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Integrate maps seamlessly into your website

After you've added your data to create your card using our interactive workflow, you have the option to save it. Make sure you provide your email address when you save the card so you will automatically receive a copy of the code required to embed the card on your website. Saving a map also gives you the option to change it in the future with updated dates, a different style, or other advanced features.

Below is an example of the email you will receive with the embed code.

BatchGeo’s embedded maps go beyond the basic capabilities of Google Maps with no programming skills required. You copy and paste your Excel data (or other spreadsheet) with locations and other dates. The addresses, postcodes and other locations are geocoded in map coordinates. These latitude and longitude values ​​are stored along with your descriptive data, such as the names of the individual places or other values ​​such as sales figures. All this geographic and other data is then available to the BatchGeo engine.

In the example above, each location includes the airport name, country, airport code, and the number of annual passengers passing through the airport. Your users can click your embedded map to learn more about the location each marker represents. In addition, BatchGeo's grouping function allows users to filter the map by specific passenger volume or by country.

It would take a programmer many hours to create and manage an embedded map with the interactivity available in the BatchGeo tool.

Thumbnail view of the map

In addition to the traditional embedded map, BatchGeo offers a thumbnail of the map for your website. If you don't want to free up space for a full map, you can use this thumbnail to preview your map. Visitors to your website can click to see the entire map, including the dates of each marker.

Above you can see the miniature version of the maps of the world's busiest airports. This thumbnail is a simple image so it can be saved and shared in non-web formats as well. Despite their small size, a lot of information can be communicated in a small space.

To see your data in thumbnail view or as a fully integrated Google Maps map, try BatchGeo now.