What is pure concentrated evil

Ultra evil

"Where there is light, there will always be shadow!"

- The motto of ultra-evil

Ultra evil




Origin and embodiment of all evil in the world

Skills / weapons

Stone samurai

Dark energy
Golden armor


Corrupt people, spread chaos and darkness


  • Tilt your balance and turn Ninjago into a realm of darkness
  • Eliminate the elemental masters, especially the ninja

Kind of villain

Transcendent demonic entity


Lives as an omnipresent spirit without a physical body

The ultra evil (Alternative spelling the ultra-evil, The English title is also often used in German Overlord used) is the ghostly embodiment and at the same time the origin of all evil in the world of Lego Ninjago. It is the main antagonist of the second and third seasons of the series, but since every evil act that is committed in this world is influenced by it, it is, in fact, the super-antagonist of the entire series.

It was formed as a living spirit out of the darkness that arose when the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago and thus also created the light. It is an elementary law that there must always be a balance between light and shadow and that neither of the two can exist without the other. The ultra-evil can therefore never completely triumph over its enemies, but conversely, it can never be completely destroyed itself.

Ultra-evil is pure evil that only ever does evil for its own sake. Each of his actions aims to cause the greatest possible damage and thus upset the balance as much as possible. He is aware that there must always be light and therefore tries to oppose this light with a shadow that is as strong as possible


Long ago, even before Ninjago was created, there were only two species in the First World: the dragons with the power of creation, and the oni with the power of destruction. Both were in an endless conflict

entangled, which was eventually settled when a child rose from the ashes of war who united both powers: The First Spinjitzu Master. With the powers bestowed on him, he created Ninjago, a world of light in which creation and destruction should always harmonize. Of course, between all the light there was also darkness, which at some point developed an awareness in the form of ultra-evil. This considered its element to be the more powerful and therefore demanded the rule over Ninjago from the First Spinjitzu Master. This conflict dragged on for ages, because the strengths of the two were absolutely equal. The ultra-evil therefore created the stone samurai, stone, mindless soldiers who were immune to the mighty golden power of the master, to support him. The First Spinjitzu Master realized that he could not do anything against their superiority and therefore decided to split up Ninjago. The ultra-evil was banished to the newly created, dark island, whereby the balance was restored and the ultra-evil gradually lost its powers and became a ghost-like spherical figure. While the island slowly sank and became legendary in the following millennia, the ultra-evil persisted and planned its return.

This finally happened, ages later. Garmadon, son of the First Spinjitzu Master and Master of Destruction, was looking for a way to stop his son Lloyd, who as the Chosen Golden Ninja was predestined to stop him. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he finally landed on the Dark Island, where the ultra-evil was already waiting for him. By skillfully manipulating the lord, it made him resurrect the island and activate the dark clock, which counted down the unstoppable countdown to the decisive battle between good and evil. It also gave him the shadow helmet, which gave him control of the stone samurai army, which - as foreseen by the ultra-evil - had been freed from the snakes at the same time. Garmadon called the samurai to him on the island, where on the orders of the ultra-evil they began to mine dark mass and use it to construct a super weapon.

The ninja did not miss the return of the stone samurai, of course, and so they too made their way to the Dark Island to find the legendary Temple of Light, which could increase their powers. While they succeeded, they could not prevent the end of the countdown and the associated completion of the superweapon. This was a huge tank called Garmatron, which the ultra-evil and Garmadon maneuvered to the coast of the island and from there fired guns full of dark mass at Ninjago. Each of these guns spread pure darkness, tipping the balance a little until there was enough darkness for the ultra-evil to return to the world. The ultra-evil occupied Garmadon's body, which then mutated into a brutal, animal creature. Lloyd faced him anyway, and was even able to hold him in check for a while, until the ultra-evil finally decided he wasn't worth the effort. It opened a portal to Ninjago that it passed through with its army and left the ninja on the island.

The portal led directly to Ninjago City, where it continued its campaign of darkness. When the ninja finally escaped from the island, it had already transformed the entire city and its surroundings into its dark realm, corrupted the inhabitants and converted the Garmatron into a fortress, on top of which it was enthroned in its original dragon form. The ninja stormed the fortress, but gradually they all fell victim to the sophisticated defense mechanisms, so that finally Lloyd faced the ultra-evil alone. At first this was clearly superior, but by unleashing his true potential as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd turned the tide in his favor. Even when the ultra-evil played its final trump card and turned into a sphere of sheer darkness that devoured Lloyd, the boy was stronger and managed to destroy evil from within. There was a huge explosion and when the ninja found themselves in the middle of a deep crater, the ultra evil was gone.

After the final battle, peace returned to Ninjago, and under the leadership of the brilliant Cyrus Borg, the city experienced a technical revolution. But again there was shadow in the light: the ultra-evil had survived and integrated itself into the city's systems as an intelligent computer virus. Based on Zane's model, it constructed an entire army of nindroids, evil mechanical warriors who were practically equal to the ninja. The ninja tried to master this new threat by destroying the city's power station and cutting off the nindroids from the power grid, which only gave them temporary air. The ultra-evil allied itself with their old enemy Pythor, who revived the nindroids with electric eels. The ninja then decided to split up: Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane wanted to investigate the new old enemy with the snake tribes, while Lloyd and Garmadon, now healed from evil, should seek shelter in Hiroshi's labyrinth. However, this turned out to be a fatal mistake: Pythor had bugged the hawk, the contact medium of the ninja, and was able to locate Lloyd in this way. So he prepared a trap in the maze that snapped shut perfectly: Lloyd was caught, Garmadon was thrown to certain death.

The ultra-evil had Lloyd brought aboard his robo-dragon, where it withdrew his golden power and applied it to himself in order to regain a worldly body. In a final attempt to stop it, the ninja invaded the computer world where they wanted to trigger a system restart that would wipe out the ultra-evil virus once and for all. However, it turned out that the ultra-evil possessed power in this world too, and so it blocked the path of the ninja several times. In the end, however, the restart succeeded, all systems were shut down and the kite also fell into the sea, with Lloyd just able to free himself.

The ultra-evil survived anyway: it had succeeded in adopting a weak, slimy body, but of which it was so ashamed that it mostly hid in Pythor's stomach. Nevertheless, it came up with a new plan: Since Lloyd had given up his Golden Power in the meantime, another source for Golden Power had to be found. The only possible ones were the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, which had landed on comet Delta IV in the constellation Arcturus as a result of a time travel by the ninja. Despite some difficulties from the ninja, the nindroids managed to obtain the weapons and return to Earth with them. There the ultra-evil melted them down and forged them into golden armor. When it put it on, it finally received the Golden Power and became the legendary Golden Master.

It used its new powers to transform the city into a practically indomitable fortress. Rows of skyscrapers became walls, streets were torn open or ended in dead ends, and the whole labyrinth was criss-crossed with a tangle of golden threads that were deadly if touched directly. Nevertheless, the ninja dared to attack and made it to the Temple of Valor in the middle of the city, which had an integrated protection mechanism against the force. There they also met Cyrus Borg again, who gave them a weapon with which they could defeat the ultra-evil: the shrink pill. In order to be able to use this effectively, however, they first had to get close to the Golden Master, so that they - equipped with the stone samurai armor, which was immune to Golden Power - dared a failure. In fact, Wu and Garmadon managed to get the pill towards the ultra evil's mouth, but at the last second it was intercepted by Pythor. The ultra-evil already believed itself to be victorious and closed the golden threads like tentacles around the ninja, but had not counted on Zane: The ice ninja tore himself free and skilfully jumped over the heads of his friends until he finally reached the ultra-evil. By clinging to the shoulder pieces of the golden armor, he diverted the golden force on himself and freed his friends. Then he mobilized his last reserves of strength to convert the strength into a huge ice storm, which he concentrated on the ultra-evil. The storm turned into a full-blown blizzard that eventually imploded - the Golden Master was gone, and Zane with him.

The ultra-evil returned to its original state as the omnipresent embodiment of darkness. By restoring his equilibrium, he has not been able to take on a body again since then.

Personality & skills

The Ultra Evil has a vicious, intimidating, and confident personality, but is also quite superstitious: It relies heavily on prophecies like that of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master or ancient relics like the Golden Clock. In addition, as would be expected from the embodiment of darkness, it is cruel, merciless and hateful. It lives for chaos and conflict and enjoys humiliating opponents who are already on the ground. However, due to their lack of empathy, they cannot feel any feelings for others. Any allies with whom it gets involved are from its point of view slaves or servants, but never partners or even friends.

As the embodiment of evil, the ultra-evil theoretically possesses all the elements, since they can all be used for dark purposes. Whether and to what extent it can use this, however, depends on the state of equilibrium in which the world hovers around it. The stronger the darkness, the more powers are at his command and the more powerful they work. If the equilibrium fluctuates extremely strongly, it can also occupy a worldly body as a parasite and then have its elemental powers. The "host" is then completely under the control of the ultra-evil. In addition, it is the only known master of darkness and can use it for incredible purposes, such as demonstrated in the fight against Lloyd.

Weapons & Equipment

The ultra-evil does not use conventional weapons, and in the absence of a human body it usually cannot do so either. Nevertheless, it has found ways and means to enforce its will by force.

  • Stone Samurai: Since the stone samurai are kept alive only by the will of the ultra-evil and unconditionally follow his commands, they are more like tools than lackeys. The ultra-evil created the samurai from mysterious dark matter, which makes them immune to weaker elemental attacks. In combat, they impress less with tactics or skill, but with mass and violence, which makes them threatening opponents.
  • Concentrated evil: This substance, also known as "dark mass", is the ultra-evil's secret weapon. Anyone who is touched by it, no matter how pure his heart, turns into an evil villain and a willless follower of the ultra-evil.
  • Garmatron: The gigantic chain mail that the ultra-evil Lord Garmadon had built is a terrible weapon. Even the smaller guns on the flanks cause serious damage, but the front gun is absolutely devastating, as it shoots projectiles filled with concentrated evil. If necessary, the Garmatron can also be switched to "fortress mode", so that a huge tower rises from the pilot's cockpit, which is extremely difficult to climb.
  • Golden armor: This armor, forged from the four golden weapons of Spinjitzu, gives its wearer the golden power that is equal to that of the First Spinjitzu Master. Once worn, the ultra-evil can use the power for amazing purposes, such as moving entire skyscrapers, and even unleash a gigantic golden Spinjitzu.


The ultra-evil can, depending on the state of equilibrium, take on different manifestations, which vary greatly in strength and appearance.

The first to appear in the series is that of a spherical mind. It is a kind of floating ball of light that roughly resembles a purple, wobbling "brain" in the middle of a reddish-pink cloud. The "brain" in the middle vibrates when the ultra-evil speaks.

After the balance has been tilted sufficiently towards darkness, the ultra-evil is then able to occupy Garmadon's body. The resulting creature still resembles the host Grob, but has clawed claws, a long, dragon-like mouth, and glowing purple eyes. From this appearance the original form of the ultra-evil finally develops: a huge, pitch-black dragon with dark purple spikes on its back and holey, leather-like wings.

In its form as a computer virus, the ultra-evil occasionally shows itself on screens. It appears as a pair of grim, glowing red eyes that appear to be composed of several small "tiles". Similar to the "brain" of the spherical shape, these eyes vibrate when the ultra-evil speaks.

As a Golden Master, it finally shows itself as a ghost-like human body, black on the outside, dark red to purple on the inside. This incarnation wore the golden armor, a long, holey cape, which was supposed to be reminiscent of the wings of the dragon form, and a heavy black helmet with cheek protection - the only thing that remained of his defeat. His face had the same eyes as the virus interface, only solid purple, and a mouth that was always open in annoyance.


  • The Ultra Evil is the only character in the series to date who is actually immortal. There will always be evil in the world, so its personification can never die out either.
  • The Ultra Evil and Garmadon are the show's only two villains to serve as the main antagonist for more than one season.
  • The Ultra Evil and Morro are the only known Elemental Masters who can occupy the bodies of others. In the case of Morro, however, this is due to the fact that he is a ghost.
  • His original spokesperson Scott McNeil also dubbed a few other villains on the series, including Nadakhan and Clouse.
  • The ultra evil sees the world in warm light colors. The reason for this is unknown. Probably because it's so dark itself.

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