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Internet Money feat. Don Toliver, Gunna & NAV - "Lemonade"

"Lemonade" is about a recurring theme for Gunna and NAV: their rock star life. With lines like "I'm a rockstar, play guitars (yeah)", Gunna likes to call himself a rock star, because guitar beats are used again and again in his songs - just like in "Lemonade". And the “Rags-to-Riches” storyline is also at the start: It tells how little you had in the past and how much the rappers have now. If it wasn't already autumn, “Lemonade” could now easily be labeled as a summer hit. The chilled guitar beat and the melodic vocals fit perfectly, but a good summer hit is known to withstand colder temperatures. Five producers from Internet Money were involved in “Lemonade” and there was even some recycling: The hook consists of lyrics from a song that is also called “Lemonade”. It's by Jozzy and was also produced by Internet Money a few years ago.

In the video for "Lemonade", the rappers are in a "SpongeBob SquarePants" -esquen underwater world: Don Toliver and NAV chill out with mermaids in a lemonade basin while Gunna sits up in the boat. The video was produced by Lyrical Lemonade, who has also produced videos for Kanye West, Juice WRLD and Eminem. "Lemonade" is one of the strongest and most memorable songs from Internet Money's debut album "B4 The Storm", which has 24 feature guests and was produced in just one month.

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The summer hit for autumn: Internet Money drops with Gunna, Don Toliver and NAV “Lemonade”. Probably the best song from their first album.

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A small reference to rapper 6ix9ine is hidden in “Lemonade”. In his verse, NAV raps "Lips sealed, I ain't pillow talkin ', I'm no rat (No)". In an Instagram interview in May, NAV had already said that he would never work with 6ix9ine. This would violate his human values. 6ix9ine had testified in court against members of his former gang, the Nine Trey Bloods.

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