship is set free and Sunset is transformed into Daydream Shimmer

which closes all portals opened by Midnight in one fell swoop. It comes to Showdone the Midnight on it and it is your turn to win. Spike uses his sad dog eyes and for a moment the real Twilight shimmers through. Daydream takes the chance to overwhelm them. The two end up in a pillar of light where Sunset Twilight shakes hands to show her a different, better way. Twilight accepts and they end up transformed back in front of the CHS. Sci-Twi is terribly sorry for the whole thing, but Sunset, who knows from her own experience what she's been through and the others forgive her.

As the dust settles, Cinch comes out of her cover and demands that Celestia give up the CHS because of a proven advantage through magic. But Celestia thinks that saving the world is for the common good. Apart from that, it was Cinch who ultimately manipulated Sci-Twi and triggered the whole thing. When everyone opposes them, Cinch threatens the school authorities. But that doesn't work, Cinch would have to tell the whole story of winged students, other dimensions and talking dogs, which would be very beneficial to their good reputation. Cinch realizes that it has lost and moves away. Director Celestia, given the circumstances, declares everyone to be winners.

After everything has calmed down, Sunset checks again whether she already has an answer from Princess Twilight, no. But she thinks she has understood how magic works in the human world. It always shows up when the friends show their true selves. Sunset's mistake was expected to have someone else give her the answers instead of looking for them herself. Sunset is certain that more magical problems will arise and Princess Twilight has her own problems. The director Celestia comes by and introduces the Human 6 to the newest student at the CHS, Sci-Twi. She is sure the girls will help Twi feel at home. Finally, the gang has a picnic where they introduce their old friend Twilight to their new friend Twilight.

Legend of Everfree Edit source]

In Legend of Everfree Sci-Twi overslept so much that her friends come to see her and help with packing for camp. Suddenly Midnight Sparkle appears. She makes everyone disappear and wants to take over Sci-Twi. At this moment Sci-Twi wakes up from her nightmare and finds herself on the bus to Camp Everfree where they are all already sitting. Sunset finds Sci-Twis fright a bit questionable, but the Spilet puts it down. Upon arrival at the camp, there is a brief but strange encounter with Flash Sentry. Sunset explains to Sci-Twi that Flash is into Princess Sparkle. But you can't think about it for a long time because it goes to the big greeting of the campers by Gloriosa Daisy and her brother Timber Spruce. Sunset falls on the A: Timber and Sci-Twi like each other straight away. B: There is tension between the siblings. But you can continue with the program undisturbed and in the tent raffle Sci-Twi and Sunsest come to sapphire blue. When Twi talks about the stones, she gets into a conversation with Timber and there is a spark. Suddenly the businessman Filthy Rich appears briefly and makes some strange hints. What Gloriosa plays down after she stuffed him into his soda.

As they settle down in the tent, Sunset says what she thinks, namely the Gloriosa is hiding something. But Sci-Twi seems a bit distracted, so she takes a joke and mentions Timber Spruce, but she reacts strangely. Sunset wants to know what's going on. Spike says Sci has nightmares. The incident at the last friendlies is still on her mind. Sunset tries to talk her through, it wasn't her fault because Director Cinch forced her to use magic to secure the victory for the Crystal Prep and Sci-Twi wasn't prepared for so much power. But that is now the past and if there is a group that will forgive you then this one. Rainbow Dash sits in there briefly to get the two of them to camp campaigns. Sunsut just needs some sunscreen that she can't find. Then Sci-Twi discovers the tube that suddenly begins to float and a bunch of other things do the same.

But the event that subsided as quickly as it began is received with mixed feelings. While Sunset is excited, Sci-Twi is scary. She fears that her dark I is behind it and begs Sunset to be silent about it. After all, they went to camp to get away from magic. Sunset assures her not to talk to anyone she doesn't want. When she is alone in the tent, Sunset tries to let the sunscreen float by force of her mind, but she has to pick it up normally. On the way to the jetty, Sunset collides with Gloriosa and hears a scrap of sentences, but Gloria has not said anything. She just wanted to see if everyone is on their way and assures that she will do everything possible to make this the best week of her life and disappears. But this exuberance makes Sunset a little nervous.

Shortly afterwards everyone wants to spend the day at the lake but Sci-Twi breaks into the ailing jetty but can still be caught by Timber. To the chagrin of Flash. Sunset Shimmer makes it clear to him that the Twilight he danced with is most of the time in Equestria and he should try to get over her. As far as the jetty is concerned, Applejack recognizes this as the perfect camp gift, a tradition in Camp Everfree where the campers give a gift to the camp, e.g. a totem pole which should strengthen the bond between the campers, it should be a new jetty. It will be a lot of work but the plan is approved.

After a busy day everyone gathers around the campfire and Timber shares the story of Gaia Everfree. It should be a nature spirit that lives in the surrounding forests, leaves diamond dust wherever it comes and does not like intruders. Only the Human 7 are not very enthusiastic that some magical creature might disturb their camp week. Rarity also mentions the friendlies, which puts Sci-Twi's mood down a beast. Out of consideration for her friend, Sunset asks to stop talking about the games. During the night, Sci has another nightmare about Midnight, with which she even scares Sunset, who finds her tent companion and bed in the balance. Sunset says they should talk about it, but Twi pretends to be stubborn. But Sunset doesn’t give up and tries to persuade it with goodwill. But Twi thinks she can't control the magic. Then one of the camp's sailboats crashes into the new jetty. For Sci it looks like it was her magic and retreats into the forest. Sunset wants to help her, if it really was her magic it has to be taken care of immediately.

With Spike, the one you are looking for is quickly found and they secretly witness a new conversation between Sci and Timber. Since it makes Sci better, Sunset decides to postpone the magic thing. But back at the camp strange things are happening again. First an earthquake, then Applejack Rarity pulls up the climbing wall like nothing and accidentally pushes Applejack into the lake with a force field. Again, opinions differ. While Sunset is a friend who not only has sci-twi magical abilities, this is concerned, at least someone could have been injured. Then you hear Fluttershy screaming. She and Pinkie Pie wanted to bake cookies while Pinkie exploded the sprinkles, which she quickly demonstrates. Flutershy wants to start tidying up, but she can't get the paper towels until she is helped by a bird that she gets along with, to her surprise. Then Rarity and the now dried Applejack are missing, only Rainbow comes in with a monkey tooth and slaps against the wall. So it is clear something about him. Camp gives them magical powers. Only at Sunset has nothing happened, she prefers to keep Sci-Twi's one to herself. Gloriosa shows up with fresh towels for Applejack, but there is more waiting for her, among other things Filthy Rich is back. As she leaves, she touches Sunset who hears a scream but nobody has let go of it.

Applejack suggests to forget all the magic and go on vacation as planned. Sunset would prefer to investigate the matter further, but it lets itself be spread and you start the next action, making lanterns. During the night, Sunset is woken up by a noise and just catches Sci-Twi running into the forest with Spike. Sunset takes up chase and catches up with them as quickly as she can. Sci-Twi wanted to go home. While trying to convince her to stay, Sunset touches Sci-Twi on the arm and has a vision in which she senses the emotional state of her friend and what led to it. She assures Sci-Twi that there is no more Midnight, just her. Which leads to the question of how Sunset could have known what she was thinking. Sunset realizes that she can read minds and is very excited. But Twi can't be happy. Sunset appeals to her not only to see it negatively, but since she has no problem talking like Twi thinks that the last time she became a monster through magic and now she is afraid it could happen again. Sunset can understand her, has she been through something like that before. She can help her and her friends are there for her too, but not for whom she runs away. Sci-Twi gives herself a jerk and stays on the condition to stay away from her friends until they know what's going on.

Timber suddenly appears with an ax. He still fetched firewood if he hadn't made it by tomorrow his sister would be mad at him. Sunset explains what the girls are doing in the forest by saying that she is sleepwalking and Twi just wanted to bring her back. Timber is now taking over and guiding Twi by the hand. Sunset discovers that glitter dust is trickling out of his pocket. She expresses to Spike the suspicion that Timber, who wants his sister to sell the camp, wants to make everyone think that an angry nature spirit is up to mischief, so that no one would come what he wanted. Spike wants to tell Twi about that right away, but Sunset holds him back. Since she's been going through a lot right now, you have to be absolutely sure that the guy she likes is an idiot.

The next day her friends are already repairing the jetty, working very carefully. They are afraid that their new abilities could cause trouble when Sunset comes in, who says they shouldn't ignore it any longer and tells about her mind-reading power. Pinkie can't stand there again and lets Sunset take a look at her, which explains a lot. Sunset explains that this magic is now a part of you and can convince you to accept it. With these talents, they rebuilt the jetty in no time at all.

Rarity wants to do a test run for her camp fashion show right away, Sunset goes looking for Sci-Twi. She gets a fight between Gloriosa and Timber in the boathouse and sees her suspicions confirmed by Sunset. Sunset collides with Flash while he thanks her for the advice and notices that something is depressing Sunset. She tells him that one of her friends (Sci-Twi) likes someone (Timber Spruce) from Sunset who thinks he is not who he claims to be. Sunset doesn't want to tell her on the one hand what she thinks but on the other hand also protect her friend. Because if that happens what she fears, it would be better if the friend knew. Flash doesn't quite understand what's going on, but he thinks the girlfriend is really lucky to have someone like Sunset. She has really changed for the better since then. Flash suggests starting over as friends. But at that moment Sunset Timber sees sneaking into the forest and leaves Flash with a half-hearted "sound good". But Derpy is already on the spot to speak well to the broken ones.

Sunset follows Timber to the nearby quarry on the way, there are tremors again and she finds a cave from which it shines mysteriously. She quickly sends Sci-Twi an SMS to come to her. On the way she also sees the glow. On the spot, her Sunset shows that the glow comes from a cave. She suspects that Gaia Everfree is behind or someone who wants her to think so. In the cave they discover next to nothing but crystals, Equestriamagie, Sunset can clearly feel it. What confuses Spike, he thinks that Timber Spruce is just pretending that the ghost exists. When Twi wonders what Timber has to do with the matter, Gloriosa steps out of the shadows and makes it clear that Timber has nothing to do with it, but she doesn't want to scare anyone away.

When Gloriosa just leaves, Sunset grabs her arm and learns the whole truth. The camp is heavily indebted to Filhty Rich, who wants to take it over to make a luxury spa out of it. Gloriosa set a deadline for the end of the month to raise the money, and they are now in the last week of it. Desperate about her hopeless situation, Glorioas went into the forest where she heard something that led her into the cave. There she discovered seven colored crystals. When she touched the stones Gloriosa was hit, five of the stones came with her and gave her the power to control plants. Timber the stones were scary, nevertheless Glorios set his mind on using this strength to make the last week of Camp Everfree the best. She accidentally pushed the boat into the jetty, unintentionally caused the earthquake and the argument with Timber was about the fact that he wanted to cover his sister with the story of Gaia Everfree and that she should get rid of the stones. Knowing what magic can do, Sunset and Sci-Twi try to appeal to Gloriosa to give up the crystals. But she is determined to save her camp, so the last two stones grabbed her. With the power of all seven, she lets Sunset and Sci-Twi be captivated by tendrils and transforms herself into Gaia Everfree. Which locks the two in the cave.

A little later, Spike manages to bite through the tendrils. Now only the rock that blocks the entrance has to be removed with magic. Sci-Twi is not sure if she can move something that heavy. But since that is the only chance she gives everything and can push the chunk far enough. When they reach the camp, Gloriosa, meanwhile completely insane, is already making it disappear under a huge vine dome.The only way in is Sci-Twis magic, but she's scared that Midnight will appear. Only when Sunset reminds her that her friends are in there does she get on and open a doorway. But now Gloriosa is making the final effort and wants to overgrow with tendrils, Rarity can just build a force field but it won't last long, everything is up to Sci-Twi. But she is afraid that the magic will dominate her and make her Midnight. But the others don't want to let that happen and Sci almost has the courage to try. As feared, Midnight Sparkle takes hold of her. But her friends manage to get through to her and stand by her. So the Twilight Sparkle has enough strength to assert itself and to find the magic of friendship within itself. So she succeeds in snatching the crystals from Glorioas, with whose power the Human 7 can make everything normal again.

Gloriosa is so sorry for everything. She just wanted to make this week the best in Camp Everfree and says dejectedly that it would be better to leave Camp Filthy Rich, but the Human 7 won't allow that.

In short, you set up a charity ball, a light one with the new skills of the 7, which becomes a complete success. Sci-Twi can even enjoy a brief moment with Timber Spruce. A very short time until Gloriosa has to kidnap him for business. She was able to win a couple of sponsors for the camp. When they are together seven times, Sunset says that she thinks the crystals are the source of her superpowers and that they are meant to have them. There is only one question left. Where in the world did magic come from. What they do not suspect at this point is that the portal had a leak from the friendlies and that magic is now oozing out of it. The next day the girls admire the jetty that they have built for the third or fifth time. Pinkie throws confetti and marshmellows with joy, which land on the jetty and blow him up.

EG specials Edit source]

In The music video competition the Human 7 do a car wash. It's part of a fundraiser for Camp Everfree that needs some repairs. Unfortunately you only have half of the buzzer you need and the promotion ends this week. But Rarity is confident that they can do it and sets a schedule meeting in the music room in the afternoon. Now you just have to think of something. Sure enough, Rartiy discovers there's a dance competition going on in the mall. Participants should have a video with their own song and choreography. Her plan: everyone should dance their own style and be dressed appropriately. However, she also tells the clique from the Crystal Prep Academy. Back at Canterlot High, Rartiy explained her plan to the others. But when she mentions the Preps, Sci-Twi appears to have met, because she has not heard from the Preps since they left. But there is something more important. In order to realize the video, Rarity needs the previous donation income. Since the prize money is twice as high as the funds required for Camp Everfree, the clique relies on the competition and gives Rarity the money. The next day everything is ready for rehearsals but there are difficulties with the choreography. There it happens. Sunset gets caught in Rainbows jacket with her heel and causes a tear. Rarity can fix it, but she has to go to the mall's fabric store before it closes. The others should continue to practice. On her errand, Rarity discovers the preps are shooting their video and implementing Rarity's concept. Rarity calls the others to tell them what the preps have done. Rarity blames herself for giving them the idea on a silver platter. Sci-Twi that your old schoolmates haven't quite got it yet, they don't win everything. Applejack, on the other hand, thinks it might have something good too. Because although the music and costumes are great, her dancing is not great. Rarity doesn't want to hear about that and she decides to give the preps a real opinion. Sci-Twi wants to come along, maybe she can bring her old acquaintances to their senses. That being said, Rarity doesn't even know the way to the academy. But Preps are unimpressed and even worse, they want to submit their video today, causing the Rainbooms