Can men have really platonic girlfriends?

FriendshipHow closely Men and Women friends be can

A friendship between men and women is still unthinkable for many people. The prejudice: at some point the two will end up in bed anyway. Why this prejudice persists and how close such friendships can be is what we talk about in this 21 and older episode.

Ronny and Cindy have been working with platonic friendship for around six years. The two now even have a friendship tattoo. They have each other's initial letters engraved on their legs. The couple question never came up with best friends, they say. From the outside, however, it is posed. The two describe their friendship as family.

"There's someone there and it feels like family."
Ronny about his friendship with Cindy

Psychologist: Friendship between men and women is rare

But what does research say about it? Pia Kabitzsch is a psychologist and says that according to studies, women have around 80 percent friends and men around 90 percent friends. Only heterosexual friendships were examined for each of the studies. The reason for the low number: Different needs among the sexes.

"That's because men and women look for different things in friendships."
Pia Kabitzsch, psychologist

The research shows that women, for example, have higher expectations of mutual trust, shared interests and activities. Men, on the other hand, attach more importance to how one is financially and personally positioned. These different expectations are one reason why there are fewer friendships between men and women.

Figures on friendships between men and women:

  • In a survey carried out by the IFD Alllensbach in Germany on best friendships with people of the opposite sex, around 34 percent of those surveyed stated that they had already had a best friend of the opposite sex.
  • 29 percent of those questioned in the same study considered a close friendship between heterosexual women and men possible in the long term, 52 percent as impossible.